31 Aug 2015


PLEASE NOTE: Whilst I endeavour to keep Media Monday family friendly some of the articles featured do have links to articles of a more adult nature. TT

The reason why Christopher Robin always lost at Poohsticks has been revealed by engineers who claim that sticks 'stout, heavy and covered in bark' should have been used instead of 'skinny' sticks.

A linguistic expert has pointed out that a missing accent on a sign has changed Bhòid (meaning Bute) to 'Bod' (the Gaelic for penis) meaning that the first thing visitors to the island see is a big sign saying 'Welcome to Penis Island'.

Analysis carried out by The Telegraph has revealed that someone collecting lego could have earned almost three times as much as if they had invested in the stock market.

Not only does how you fasten your bra speak volumes apparently ....

According to a body language and behaviour expert the way you eat your pizza says a lot about your personality.

Which, a crust first kind of eater, means I'm 'pretty unusual, 'bold, different' and 'think outside the box'. What about you? TT

And as for the bookish news ....

According to research the ideal bedtime story should be 8.6 minutes long, feature a dragon, a fairy and a wizard and be set in a castle.


Kelly said...

I don't think of myself as a perfectionist, but my pizza eating approach says I am:

"People who simply pick up their slices and scoff are perfectionists who think mess equates to stress."

And who knew so much research had gone into playing Poohsticks!?

Sherry Ellis said...

I've never analyzed the way I eat pizza. Maybe I should. I'm sure there are a lot of chuckles from people passing that island sign.

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Yes, those accent marks can be important! LOL

I'm just happy that the girls are contained. I don't need to know what it says about me when I fasten the darn thing! ;D

Aunt Mary said...

I enjoyed reading Pizza story , 'Straight up biter', that is the way I eat pizza :)

Barbara Fisher said...

It amused me to think of the Experts at the Royal Academy of Engineering puzzling over Poohsticks. It was a game I loved to play as a child & I’m pretty sure I worked out which sticks worked best at around age seven.

I do feel for Councillor Len Scouller, he is right about the sign making the council look pretty silly – but you have to laugh.

I use a knife and fork to eat pizza, which apparently makes me stable, calm and methodical – actually I just don’t like getting my fingers messy.

Another lovely selection Tracy, thank you for sharing them all. Barbara xx

Brian Joseph said...

This proves that if only these kids were encouraged to learn science and technology children like Christopher Robin would be much happier.

Gina R said...

So that's why Christopher always lost. Who'd have thought? As for the pizza, I'm the "straight biter". "No techniques, no utensils, just you, your hands and the delicious cheesy tomato goodness.People who simply pick up their slices and scoff are perfectionists who think mess equates to stress."


Yvonne@fiction-books said...

Hi Tracy,

I spotted the pooh sticks article, although I really do think that this research team has far too much time on its hands to be credible! I certainly hope that they didn't get a grant to carry out this 'important' research :)

I dealt with the bra question a week or so ago, so now I've moved on to pizza, where I definitely come into the knife and fork category. I have been know to use my fingers, when we have been out in a theme park during the day and then I will always hold the crust like a handle and eat the slice from the pointed end inwards :)

Great post as always, thanks for all the research you do :)