23 Apr 2015


Both Mr T, Leanne (a colleague of his) and I are pleased to once again be promoting World Book Night at the college where they work. The three books on offer to students this year being ...

PRIME SUSPECT by LYNDA LA PLANTE (Leanne's choice. Click here for WBN Book Blurb).

SKELLIG (As reviewed by myself)

WBN BOOK BLURB: Please click on book title above.

FIRST SENTENCE {Chapter One}: I found him in the garage on a Sunday afternoon.

MEMORABLE MOMENT {Page 74}: She twisted her face as she caught the stench of his breath. I took her hand and guided it to his shoulder blades. I pressed her fingertips against the bulge beneath his jacket. She leaned across him, felt his other shoulder blade. When she looked at me her eyes in the torchlight were shining bright.

MY THOUGHTS: Of the thirty four books I've read so far this year this is way up there as one of my favourites. The odd thing being I can't quite put my finger on why.

A good story, not outstanding but good. OK characters. Apart from Skellig who remained a delightful (if somewhat gross) enigma I can't say I was particularly taken with any of the others but then I'm sure many children will relate to them, adults empathise with them.

With its wonderfully lyrical rhythm this is a modern and yet at the same time timeless story. Grounded very much in the real world and yet thoroughly magical. Unspoiled, simply written and with just enough 'naughty' words* to appeal to children and yet profound and complex enough to appeal to the more mature readers amongst us. Sweet and yet not overly saccharine. Surely Skellig's place as a folklore giant is guaranteed.

* Bollocks is about as naughty as it gets though I'm sure this will be of concern to some parents.

DEAD MAN TALKING (As Reviewed by Mr T)

WBN BOOK BLURB: Please click on book title above.

FIRST SENTENCE {Chapter One): I met Joe again the night before his funeral.

MR T'S THOUGHTS: Dead Man Talking is certainly the quick read that it was designed to be at 95 pages and in a generous font, it doesn't take long to get through. It is also an interesting guessing game as it draws you into a curious game of guess the narrator. Exactly who is telling who's story here and exactly where is this scene all taking place? Yes, we know it's Barrytown, it is after all by Roddy Doyle (The Commitments, The Van), but it's not quite what you may expect. Good choice for the younger or less experienced reader. Delighted to be distributing free copies for World Booknight 2015.

NB Reviews of Dead Man Talking (Me), Skellig (Mr T) and Prime Suspect (Leanne) are to follow soon. TT


Barbara Fisher said...

I’ve read so many good things about Skellig I really must get on and read it. Not so sure about Dead man talking, but I enjoyed the review, thank you Mr. T and you too Tracy!

Literary Feline said...

Both Skillig and Dead Man Talking sound interesting. I think Dead Man Talking appeals to me more though.

I hope your World Booknight is a success!

Gina R said...

Haven't read either myself but i admit Skellig certainly caught my attention! Have a blast with the books celebration!

Suko said...

Mr. & Mrs. T., your reviews are T-rrific, and I think I would be happy reading either of these. I will also "check out" Leanne's choice for World Book Night.

Kelly said...

Of the two reviewed here, I believe Mr. T's intrigues me the most, though both sound fascinating.

Good luck with World Book Night!

DMS said...

I haven't read either of these- but they both sound like great reads. I will be looking for both of them and Skellig must be awesome to be in your favorites for books read so far this year. :) Have fun passing them out!

Claudine G. said...

Thanks for the book recommendations, Tracy and Mr. T. I haven't read these two books yet, but I have read a David Almond book previously (not sure if it's the same David Almond but I know I didn't enjoy that one). Dead Man Talking sounds interesting. Many kids love a good mystery!

Brandi Kosiner said...

Good to hear there were things to enjoy even if not the best

Brian Joseph said...

I like the idea of unknown narrator in Dead Man Talking. I have read other stories where that device is used and I find it to be very effective.

Thanks for Participating in World Book Night!

Sherry Ellis said...

Skellig is certainly an interesting name. I'm glad you enjoyed the book.

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Wish we still had that here in the states. Have a great book world night!

Alexia561 said...

Good luck with World Book Night! So cool that you're both participating!