6 Sep 2014


Do the names Tommy Trout, Wilbur Fudgebeck, Augustus Pootle and Miranda Grope mean anything to you?


Me neither.

So how about the Whipple Scrumpets or The Vanilla Fudge Room?

Still nothing?

Hmm, how about if I was to tell you that the Whipple Scrumpets became known as .......

Oompa Loompas?

Ah, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, of course it is.

With up to ten golden tickets (and children) and Charlie being accompanied not by Grandpa Joe but by his mother an unused chapter (read it here) from a draft of what was then Charlie's Chocolate Boy takes the reader to the Vanilla Fudge Room in Willy Wonka's Factory. FULL BBC ARTICLE / FULL THE GUARDIAN ARTICLE 

A much more fitting tribute than the newly released cover as shown below don't you think? PREVIOUS POST/COMMENTS

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Penguin Modern Classics)



Kelly said...

This is a book I really should read someday, but it certainly won't be a copy with that creepy cover.

For the record, I'm glad you now have your links where they open in a separate window rather than redirecting me from your original post. Thanks!

Tracy Terry said...

I wish I could take credit for the links Kelly but I'm afraid it isn't anything I have done. Must be a change made by Blogger.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

That's kind of funny; I like the way he eventually wrote it. But seriously, that new cover? Terrifying!

Brian Joseph said...

I tend to like it when these unreleased parts of books come to light years after publication.

That cover is really weird.

Stephanie Faris said...

I don't see how that cover matches the story as I know it, but I never read the book. I didn't even know about the movie/book until I was in college and they did a screening of it in our dorm. I've never figured out how I missed that one!

Yvonne@fiction-books said...

Hi Tracy,

I read the article when it came out and found it so interesting. Journalism like this, is where the BBC comes into its own and almost makes the licence fee worthwhile!

Unlike that ridiculous new cover, which has nothing to do with the story at all from what I can see!

The cover artist deserves to be demoted, although to what I have no idea, and the publisher really needs a trip to the opticians, stopping by the job centre on the way!

This has to be just about the worst ever, don't you think?

Hope your weekend is good so far,


Suko said...

Roald Dahl's story is wonderful. That cover has attracted a lot of attention--it's quite the conversation piece!

Stephanie@Fairday's Blog said...

How fun to read something that was edited out and I loved learning the original name for the Oompa Loompas! I am ALWAYS curious about things like this. :) Thanks for sharing!

Rachel B said...

Is that cover really for real? :|

Tracy Terry said...

Sadly Rachel it is for real. Published to celebrate the anniversary, it was designed to appeal to adults though I have yet to find one who actually likes it.

Lindsay said...

I love the sound of whipple scrumpets! I don't like that cover though!

Literary Feline said...

Oompa Loompas was the best name to choose. :-)

That cover . . . They could have done a lot better.