26 Jun 2013


  1. Thinking teachers/policemen/doctors look really young - They qualify at twelve now, don't they?
  2. When you start complaining more about things - Put simply, there are increasingly more things to be complained about
  3. You get shocked by how racy music videos are - To think my granddad was shocked by the gyrations of dance troupe Hot Gossip
  4. Taking a cushion to the (football match) because the seats are so uncomfortable - What can I say, I like my home comforts
  5. Buying newspapers every day - Technically not guilty of this as its Husband dearest who actually buys the paper

Not all bad, I'm only recently beginning to show five of the 50 signs that I'm getting older.

The bad news? 

I've actually shown these other sixteen signs for longer than I care to remember.

  1. Falling asleep in front of the TV - If only programmes were more interesting
  2. Feeling stiff - Aw, that hurts
  3. Groaning when you bend down - Not a problem any more, I have one of those 'grab stick' things
  4. Hating noisy pubs - As if it wasn't bad enough we now have mobile phones to contend with
  5. Struggling to use technology - It's not my fault something new coes along every second day
  6. Not knowing any songs in the top ten - No, but I can tell you which are the top ten best selling novels
  7. Choosing clothes and shoes for comfort rather than style - Oh dear! Guilty as charged BUT even if not stylish now these things will come back into fashion again ..... just look at flaired trousers and wedges
  8. You talk to a colleague who doesn't know what an Opal Fruit is - Just as a Snickers will always be a Marathon, Starburst will forever be Opal Fruits
  9. Allowing yourself a mid-afternoon nap - It's environmentally friendly, saves on heating during these cold, damp English winters
  10. When you know your alcohol limit - If only the same could be said of my chocolate intake
  11. Owning a carriage clock - Huh! What did I say earlier? Now back in fashion, I don't know what they're talking about
  12. Taking an unnaturally healthy interest in the local free newspaper - And who is to blame for this? You. Where do you think I get lots of my Media Monday articles?
  13. When you can't lose six pounds in two days any more - We are talking six pounds in weight and not six pounds in sterling, right?
  14. Never going out without your coat - What can I say? As Hd has got older and now feels the cold himself he is no longer so eager to give me his coat
  15. Taking a keen interest in dressing for the weather - As above
  16. You start wearing cardigans - Considered a bit of a trend setter ..... What? You don't believe me?  ...... Cardigans will become fashionable again
So ..........

Presuming that you are sitting comfortably on your cushion and that (A) Your fingers aren't too stiff to type, (B) You haven't fallen asleep in front of the TV or are having a mid-afternoon nap and (C) You aren't struggling with the latest technology just how many signs of growing old will you admit to?

Commissioned by a life insurance company specialising in cover for the over 50's (not that I'm that old yet I hasten to add) click HERE to view the list.

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carol said...

I'm only admitting to 8. Of course, I have no idea what opal fruit is or a carriage clock for that matter.

Cherie Reich said...

For #4, I don't care how old or young you are, those stadium seats are uncomfortable. And I had no clue about Opal Fruit or Marathon bar. That's nifty they used to be called those things.

Kelly said...

Well, I AM over 50, but don't mind admitting I've shown many signs of getting older for years.

I still feel very young at heart, though. :)

....Petty Witter said...

Opal fruits are/were a fruity chewy sweet. A carriage clock is a kind of clock with a handle that was traditionally used by travellers.

Yvonne@fiction-books said...

Hi Tracy,

Well, I'm 54 now, so I am entitled .. no, expected ... to relate to many of those traits!!

I got up to 25 out of 50, although if pushed there may have been another couple or so, which should have been included.

I definitely haven't got to the sherry drinking age, or listening to The Archers (God forbid I ever should!).

Debatable areas though, might be No.14 Starting to complain about things and No.32, Telling people exactly what I think about things, whether it is Pc or not!! Hubbie will tell you that I have been guilty of both for many of the 34 years we have been married!

a fun exercise, although maybe a little too revealing!


Stephanie@Fairday's Blog said...

I can claim quite a few of them! I always bring a coat, like a cushioned seat and body parts make me groan. I may know one song in the top 10- but that is about it!

Mostly- your list gave me a good laugh. I love your comments and found myself nodding along. :)

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Eh... I'm just looking forward to the day when I forget what I forgot so I don't have to remember that I forgot. LOL

Suko said...

Cardigans are very stylish here currently, thankfully!

Thank you for this fun and funny post!

Bo said...

So, yeah, about the six pounds in two days. I remember when I could just randomly skip meals and it would not bother me. I'd kind of forget I was hungry. Also, I could just not eat to drop some weight.
So not happening anymore. Now, not only do I need to eat every meal, but if for some reason I do skip, it makes no difference what so ever.
And I'm complaining about it, too! So that takes care of #2 in the top 5 and #13 on the bottom.

sundayboy22 said...

What is it about Age, I definitely go for the comfort over fashion thing, but I don't do the whole newspaper thing. I am smart enough to know everything you need to know, is available -on line...

Blond Duck said...

Heck, I'm showing signs, and I'm only 28! I fall asleep in front of the TV all the time!

Brian Joseph said...

This list has inspired me to go out and purchase a carriage clock today. It is only fitting that at this stage in my life that I own one.

Jean said...

It's obvious I don't live in Britain because many things on the list mean nothing to me. Many of them, I have always loved - cardigans, the garden, afternoon naps and I have always been stiff and sore thanks to a bad neck - which, when I had surgery I actually referred to one of the doctors as "the fourteen year old". So I definitely do qualify on some of the points. I have always bought shoes for comfort - because I have wide feet, and for some reason in Canada the shoe stores don't seem to recognize wide feet as a possibility. Clothes too, I always preferred a certain degree of comfort because it usually meant a proper fit which meant the clothes would also look their best. However, I will admit to having a few elastic waist articles which would never have been a part of my wardrobe when young.

Jinky said...

I'm okay so far ..still young but gettin' close! I can admit to 2 or 3 of these.

LL Cool Joe said...

Damn I read a newspaper every day. And yeah why is it so much harder to lose weight than it used to be? I've lost 7 pounds recently but it took me a month to do it!

Naida said...

Well those music videos are racy and trashy. Whatever happened to them telling story and complimenting the song? Like Michael Jackson's Thriller?? Those days are long gone it seems :( Then again, music has gone downhill, but I won't get started on that.
Ha, I love my cardigans. I have a few in bright colors...they are cute and trendy here.