5 Apr 2014


Given this graphic I don't suppose it will come as any surprise to learn that I looovvveee chocolate.

I married a Terry because of chocolate (Terry's is a popular brand here in the UK). OK, so that's a fib but its no lie that chocolate was the reason I researched my family tree. Don't believe me? Read HERE. AND both one of the happiest and saddest events in my life comes down to ..... yeah, you guessed, chocolate.

Goodness the day we discovered that you could no longer buy a box of Hazelnut Whirls, that they were only available as one of many other flavours in a box/tin of ROSES, is burned in my memory along with such tragedies as the death of Elvis. Family and friends search for a box of the elusive chocolate and nut confectionery like a military campaign but alas to no avail.

Then there was the day my good friend Ruth took me to CADBURY WORLD. A great day out and my goodness the smell of chocolate but Willy Wonka's it wasn't and, oh, the disappointment at getting to the end of the tour and finding that I wasn't going to be given the keys to a chocolate factory after all. But then on the plus side there was the shop afterwards where all kinds of Cadbury goodies could be bought at cost price.

But I digress ..

Recently a momentous life change occurred. No, Of course I didn't wake up to discover I no longer liked chocolate. That would be like saying I'd suddenly discovered I no longer loved books, that I actually liked coffee, that I wasn't allergic to celery.

Mr Terry discovered that an American Candy store had opened right here in Newcastle. Ooh! The sheer excitement of it all. To think that a whole new world had opened up to me, a world that I'd previously only heard talk of/seen on the tv. A world involving the likes of Peanut Butter M&M's, the even more yummy Mint M&M's and Tootsie Rolls.

Which brings me to my request to all my fellow American bloggers ..

Which candy do you suggest I try?

Over on FaceBook Traci from A STAR IN MY OWN UNIVERSE has suggested Vanilla Tootsie Rolls, Baby Ruths, Red Hots, Hot Tamales. But what about you .. 

What are your favourites?

What's that?

You aren't American?

Not to worry. I'd still like to know ..

Which chocolates leave you wanting more.

My current favourites, though only as a special treat such as birthdays and Christmas, are English Rose and Violet Creams from CHARBONNEL ET WALKER (I only mention this in case someone from the company happens across this post and wants me to eat review their products.)

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LL Cool Joe said...

I'm not American but live there part-time and I have to say as much as I love America, I do not love their chocolate. It tastes like vomit to me!

My favourite chocolate is Suchard & Lindt.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Mm...chocolate. I love Tootsie Rolls; just the regular chocolate ones. and Hershey's Chocolate bars are a favorite of mine if they have those!

Tracy Terry said...

Suchard & Lindt ..... Yum.

Oh, I forgot to mention that yes I tried some Hershey's Chocolate though I'm afraid it wasn't a favourite.

Kelly said...

Jeez, Joey....vomit? Really? ;)

Well, I'm not a chocoholic (go for the sweet-tarts!), but I do love Reeses Peanut Butter Cups. (and I do have a particular way I eat them). I love caramel, so I think Milky Ways are pretty good, too. But yes...if you like PB, try the Reeses Cup.

Suko said...

CHARBONNEL ET WALKER chocolates sound extraordinary, Tracy! I am willing to sample their goods, too, in exchange for my honest review. ;)

Kelly said...

And just for the record, I'm teasing Joey in my earlier comment. He's a regular at my place and I felt like giving him a hard time!

themethatisme said...

The Milky Way in the US is a different beastie to the bar of the same name here in the UK. I doubt we would see them here as they are very similar to the 'Mars Bar' widely available here. Reece's Cups we know although it was in Germany that we first had those several years ago.

Naida said...

Wow Tracy, you've got me craving chocolate. My favs are Snickers and Reeces peanut butter cups for regular, everyday chocolate fixes. I keep these stashed at home for handy snacking (like after I'm done with this comment)
But for the more fancy chocolates, I do love Godiva chocolates.

Alexia561 said...

Would love to tour Cadburys, as that's my favorite chocolatier! I actually prefer European chocolate to American chocolate, as yours is creamier and just tastes better (just my opinion of course). That being said, I like Snickers and Baby Ruth candy bars.

Barbara Fisher said...

Hi Tracy, we must be sisters! I’m married to a Terry, love chocolate and books but hate coffee.
I’m not American so can’t offer any advice re candy, but I can tell you I Love Cadbury crunchies and flakes. I really fancy a cup of tea and a chocolate bar now, I hope there is something in the cupboard. :)

Literary Feline said...

I love Cadbury--it's not easy to find where I live except at Easter time.

But you wanted to know my American favorites . . . Tootsie Rolls! I know so few people who like them though. It's sad. I see you've tried Hershey's and aren't a big fan. It's funny because I really like Hershey Kisses but not so much the Hershey Nuggets or little Hershey bars. 100 Grands and Watchyamacallits are among my favorites. I also like Twix, both the caramel and the peanut butter.

I like M&M's, my favorite being the peanut ones. I like any kind of chocolate that has caramel or coconut.

I really like Sees Candy.

I'm a big fan of Ghirardelli chocolate, but am not sure that's actually American? I know it's made in America, but I'm not sure its roots are here.