25 Feb 2013


Given all the issues surrounding copyright infringement and having received an unpleasant and threatening email in which a 'gentleman' had threatened to sue me I'm pleased to say that my concerns surrounding Media Monday now seem to be resolved and, yeah, I'm back.

  • A light-hearted exchange as a result of a misunderstanding? West Midlands Police could be in the doghouse after someone from the force filled out a form in the guise of one of their police dogs, Peach. The faux statement (shown right courtesy of Twitter) was brief and said "I chase him. I bite him. Bad man. He tasty. Good boy. Good boy, Peach." MORE
  • And talking of doggies, imagine continuously having this stuck in your head.

Suffering from a rare form of tinnitus, Susan Root has been hearing this irritating 1950's ditty in a continuous loop for the last three years. MORE
  •  Meet Fireman 'Ham' .... The latest recruit to join Avon's Fire and Rescue Service is a 14-stone pig named Dominic. His job? To show fire fighters how to handle escaped animals. MORE
  • Not exactly a good advertisement for the use of stress balls, is it? "Warehouse worker packing stress balls punched his boss in face." MORE
  • Now there's something you don't see every day! Residents of a Somerset village were a bit a llama'd when 2 of the 6ft South American pack animals took a stroll down their street. MORE
  • I love the idea of a pub full of drunken nuns so its a shame that not everything is as it first seems ..... An Irish publican has been prosecuted after police found dozens of 'nuns' drinking illegally several hours after closing time. The Nunday event in aid of charity which took place in County Kerry last summer set a new record for the largest gathering of people dressed as nuns. More
  • The only time judging a book by its cover could prove a good thing ....  A guide to sharpening pencils and a craft manual about how tea cosies changed the world are among the shortlist of books that are competing for a London publishers Oddest Book Title Of The Year award. MORE
  • And now for Husband dearest's choice ....... A sea slug that is able to detach, re-grow and then re-use its penis has surprised scientists who believe this is the first creature known that can repeatedly copulate with what they describe as a 'disposable penis'. MORE

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anilkurup said...

That is comforting news . No court room sessions and dramatics . Much a do about nothing it is finally!

Kelly said...

I'm glad to see the return of Media Monday! (kinda scary, though, that someone had threatened to sue)

My favorite is the police report at the top, although your husband's favorite is quite fascinating indeed.

Suko said...

Yay!!! These Monday posts are ridiculously funny, and this one's no exception. Drinking "nuns" are a wild concept, and "Hubby's choice" shows us how complex biology really is. I played the doggie song--now I hope it doesn't get stuck in my head (although she has a lovely voice).

Amrit said...

So gald to see this back. Please keep it on :))

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

You are nice using the term "gentleman"... I would have been using something else...

Not sure why the police dept was frustrated. Would like to know the full story behind that one. The article didn't say much.

Oh and your hubs story was too funny! LOL

Naida said...

Glad you Media Mondays are back and you are real nice to use the term 'gentleman'.
Interesting topics, I can imagine the drinkers dressed as nuns were quite the sight and 'ewwwwww' about that sea slug!! gross!
Happy Monday :)

Bo said...

These stories are very amusing. I had a good laugh at the end of a hard day, so thanks for that and I'll tune in next week to see what's new.
Tammy @ http://bosbooknook.blogspot.com/

Jenners said...

Glad you worked out the Media Monday concerns … just in time for the disposable penis story!

Gina R said...

Gotta say it, LOVE the doggy police report. Too cute! But then again, that's probably about what they're thinking... ^_^