2 Sep 2013


A cat owner has apologised to neighbours after her cat, Nibbles, was found to have pinched items including dishcloths, sports bras, gravy paste and even a bath mat. FULL ARTICLE

Meet Shanice, the new receptionist at Brent Council’s town hall. She seems friendly enough as she smiles from behind a desk, but step a little closer and you’ll soon realise she’s a £12,000 hologram. FULL ARTICLE

Chefs are cooking up a new world record bid by making more than 100 dishes from one super-sized cabbage. FULL ARTICLE

A dented teapot used by a family for years turned out to be a Victorian prototype. Made in 1879, the silver pot, one of only six, is thought to be worth £20,000. FULL ARTICLE

Husband dearest's choice ......
Using LED lights, Ultraviolet paint and time-lapse photography researchers at Exeter University studying the habits of 450 garden snails have discovered that the snails can hit a top speed of one metre an hour and often move in convoy, piggy-backing on other snails slime to save energy. FULL ARTICLE/BBC VIDEO

Favourite two articles of the week ..... A Norfolk pet owner has been threatened with an ASBO (Anti Social Behaviour Order) because his parrot, Buddy, won't stop singing 'Old MacDonald Had A Farm', squawking 'police' at full volume and 'Hello, who's that then?' when he hears a mobile ring. FULL ARTICLE *

A burglar  who stole a kayak and tried to paddle across the Channel in hope of a new life abroad was picked up by the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) less than a mile off the Kent coast. FULL ARTICLE


Party goers at the Notting Hill Carnival were treated to a spectacle of dance from three Metropolitan police officers, in what can only be described as an outbreak of good feeling. FULL ARTICLE

Strapped into a launch capsule with an over the shoulder camera and sent up into the air using a weather balloon filled with hydrogen Babbage the teddy bear was sent 39,000 metres into the air from a launch pad in Brighton. FULL ARTICLE/VIDEO

Barbecue burger ice-cream with toppings of candied bacon, dill gherkin ripple and tomato ketchup were on offer at the UK’s first National Burger Day in Dalston Yard, east London. FULL ARTICLE

Snail facials have hit the UK where they can crawl on your face for £50 per twenty minute session. FULL ARTICLE (As I commented on my FaceBook page our garden is full of snails, I'll do you a facial for £10. PW)

Using 90,000 of its Dairy Milk pebbles chocolate makers Cadbury created a chocolate castle on a Brighton beach to celebrate last Monday's Bank Holiday. FULL ARTICLE

The article that had me saying Uh-Oh ..... The hill house of the Teletubbies, Dipsy, Laa-laa, Tinky winky and Po, was turned into a pond by a farmer who was sick of tourists trespassing on her land. FULL ARTICLE

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Blond Duck said...

Is it sad I want to eat that burger?

Kelly said...

Wow on that chocolate castle! It must not have been too warm when they built it or the chocolate would have been too "melty" to work with.

The story about the thieving kitty is cute. His photo in the article is cute, too.

I'm trying not to think about the snail facials. Ewww!

Barbara said...

I think that pussy cat is getting ready to leave home – he’s just getting a stash of needful things together before leaving!

No wonder there are so many unemployed people – a hologram whatever next! As for the ASBO – the world has gone completely bonkers!

The owner of the Teletubbies house missed a trick – she could have turned it into a money-making venture.

Nice round-up of news this week, thanks for sharing it.

Aunt Mary said...

105 dishes with one biiiiiiiiiiiiig cabbage , amazing , very nice story :)

Naida said...

ewww about the snail facials!
And I don't know about the Barbecue burger ice-cream flavor. Sounds odd. Great articles Tracy!

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Love the parrot, but no to the snails. LOL Great articles.

Yvonne@fiction-books said...

Hi Tracy,

I only recognise a couple of your stories this week, that of the 'dancing policemen' and hubbies choice of the illuminated snails.

The illuminated snails were also featured on Dara O'Briain's Science Club last week. That is such an interesting programme and would give you some great weird and wonderful stories for your Monday posts.

My personal favourite story, has to be the chocolate castle. I didn't even know that Cadbury made chocolate pebbles, I must lead a very sheltered life these days!

Have a great week,


Shooting Stars Mag said...

The Teletubbies hill house was real? That's kind of hilarious!! And a snail facial sounds so creepy.

Brian Joseph said...

I think that if I were tasked to build that castle I could never finish it as I would be eating pieces faster then I could build it. Of course that is how it goes when I cook certain things.

Bad Alice said...

Oh how do you find these?! I had no idea the hill house was real - it looked astroturfed to me. This reminds me that I can only ever remember 3 of the Teletubbies - Tinkywink, Lala and Po. That green one stumps me every time.

Stephanie@Fairday's Blog said...

I had no idea that the Teletubbies house was real! I am sure the owner is happier now. ;)

The stealing kitty is too funny!

Not sure I would want a snail facial- but I did enjoy the study about them. Smart that they learned how to travel faster.

I wish I had a teapot like that!

Gina R said...

Okay, I'm yucking it up with the police dance...LOL...and what do they have against Old MacDonald anyway? ^_^