1 Sep 2015



Loved the portrayal of the plagues. Not sure how I felt about how God was portrayed. Frustrated by a muttering Ramses. 

All in all a rather anti-climatic non-event that I watched (in vain as it turned out) hoping for something truly epic to happen. TT

Certainly lacking in biblical authenticity and a bit of a show-piece for CGI. The plagues are gruesomely depicted to great effect but are surrounded by some of the most wooden acting that just makes the film a bit of a grind really.  God depicted as a child was an interesting moment but as the appearances are limited, insufficient to create a great deal of interest. NJT


The best of a bad bunch in a trio of films none of which we are in a hurry to watch again soon ... if ever.

Dazzling visuals but alas a lacklustre story and charmless characters (I wonder if the book, Here Be Monsters by Alan Snow, is any better?) which though it might appeal to children of a certain age may well have the little ones and adults (if they are anything like me) bored within minutes. TT

Beautifully animated with sumptuous background detail but must agree that the story felt a bit lacking in dynamic. The prejudices of the populous against the Boxtrolls utilised by the powerful and those envious of them to make life miserable for the minority... a kind of morality tale but trying too hard. NJT


Why-oh-why the trend for incidental music that is so loud its guaranteed to have you reaching for the volume control .... and that's when I haven't got my hearing aids in.

One of those films that right from the off had me feeling I was missing something integral to the plot. A glorified video game of a film with fight scenes more suited to those who enjoy computer games. Not as humorous as it seems to think it is. Not even the gun-toting raccoon raised a smile - and we all know how much I love my furry critters. The only redeeming feature? A good musical sound track. TT

Meh... Not as funny/serious as it likes to think it is. Groot only had one line (repeated ad infinitum) and was the most interesting character. NJT

A post based on Kelly's One-Sentence Movie Reviews, you can read her thoughts on Exodus: Gods And Kings here, her thoughts on Guardians Of The Galaxy here.


Kelly said...

It appears I enjoyed them overall more than y'all did, but I can see we agreed on the finer points of the two we share in common: The plagues were the high point of the first (that's a rather chilling statement, isn't it!) and the musical soundtrack in the last. Groot was my favorite, too.

Gina R said...

Yeah, despite their pubic appeal, none of these made it to my wish list for watching. Sounds like I didn't miss too much either. Thanks for the share!

Natasha Hill said...

I did love Guardians of the Galaxy but then I'm a big Marvel fan and the storylines and characters really appealed to me. I wasn't as keen on Gods and Kings - like you, loved the plagues depiction but there were some things I would have changed. Yet to see The Boxtrolls, though my cousin loved it, it looks like I'll enjoy it as I love that sort of thing. Always enjoy your reviews! - Tasha

Yvonne@fiction-books said...

Hi Tracy,

All new films to me and to be honest, probably not a selection I would want to add to my viewing list.

I do have to agree with you about some of the soundtrack music though, it does have you reaching for the remote continually.

It isn't so much that I mind the music being loud, if the volume of the narrative is correspondingly high. However, the dialogue volume in many of the new films, is really appalling and everyone sounds as though they are mumbling. Hubbie says that it is because the films are made for the cinema screen or very large screen televisions ... not much of an excuse methinks!!

Thanks for sharing :)


kimbacaffeinate said...

I loved Groot in the movie. We don't often go to the movies but yes it can be loud.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Sorry you didn't like The Boxtrolls; I haven't seen it, but it appeared cute and I like animated films.

I did like Guardians of the Galaxy, but it's not for everyone!


Brian Joseph said...

It is too bad that you had to waste precious with some not so great films. Movies are well worth watching but they can be time consuming.

Karen Alderman said...

I liked Guardians a lot but didn't think it was as great as the hype suggested. The superhero movie I really enjoyed was Ant-Man. It was a little more understated but sweet.

Karen @For What It's Worth