22 Jul 2015


Given that you are here I'm guessing you might be suffering from FOMO which according to a list of recent additions to the Oxford Dictionary means a Fear Of Missing Out.

Whilst not usually a participant in Wondrous Words Wednesday a weekly meme hosted by Kathy over at 
BermudaOnion's Weblog which Pen and Paper regulars Yvonne @ Fiction Books and Suko @ Suko's Notebook regularly take part in I simply had to share these recent additions to the Oxford Dictionary with you.

  • Crowdfund: An acceptable form of begging whereby money is raised by a large number of people each contributing a small amount typically via the internet
  • Flotus: First Lady Of The United States. Believed to have first been used in reference to the then First Lady, Nancy Reagan
  • Fo' Shizzle: Meaning 'for sure', 'certainly'. One can also be 'The Shizzle' meaning the best/most popular thing
  • Handsy: Someone who cannot resist touching others

  • Meh: Believed to have been used as early as 1992 Meh (indicating a lack of interest) was later made popular by The Simpsons tv show
  • Sext: Typically using a mobile phone to send sexually explicit images/messages though according to this site way back in the 1500's it referred to a Christian worship ritual that involved chanting around midday
  • Twerk: A sexually provocative dance move made famous by Miley Cyrus though in fact it has been traced back to 1820 when spelt 'Twirk' it meant 'a twisting/jerking movement'
  • Twitterati: People with no real talent made famous on a certain social media site
  • Yarn Bombing: An 'acceptable form of vandalism' aka street art where lamp posts, benches etc are covered in knitted objects.
Not strange enough? How about these spoof definitions according to the huffingtonpost.co.uk


Kelly said...

While I'll admit to being familiar with the majority of these (and even using "meh" on occasion), I'm truly surprised to learn they have been added to the Oxford Dictionary. Some more than others...

Literary Feline said...

Some of these terms I know well (meh, twerk, Flotus, sext, and crowdfund), but others are new to me (like fo' shizzle).

Brandi Kosiner said...

Wow. Can't believe these are added. Urban dictionary fo shizzle but oxford?

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Some of those words are annoying. LOL

I don't have FOMO. I miss out on quite a bit usually. :-/

Brian Joseph said...

Thanks for this Tracy.

I love words and thinking about new ones.

Though some on your list are familiar to me others I have never heard of.

I had never heard Twitterati before. I really like it!

Suko said...

Fun WWW post, Tracy, very creative! I appreciate the mention, as this is one of my favorite memes. (It's been too long since I did a WWW post on my blog!)

Gina R said...

Seriously? THOSE are the ones they added? ! *shakes head*