19 Aug 2013


Though I normally only post British news on my Monday Media posts I couldn't resist these first two howlers .....

Swedish men have been warned to keep their swimming trunks on after a South American fish known for attacking testicles was found in the sea. FULL ARTICLE Image courtesy of SWNS

A Chinese zoo's supposed "African lion" was exposed as a fraud when the dog used as a substitute started barking. FULL ARTICLE

Raising money for the DOGS TRUST Absolute Radio has joined forces with band The Boy Least Likely to create a charity song in memory of listeners’ deceased dogs. FULL ARTICLE

A 26 year old dance teacher was surrounded by 80 bridesmaids aged between two to seventeen years old when she married at a Harwich church. FULL ARTICLE

Three climbers who set out to scale the 14 peaks of Snowdonia guided by Google Earth got lost and had to be rescued when their mobile phone batteries packed up. FULL ARTICLE

Using a painless laser pulse applied to the skin which measures how a persons body will decline with age scientists from Lancaster University have invented a 'death test' device that can tell how long you have left to live. FULL ARTICLE

Unable to find the driver of a Peugeot 206, council workmen laid tarmac around the car. FULL ARTICLE *

What does the 'S stand for in Mrs, How old am I, and Can I shoot and serve seagull for dinner? are just some of the bizarre calls made to councils. FULL ARTICLE

A website for single people in London has organised nights out for its members ..... in toilets across the city. FULL ARTICLE

Players of English non-league football team Farnborough have legally changed their names to that of of some of the greatest names to ever play the game as part of a new sponsorship deal. FULL ARTICLE

A small Welsh village keeps plunging into darkness and itchy cows who are rubbing themselves against electricity poles are getting the blame. FULL ARTICLE

A knitting group has claimed they are no longer allowed to meet at a library because the knitting needles are 'dangerous' and its members 'too noisy'. FULL ARTICLE *

Because of changes to this newspaper's website these links may not always be live, my apologies. PW

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Kelly said...

80 bridesmaids?! And to think I just eloped. It did make for a lovely photo, though.

Catchy tune on the Dead Dog Memorial clip.

Brandi Kosiner said...

Wow that is one fish that might get guys to keep their pants on... a miralce~!

StarTraci said...

We got the news story about the fish in Sweden, too! On of many reasons to keep the trunks on in open water. Haha!
I thought I had a lot of bridesmaids with six -- 80, aack!
Happy Monday!

Yvonne@fiction-books said...

Hi Tracy,

Bureaucracy is a wonderful thing isn't it? I wonder who measured the terrible noise of all those knitting needles and decided that it tipped the scales and since when have these everyday items suddenly become weapons?

We are not allowed to display knitting needles in the charity shop where I work, as they constitute a dangerous weapon, along with scissors, knives and walking sticks! The knitting needles have to be kept in a separate room away from the shop floor and can only be shown to a customer on request and under supervision! That is notwithstanding that you could go to ay of the high street stores, purchase the same items, take them out of their packaging ... and voila, the same dangerous weapon!

I can quite see the validity of knitting clothes and blankets for premature babies, my own mother-in-law does this in her local area, however the concept of knitting 'body parts' for midwives to practice on, I found quite bizarre. What is it that they practice with these knitted appendages I ask myself!!

That is as good as this article that I found on the BBC website last week. I am not trying to upstage your post, but I am sure this one will cause some titters of laughter in the Petty Witter household!!


Have a great week,


Anne Bennett said...

You got me with your blog headline. Testicle eating fish, ha. And the last line of the article. "The testicle is just the right size to fit in the fishes mouth." Ha!

I like the dead dog song, too. Thanks for sharing.

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

LOL Knitting needles are too dangerous. What about pencils? LOL

Karen said...

There are too many great stories there to comment on lol

I love these posts!

Naida said...

Oh my gosh about those fish! And strangely enough, I guess knitting needles could be dangerous if used as weapons, just like pens, pencils, and other everyday items. Come to think of it, I don't think you can board a plane with knitting needles anymore.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

wow, 80 bridesmaids! I can't even imagine. I don't think I'm close to that many people! LOL

The death test is interesting...but a bit freaky. I wouldn't want to know!

Brian Joseph said...

That dog looks odd. He actually seems more interesting then a lion.

Lindsay said...

The one that struck me first was 80 bridesmaids!! I have to go and read that one in a minute.

anilkurup said...

The next time around at sea for a swim, though a rarity in my case, will certainly be anxious. Your piece on this ingenious fish is sure to be worrying.
Faking a lion with a dog well wasn't that a bit far stretched?

This doesn't mean the rest are not as wonderful. The itchy cows ....!

Suko said...

Knitting is surely a dangerous and noisy art isn't it?! And 80 bridesmaids sounds just about right. :P

As for those fish, seagulls, and cows--oh,my!

DMS said...

These were all fascinating (as usual)- but I was cracking up about the Swedes needing to keep their bathing suits on. Sounds like good advice! :)