13 May 2013


Her Majesty 'Efffing and Blinding'? Never. A group of noisy drummers playing outside the Gielgud Theatre, London, during a performance of The Queen were surprised when its star, Dame Helen Mirren, left the theatre dressed as the Queen in a tiara and pearls ranting at them 'Shut the f*** up, people have paid f***ing a hundred pounds for their theatre tickets' MORE

What would Mary Poppins think? Trainees nannies at the Norland College in Bath, Somerset (established 1892) are learning self defence AND stunt driving to protect their charges, tots of wealthy parents, against robbers and kidnappers. MORE 

Not just child's play ...... Six months ago Warren Elsmore gave up a stable job to become a professional Lego builder and now, 180,000 bricks and 500 hours later, has created the 5ft long St Pancras Station and Hotel. MORE (Photograph courtesy of FaceBook)

To think some people would pay good money for this mud 'treatment' ..... Having firmly secured their footwear, 273 competitors wearing all manner of fancy dress costume lined up on the banks of the River Crouch (Maldon) to take part in a 400 metre dash across cold water and thick, smelly mud. MORE

Storm in a C-CUP! Virgin Trains 'support' (no pun intended I'm sure) department is offering female staff a £20 lingerie voucher after workers complained their new uniforms were so skimpy that passengers could see if they were wearing a dark bra. MORE 

Weirdest headline of the week? York Assault: Police Hunt Incredible Hulk. MORE

Hmm! Many people have said it is wrong but that hasn’t stopped Irish food company Tayto from making a cheese and onion flavoured chocolate bar. MORE

'If you're happy and you know it and you really want to show it' ......
Researchers at Cambridge University have developed EmotionSense, an app that tries to track happiness by combining smartphone data with users' perception of mood. MORE

Haven't you forgotten something? Freerunner Mat Armitage completed the Badmintion Horse Trial, the world's most notorious  equestrian cross-country course, without a horse. MORE

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Dizzy C said...

I shall pass on the choc, thanks.

I can't imagine how I would feel if my hubby said he was giving up a job to become a lego builder :)

Have a great week, Tracy


Brandi Kosiner said...

Very funny on the hulk hunt!

Kelly said...

So many good stories, it's difficult not to comment on them all.

I do think it's great that the nannies are getting the extra training. So practical!

Yvonne@fiction-books said...

Hi Tracy,

Some fantastic finds again this week, I dont know how you do it!

As there are so many, I shall only really highlight the ones which are from my immediate part of the country.

We only live about 10 miles from Bath, so the article about the 'Nanny College' is quite relevant. We do have quite a lot of celebrities who have settled in this part of the world, but it is worrying to think that they consider themselves so important, that kidnap is a real possiblity. It reminds me of something you would see in a country like Mexico as illustrated in the film 'Man On Fire', which starred the dishy Denzel Washington...


Badminton is only about 15 miles away and the thought of a 'commoner' being allowed in to jump the course without a horse, really made me smile. I'll bet the 'Toffs' weren't around at the time!

Nice post, set me up nicely for the week!


Suko said...

T.G.I.M.. Wonderful post! There are a lot of "comment worthy" stories here, but I will limit myself to just a few lines of "commentary".

I'm sorry, but that cheese and onion chocolate would diminish any happiness measured by a smartphone. The Lego hotel and station are remarkable, and the freerunner is rather amazing--I'm not horsing around when I say this!

Thanks for all these "interesting" news bits!

Jinky said...

One can really make a lot of money doing those incredible Lego art. I don't have the patience!

Cherie Reich said...

What neat news! Who would've guessed you could make a living out of lego art? LOL! And that cheese and onion chocolate, I think I'll pass. Yuck!

Naida said...

ha! cheese and onion flavoured chocolate bar would be the one time I pass up chocolate :)
and lol about Dame Helen Mirren and the F bomb.
Happy Monday :)

Stephanie@Fairday's Blog said...

I love chocolate- but that does not sound good.

Lego building isn't something I could see myself doing- but I think it would be nice to get paid to do build with them! It might be relaxing. :)

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Without a horse, huh? That's hilarious.

And I would have loved to see Helen Mirren cussing people out dressed as the Queen. It would just seem so wrong. haha

Bo said...

Cheese and Onion chocolate bars?? Now that's just wrong!! However, I have had chili pepper dark chocolate and that is pretty darned tasty.

Aunt Mary said...

I can't choose one all the stories are so good and funny ,you always do great job thanks for making me laugh :)

Barbara said...

I saw the piece about ‘The Queen’ on the news. It made me laugh then, and it made me laugh again when reading about it on your blog. I’m not sure about that cheese and onion chocolate; I don’t particularly want to be left with a lingering taste of onions! Give me a good old-fashioned bar of ‘ordinary’ chocolate any day. A lovely selection of topics once again, thanks for sharing them all.

Lindsay said...

i didn't think anything could put me off chocolate, but that does! These are great stories, thanks for highlighting them!

Karen said...

Cheese and onion chocolate? Yuk. I did have a bacon chocolate bar when I was in NY last year - didn't like it.
Great collection of stories as usual Tracy :-)

Gina R said...

Oh my..I BET that was a shock! WOW on the nanny training; it's doubtful Ms. Poppins ever had that but I'm sure she could Supercalafragilistic her way out of anything. ^_^