2 Feb 2013


A complete and utter sucker for these amateur psychological 'tests', thanks to THIS POST on The Zen Of Motherhood's site I discovered 

I am somewhat a shy person often feels overwhelmed by the chaotic world around them.
Gentle with others, I try to be subtle and compassionate in all my actions.
I'm very loyal and once I find something (or someone) I love, I stick with it (them). 
A bit of a skeptic, I avoid fads and new fangled ideas. ....  I'm a bit old fashioned that way.

So, come on, what does the DESSERT MENU TEST say about you?

And as if it isn't enough to know this about me, how about this THIS POST from Jinky Is Reading?


Ten words that describe me? Sensitive, quirky, a bit of a loner, interested, curious, loyal, clumsy, patient, hates injustice, a trier.

Favourite TV shows? The Big Bang Theory, Coronation Street.

If I could would I take over the world? No, just the country (she says laughing).

The first boy I kissed? Aged 2 (I guess I can add forward to the list of things to describe me), I kissed my nana's neighbours son (GW) telling him I was going to marry him when I grew up. (I didn't).

How do I unwind? Read, slam doors, eat chocolate, count my blessings.

Yes, now that I have spilt the beans it's your turn.

OK then, how about a game of Reading Bingo as discovered HERE  on Heather's Books and Quilts site.

Started by Random House publishers READING BINGO is ideal for those stuck in a rut reading the same genre of books. To play along click on the above link, print out the bingo card and start filling it up.

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Dizzy C said...

This was my test result

You are a very stylish and put together person. You expect the best from yourself and others.
You are quite alluring and seductive. People are mysteriously drawn to you.

You light up a room, and you are always dazzling. You don't need much to really sparkle.
At heart, you are a romantic. Like everyone else, you are searching for that true love connection

Not feeling my sparkle at the moment though LOL


Kalyan said...

That's a cool one...looks a lovely way of life.

the bookworm said...

Fun post :) I like the reading bingo and The Big Bang Theory is fav show too. Gotta love Sheldon.

Kelly said...

I love the book bingo idea!!!

Ten words: loyal, honest, encouraging, OCD, animal-lover, redneck, southerner, anti-social, God-loving and funny.

TV: FN's Chopped and Bravo's Top Chef.

Take over?: Nah..I don't think so.

First kiss: A boy named Randy.

Unwind: Reading, jigsaw puzzles.

Suko said...

Carol and I chose the same dessert! But, I had a hard time deciding which one I wanted to choose, which also probably means that I'm indecisive (can't decide if that's true or not). I will "check out" Jinky's post. Reading Bingo looks like a clever game!

Lisa said...

Say, I may have to try unwinding by slamming doors! Usually I just do that to prove a point but I always do feel better after I do it!

Joan Robertson said...

good post , i'll take the test later when i've got more time, i unwind by crocheting what else

Short Poems said...

This is so very cool post, Tracy. I have really enjoyed reading it


Betty Manousos said...

cool post and test!
i really liked your answers!

you're awesome,
it's been great to know you.


Jenners said...

That bingo reading card is the best!