22 Oct 2015


Thanks to Tasha for this fun meme that I simply couldn't resist. 
  • If you could be a superhero, what would your name be and what power(s) would you possess?
Hmm, Given my initials how about 'Double T'? Or, long story involving my loosing one of Madge's wheels (Madge being my electric wheelchair for those of you who don't know), how about Tracy Three Wheels? The name by which several of my friends referred to me after the event. 

As for superpower(s)? I'd love to be able to teleport and be able to communicate with animals.
  • What animal are you most like?
Whilst I'd love to be able to see a cat (super sexy and independent) in actuality I'm probably more like a sloth in that I move only when necessary and even then very slowly though I can move at marginally higher speed if in immediate danger.
  • If you could live anywhere in the world, would you stay where you were or go somewhere else and where would you go?
All things considered I'm happy to live where I am though I admit that I'd love to live in Venice come carnival time and Germany come advent for all those wonderful Christmas markets. 
  • Which character from a book, film or TV programme do you identify the most with?
Ooh that's a hard one. Too many book characters to decide on one, I'm going with the incredibly accident- prone Underdog of the National Accident Helpline adverts who, with his leg in plaster, a bandaged ear AND arm, my nephew insists is me. 

  • If you had the ability to go back in time, which era would you pick and why?
Ancient Egypt at the time of the Pharaohs as I'd love to know just how advanced their medical knowledge was (or wasn't).
  • Where is favourite place to go, currently, in the world?
Right at this moment in time? Carlisle. Only fifty or so miles away, I'd love to visit my best friend, Karen.
  • What is your favourite/most vivid childhood memory?
Ooh, all of the games I came up with using the contents of my nana's button box.
  • What is your favourite photo and why?
Not at all photogenic, there are not many photographs of me that I like, but I do quite like this one of me and Mr T which was taken on a cruise ship several years ago.
  • If you could choose to live inside a TV/book/film universe which would you choose and why?
TV? Weaned on Coronation Street, some of the older characters actually feel like relatives, I'd love to live on a street like this. 

As for a book? The Thousand Acre Wood stories - I'd love to spend a day playing pooh sticks and, of course, giving Eeyore a big cuddle.
  • What is the one thing you'd wish for at this given moment?
 A bar of chocolate - I haven't had any since mid-May.
  • If the 'future you' sent you a short message for where you are now, what would it say?
In the words of Cyndi Lauper's True Colors I'd like to think the 'future me' would remind me ... 

You with the sad eyes
Don't be discouraged
Oh I realize 
Its hard to take courage
In a world full of people
You can lose sight of it all
And the darkness inside of you
Can make you feel so small

But I see your true colors
Shining through
I see your true colours
And that's why I love you 
So don't be afraid to let them show
Your true colors
True colors are beautiful
Like a rainbow.
(Full lyrics here).


Gina R said...

What a fun post! I'm always surprised how revealing they can be. Thanks for sharing this fun glimpse at YOUR true colors Tracy! ^-^

Barbara Fisher said...

I so loved this Tracy, and your photo with Mr. T is gorgeous. Tracy Three Wheels is a great name it sounds as though you have lovely friends.

baili said...

liked your post it is great fun to read you god bless

Natasha Hill said...

Oh I loved your answers Tracy, especially the one for the era you'd like to visit - I love Ancient Egypt and am always fascinated to learn more about it, so I completely agree! I'd love to be able to communicate with animals too. Thank you for taking part in this! - Tasha

Yvonne@fiction-books said...

I love the words of 'True Colours', although the first time I ever heard it, it was being played as the backing music for a Kodak children's photo pre-show, at one of the Disney shows in Florida (I think the show was 'Honey I Shrunk The Audience)

I had forgotten all about my mum's and nan's button boxes, but your memory also brought back my own recollections. These days I struggle to find a needle and cotton and even the quick task of re-attaching a button is met with despair! I love knitting, crocheting and some embroidery, however sewing is definitely not my forte!

I hate having my photo taken too, particularly since I gained rather a lot of weight. Hence the fact that my profile picture, when I am forced to use the 'real thing', is one which was taken many years ago and is certainly no reflection of what I look like now!

I'm not sure whether this is a good meme or not. It's a bit like 'truth or dare' and I think you did well to answer all the questions :)


Kelly said...

What a fun post! I really like that photo of you and Mr. T., too.

I'll join you in the Hundred Acre Wood as long as I can have one of Pooh's pots of honey. I love honey! I'll also agree with 'teleporting' being a great power. Think of all the places we could visit if only it were that easy. As for going back in time - I might pick Ancient Rome, Imperial or Republic is fine.

Why no chocolate since May??

Shooting Stars Mag said...

How fun! I really like where I live too. I'd like to visit other places some day, but I'm not sure I'd want to LIVE there unless I could take my close friends and family. ;) haha

Oh gosh, no chocolate since May?! I couldn't do it! I know someone who is allergic - but he wasn't always, so he KNOWS what he's missing. I'd rather be allergic all the time so I don't know the taste of it at least. haha


Claudine G. said...

That is a very very nice photo of you and Mr. T, Tracy! I also love the lyrics to the Cyndi Lauper song. I hope you get to have a bar of chocolate really soon.

Brian Joseph said...

Great answers Tracy.

I love your message to your younger self. It has gotten me thinking about what I would choose to send back. Is "Buy Apple Stock" too crass? :)

Karen Alderman said...

I love these kinds of posts.

I would love to talk to animals! Except maybe my own - I prefer to think they adore me and wouldn't want to hear them yelling at or nagging me or anything lol

I'm on a restricted diet right now and I haven't had chocolate for sooo long but I would want pizza.

Karen @For What It's Worth

Nikki-ann said...

Great answers! I love the 'Tracey Three Wheels' name :D

I think kids miss out these days if they don't get to use their imagination like we did.

Literary Feline said...

I've always wanted telekinesis, but teleportation and talking to animals would be cool too. :-) You are very brave, wanting to go back to Ancient Egypt. I don't know where I would want to go. Probably not terribly far back. I'm a sucker for indoor plumbing.

That's a lovely photo, Tracy. I don't like having my photo taken. I try to make a point of getting photos of me and my daughter now and then though as I know she'll appreciate them later in life.

I love that song: True Colors. :-) Such a good message.