1 Jul 2013


As if last week's 'hairy stocking weren't enough now we have the limited edition £2,499 fur coat made entirely from ..... male chest hair. PICTURE AND FULL STORY (Ooh, I wonder if someone pulled it out hair by hair. PW)

A vicar in Nottinghamshire had them swinging in the aisle when she led a ‘flash mob’ dance routine during a wedding service. FULL STORY

Plants use complex maths to make sure they have enough food to get through the night, according to a new study carried out by scientists at Britain’s John Innes Centre. FULL STORY

And that's not all ..... 

Scientists at Oxford University have found that the flavour of food can be affected by the colour, weight and shape of cutlery. FULL STORY

An 18 year old student from Camberwell, London, lives every day as a human doll. Dressed in pastels and petticoats, she spends 3 hours each day perfecting the look which includes exaggerated make-up which gives her an artificial look. FULL STORY (Image as seen on FaceBook)

And finally one from abroad ....
'Dumb Ways To Die', a three minute Australian public service ad campaign co-produced by Melbourne's Metro Trains to teach people to be careful around trains that became an internet hit for its black-humoured list of reckless ways to die - such as "poke a stick at a grizzly bear" - has added to its lustre by scooping up a record number of international advertising prizes. FULL STORY

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Mary (Bookfan) said...

I thought the wedding was over with the dance - poor vicar was out of breath!
Dumb Ways to Die - lyrics made me LOL. Thanks for starting the week with humor :)

Kelly said...

Loved both clips, especially the Dumb Ways to Die!

Have to say I'm totally grossed out at the thought of the fur coat.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

male chest hair?! *shudder* I can't even image! Sheesh.

The living doll is crazy! She reminds me a bit of Lady Gaga though...the eclectic style.

Suko said...

Very eclectic post today, Tracy! Everything from shakin' your booty to beastly jackets, living dolls, and dumb ways to die!

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

The human doll is just creepy. But then if I did that, I'd be a zombie one or something like that, so I shouldn't talk. LOL

I've seen that ways to die vid. I thought it was funny.

Blond Duck said...

Are there any really smart ways to die?

Brandi Kosiner said...

wow, the doll girl has to have some stamina to do that all the time

Brian Joseph said...

That chest hair coat might give me nightmares.

Betty Manousos said...

wow, what cute pastel jelly beans! loved the dump ways to die.
the human doll is just crazy.

big hugs~

Yvonne@fiction-books said...

Hi Tracy,

I saw the wedding clip on the BBC about 6am and was trying to stop from laughing out loud and waking hubbie. When I told him about it later, he didn't seem to find it particularly funny, although we generally share the same sense of humour ... I thought the best part,was when the two old dears got up and walked out, they provided more of a floor show than the rest of the congregation!!


Gina R said...

Okay the hair thing grossed me out and the doll one creeped me out but the Metro announcement was too funny! Odd but funny. Think they got their point across?