10 Jun 2013


London artist Boyarde Messenger has rendered famous artworks from pre-Raphaelites to Roy Lichtenstein butt (sorry, I couldn't resist that pun. PW) preferring to work on a more 'fleshy' canvas, rather than painting women, she likes to paint ..... on their bottoms. MORE 

 Remember the articles about the inflatable duck, floated down The Thames, it was last seen looking rather deflated in a Harbour in Hong Kong? Well, The official mouthpiece of China's ruling Communist Party condemned an outbreak of giant yellow ducks across the country, after imitations of an artwork in Hong Kong landed in several cities. MORE

And talking of previous articles, can you remember last week's perfect cream tea? Well, this week the British Cheese Board (BCB) has launched a competition in search of ...... the ultimate cheese on toast. MORE

Discarded tents at this year's Glastonbury, Latitude and Wychwood festivals are set to be collected, cleaned and transformed into sustainable wrapping paper. MORE *

Makers of the mini Lego figures have been urged to 'turn the frowns down' after a researcher from the University of Canterbury warned that as Lego models are getting angrier their frowns cold have a negative effect on how children play. MORE

First held in Chipping Campden in 1612, this year about 5,000 people have attended a shin kicking contest in the Cotswolds. MORE

While last day pranks are usually carried out by pupils without fear of reprisal, these educators clearly had other ideas as a group of teachers from Honiton Community College turned the tables on their students after pranking them in a surprise leaving gift video. MORE

Pizza delivery boys on mopeds could soon be a thing of the past after Domino’s revealed a new method of delivering their food as a drone helicopter  known as The DomiCopter is set to revolutionise the takeaway industry .... if it proves to be anything more than just a public relations stunt. MORE

Mango, a five year old feline from Brighton, proved to be a scaredy-cat too frightened to confront a mouse eating food from his bowl when rather than pouncing on and devouring the intruder he spent several minutes eyeing him up – from a safe distance - before eventually plucking up the courage to walk over where he took a quick look and slunk away, the mouse totally oblivious to the threat. MORE

Favourite story of the week ...... A learner driver jumped red lights, led police on a 70mph car chase in a 30mph zone and drove on the wrong side of the road before hitting a parked car as he headed to the test centre ..... to take his driving test. MORE 

A 39-year-old eco-friendly 'petrolhead' from Leicester has taken recycling to a whole new level – by building a car from rubbish. Built in his shed over a period of 18 months, The Cosmotron which is legal to drive and boasts speeds of up to 140 mph was constructed using amongst other things
 bottle caps, pepper pots and an old firework. MORE

Warning: Not to be read if you are eating/about to eat ......

A shameless fraudster was caught and later jailed when he put his own pubic hair into his curry - just to get a free meal worth £39.55 at an Indian restaurant. MORE

And knowing how many of you love those 'non-too-bright criminal' articles ..... A dozy pub burglar drank so much of his loot that he feel asleep on the floor of the pub he was burgling and was caught red-handed by the landlord hours later. MORE

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Brandi Kosiner said...

The one about legos frowning really made me roll my eyes

Mama Zen said...

Legos have a negative impact on the way I mother when I step on them with my bare feet!

Kelly said...

The video is really fun and a great send-off from the teachers.

I love the story about the cat and mouse. Poor thing (the cat, that is)

And....I wish my local Dominos would get a delivery drone. Then maybe we could get pizza delivered to our house. As is, no one will deliver to us since we're not within the city limits.

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

All those drones are having problems with airspace. Don't think dominos will be delivering it too soon. :) Besides... shouldn't they deliver GOOD pizza? LOL

Suko said...

You certainly feature a good variety of stories this week. I'm not sure which is my favorite of the bunch, although it sure would be dramatic fun to order pizza that would arrive via DomiCopter!

Bo said...

As always, a very entertaining collection of news items to digest. I'm amazed at how you always find the most interesting articles.

Naida said...

Entertaining post! That clip of the teachers dancing behind the students is too funny :)

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Aw, poor kitty!!

That's crazy about the frowning legos. Wow, people think of everything, don't they? haha


Blond Duck said...

Don't outlaw the duckies!

Brian Joseph said...

I really want one of those DomiCopter. Instead of the stores having them to deliver, I think that a consumer owned them they can be used to pick things up (of course food is alway primarily on my mind) from various establishments.

NRIGirl said...

The cat story reminds me of our 'Poose' who was not afraid of mice but house lizards. That and the pressure cooker! :)

Barbara said...

This is such a great collection! Some of them like the sleepy burglar are just so funny. As for The Hair and The Curry…you cannot be serious!

Gina R said...

A pizza helicopter? ^-* Well, if it gets it here fast and hot, I'm game.

Jinky said...

Haha! I love the college video! They must have not showed the students turning their heads on some of those cuz I would think some of them noticed a presence. No matter, that was fun to watch. Thanks for the chuckles.

Alexia561 said...

Love the video of the teachers pranking the students! Too funny! And that poor cat...he will be teased mercilessly by all of the other cats!