20 Dec 2018



At Christmastime, it seems as though a woman's work is never done. Trimming the tree, mailing the cards, schlepping to the mall, the endless wrapping--bah humbug! So this year, Joy and Laura and the rest of their knitting group decide to go on strike. If their husbands and families want a nice holiday--filled with parties, decorations, and presents--well, they'll just have to do it themselves.

 The boycott soon takes on a life of its own when a reporter picks up the story and more women join in. But as Christmas Day approaches, Joy, Laura, and their husbands confront larger issues in their marriages and discover that a little holiday magic is exactly what they need to come together.
- Back Cover Blurb

We wish you a merry Christmas ...

Glen Fredricks slapped the back of his last departing Thanksgiving dinner guest.
- First Sentence

"Look, Father, I know I shouldn't have had that thought. I love my wife, I really do, and I'm not planning on bumping her off  Just give me my penance, okay?" A million Hail Marys ought to do it. He'd go find a nice, quiet bowling alley to say them and stay away all day.

"Go home and do everything your wife asks you with a smile" Father Thomas instructed him.

Glen almost fell off the seat. "What?"

"I think that will be penance enough," said Father, and shut the window.
- Memorable Moment; Page 242

SOURCE ... A charity shop buy.

MY THOUGHTS ... A book at the heart of which is a story of the battle of the sexes at Christmas. Women doing it all; the buying/wrapping of presents, the decorating of the house, the shopping for/cooking Christmas dinner, the buying for/hosting of/cleaning up after parties, the ... you get the idea ... whilst the menfolk, well, the menfolk look on in bemusement until that is ...

Essentially an average Christmas novel, easy to read with a nod to humour and a dash of romance BUT dated. It would have probably been more to my liking if it had been a stay-at-home father striking because he was tired of 'doing it all' (but then that wouldn't have been 'Chick Lit')  ... or how about a Gay couple? I'd definitely have enjoyed it more if only I could have immersed myself in the plot and characters instead of what was me probably over thinking things.

Other books read for the challenge ... 

Candy Cane Level (1 book read)
 1. Saviours Day
Mistletoe Level (2 to 4 books read)
2. Murder on Christmas Eve


Kelly said...

Hmmm... this plot could have rubbed me the wrong way, too. While I might have felt overwhelmed in some years, ultimately it's been my choice to go ahead and "do it all". If a person really feels put upon, they should bow-up and insist on help from family members. (thus says the one who can always play the martyr role quite well!)

Brian Joseph said...

A Christmas novel with some interesting underlying themes. I understand what you mean when you say dated. It seems that folks are expected to handle these things in more communicative ways these days.

nightwingsraven said...

Although the theme of the strike is
interesting. I agree with you that it
would have been more interesting to
feature for instance a stay-at-home
father going on strike.

Sherry Ellis said...

I can relate to the woman doing all the work. Sounds like there's some humor in this story!

WordsPoeticallyWorth said...

Greetings Tracy. Thanks for the review. Here's wishing you all the very best for the festive season - Merry Christmas to you and your Partner. Blessing. Love love, Andrew.

Suko said...

Thank you for your honest review. However, I do think there's still a lot of pressure on women, re the countless important details of Christmas, so this book does interest me.

Nikki-ann said...

I only got around to reading one Christmas book this year and that was Hogfather by Terry Pratchet! :D

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. All the best for the new year! :)

The Bookworm said...

Hmmm women doing all the work on Christmas sadly sounds relatable lol. This sounds like a good read, I like the cover.
Happy New Year Tracy!!

Alexia561 said...

You're right, it does sound a little dated. And it reminds me of an old TV movie about wives going on strike. Still, probably a quick read so that's something! Happy Holidays, my friend!