13 May 2015


In the last of my posts from 2015's World Book Night  today I'm bringing you Mr T's thoughts on ...


Well, not sure what to say really. Having found that most people seem to enjoy this read it's left me a tad deflated. It's just one of those books that didn't really take me anywhere or give me anything that I could describe as having learned something.

It is beautifully written, the language flows from the narrator expressing events and feelings, reactions and mystery. Michael's inner emotional turmoils are expressed as 11/12 year olds know how to and we do see his character fill out and develop but essentially there was nothing about him that made him particularly interesting or attractive. All other characters in the book, including Skellig, remain rather flat and perfunctory. Skellig's own curious and peculiar state of being is not detailed, nor explored as fully as I would have wished it to be.  So despite the oddness and discomfort that Skellig presents on the surface, there is little sense in which a reader could be attracted, other than the passion for Chinese takeaway and Brown Ale.

So I'm sorry to those who have approved, but not one for me I'm afraid. 


A novel we will have to agree to disagree about, it's been one of my favourite reads of 2015 so far

Thanks to Mr T for sharing his thoughts on Skellig and once again thanks to him and his colleague Leanne (you can see her review of her WBN choice, Prime Suspect, here) for organising such a wonderful event which saw almost 100 students and staff receive books. TT



Kelly said...

Just goes to show how two people can read the same book, yet have totally differing opinions of it.

For that matter, I could read one today and probably feel different about it than if I read it five years ago (or maybe even five months ago). I sometimes think it's all about the current state of mind.

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Sorry it fell flat for you. I might have to believe Tracy, however and try it. ;) LOL Brilly review though!

Alexia561 said...

Love seeing how different people view the same book! I once compared notes on a book with my father and came away wondering if we had read totally different books!

Brian Joseph said...

It is really interesting how we can have such varying reaction to books or any work of art for that matter.

I would be drawn to any character who like Chinese food and Brown Ale.

Melliane said...

Sorry that despite the different reviews you saw this one wasn't that good.

Barbara Fisher said...

It just goes to show how two people reading the same book can feel completely differently about it. Interesting to get both perspectives.

Suko said...

Thank you for this review. I enjoyed the format.