17 Mar 2014


First things first ......

My thanks for all your good wishes, I really appreciate your concern.

A very happy St Patrick's Day to all my friends in Ireland.


Adventurous Steve the sturgeon has been found in a puddle after making his getaway when his aquatic home at World of Water in Romsey, Hampshire was inundated with water in February. FULL ARTICLE 

A British divorcee has wed her dog in a ceremony in Croatia after 'marriage to a man didn't work out'. FULL ARTICLE.  

And then .......

Speaking to British TV presenters Philip Schofield and Holly Williby on This Morning defended the 'romantic ceremony' with her pet pooch. FULL ARTICLE

A Norfolk builder has spent three years converting a public toilet into a stunning seafront property known as The Wee Retreat for his wife. FULL ARTICLE

 A Freedom of Information request has revealed that Greater Manchester Police are investigating a spate of crimes committed by clowns after officers have dealt with nineteen incidents involving people dressed as circus funnymen. FULL ARTICLE

Headline of the week ...... Police close main road to hunt for missing severed penis. FULL ARTICLE

The news from times past ..... First World War British intelligence officers on the Western Front suspected two cats and a dog of spying for the Germans in a report that stated  “Two (2) cats and a dog are under suspicion, as they have been in the habit of crossing our trenches at night; steps are being taken to trap them if possible.” FULL ARTICLE

Brides-to-be were left baffled when they clicked on directions to a wedding fair after bungling council chiefs advertised an event 4,200 miles away in Birmingham, Alabama in the US instead of Birmingham, England. FULL ARTICLE

A suicidal man who was threatening to jump off London Bridge inadvertently saved another man from drowning after the crew of life boat sent to save him spotted the second man in difficulty. FULL ARTICLE

And last but not least, Mr T's choice ..... Narrowboat upturned by Stag Do party in canal near Bath. IMAGES & FULL ARTICLE

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Alyce said...

What a nice happy ending for the man who was saved from drowning!

Kelly said...

Quite an interesting array of stories this week.

As much as I love my dogs, I can't imagine marrying one of them - even one as cute as hers.

I found the WWI story very interesting, too. I could see using dogs to ferry messages (spy), but it would have to be one well-trained cat!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

wow, cats and dogs spying for the germans? now that's an interesting news headline from the past.

and seriously, marrying your dog??

Literary Feline said...

Love the home renovation story about the house that used to be a public restroom. :-)

Marrying your dog . . . I love my cats, but, no. Although, my daughter is on a marriage kick where she's already married me and two of her girl friends at school. She's only three though so doesn't really understand the concept of marriage. :-)

Suko said...

Tracy, these stories are rather unbelievable! I think my favorite this week is the most subdued of the bunch, the public toilet that was transformed into a gorgeous little house with a view. Thanks for gathering these stories and making me think, "really?".

Alexia561 said...

As much as I've loved my dogs and cats over the years, marrying one is more than a little wacky! And while The Wee Retreat now looks lovely, I don't know if I could get its past out of my head if I ever stayed there. Yuck!

Naida said...

Wacky stories and that lady who married her dog? really?

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Marrying the dog? How can the dog object? LOL

I knew clowns shouldn't be trusted!

anilkurup said...

Fascinating T , as usual.
Goodness me the dog , is it lucky or in line of the way the man went?

The severed organ story is funny.

Brian Joseph said...

Hopefully no one entered the Alabama address into their GPS.

Betty Manousos said...

marrying your dog? this is ridiculous! what is this world coming to..

big hugs

Jess@Fairday's Blog said...

How interesting that one man hoping to end his own life ended up saving someone else! Clowns committing crimes- I have some creepy images in my mind.