28 Mar 2015


Take Control 2015
The seventh book read for my 2015 Take Control Of Your TBR Pile challenge.


SOURCE: Ex-library stock.

BACK COVER BLURB: When Jamie Macdonald killed his wife, he knew he might face a life sentence. But what was life in a world without Maggie?

The case divides the small town of Wheelock. Jamie has confessed to pre-meditated murder - Murder One. For Police Chief Cameron Macdonald, there's no question this man should be arrested and tried.

But for Cameron's wife Allie, it's not so clear-cut. She loves her husband more than life itself. If he was suffering and asked for her help to die, she knows she would do anything for him. Now, for the first time in their marriage, she finds herself set against Cam, siding with Jamie and wondering if what he says is right: that in a relationship, there's always one who loves more.

FIRST SENTENCE {Prologue}: When she had packed all the artifacts that made up their personal history into liquor store boxes, the house became strictly a feminine place.

MEMORABLE MOMENT {Page 230}: So it wasn't the things he was saying that morning that had affected her, but the way he looked when he said them. He had been staring at Allie as if he really did not like her.

MY THOUGHTS: Expecting to find Jodi Picoult at her thought provoking best, Mercy a real ethical dilemma of a read, I was bitterly disappointed to find that the premeditated murder/mercy killing aspect was very much a secondary consideration. The main aspect of the story revolving around 'clan chief' and head of police Cameron Macdonald and his relationship with the two women in his life, 'Stepford Wife' like wife Allie and the sinister newcomer Mia.

However putting aside that the book was other than I expected and reviewing it for what it was. 

With an implausible and inconsistent plot that jumped from one event to another and unremarkable characters I'm afraid it still fell well short of a novel that I enjoyed. For goodness sake even Cameron and Jamie's last name could not be agreed upon. Macdonald on the back cover, MacDonald in the book itself. Perhaps only a small, inconsequential detail but nevertheless one I'd expect to be got right.

An altogether odd read. I learnt more about flower arranging (and in particular what the various flowers symbolise), the art of bonsai and the world of Virtual Reality programming than I ever thought to. And having waded through some quite inexplicable and dated pseudo Scottish-laird nonsense, suffered through some cringe worthy love scenes that quite frankly even Mills & Boon would probably find embarrassing I'm left wondering why all the extraneous waffle and so little of the plight and subsequent court case (for what is a Jodi Picoult novel without a trial?) of a man accused of murdering his beloved wife.


Kelly said...

I've still yet to read a novel by this author and, based on your review here, don't think this will be my starting point.

My brother has recommended two others and I'm just waiting for the Kindle prices to drop (or the opportunity to procure one otherwise).

Literary Feline said...

I've enjoyed the Picoult books I have read, but she's not an author who I feel I must read every book by. This isn't one on my must read list. It sounds like this wasn't her best one.

kimbacaffeinate said...

I have loved some of her books like House Rules, so this is kind of a bummer. The info and flowers kinda sounds cool though. Weird.

Mary (Bookfan) said...

Too bad about this one. I still haven't read one of her books. Not by design, not sure why. I hope your next read is much more satisfying.

Melliane said...

Oh too bad about this one, the plot sounds confusing. I didn't know about it but not so sure.

Brian Joseph said...

What a missed opportunity to explore an important and thought provoking issue.

It is puzzling why Picoult would touch upon such an subject and go off in odd directions instead.

Nas said...

Ohh, does sound intriguing story line.

LL Cool Joe said...

That's interesting because my mother is a big Jodi Picoult fan, and says she writes well. Is she losing her magic touch?

Jess@Fairday's Blog said...

I have read some other books by Picoult and enjoyed most of them, but I read this one years ago and I wasn't a fan of it (we read it for book club and no one loved it- but we did have an interesting discussion). There was another one that I didn't like as much and I can't think of the name of it.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

The Bookworm said...

I want to read Jodi Picoult at some point, but this doesn't sound like one to start with.

Bo said...

I picked up Between the Lines that she wrote with her daughter. Haven't read it yet, but it's more a fantasy.
I don't think I'd be interested in her straight fiction and I wouldn't like this one. The idea of the story is a bit of a downer.
But kudos for the number of books you read for your challenge!