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29 Dec 2012


To our great-nephew, 2 today.
Have a wonderful day Little Plum,
Lots of love, 
Aunty Taity and Uncle Neal. x

And talking of the little people in my life ......

I've made many friends through the Blogosphere but not for one moment did I expect to become a penpal with someone so much younger than myself. 

Surprised (but honoured) to be approached by a fellow blogger, I agreed to correspond with Little Diva (6), to tell her a little of life here in the north east of England.

Well, I've never let age be a barrier to friendship, so why start now?


Kalyan said...

That's so nice to hear...always feel good to be associated with new people.

naida said...

Awwww...happy birthday to him!

Jenners said...

You're so right … Age should never be a barrier to friendship!!

Stephanie@Fairday's Blog said...

Great video! Hope your nephew has a wonderful birthday. I love that you have a new pen pal. How fun! You never know what you will learn from a 6 year old.

Kelly said...

Happy birthday to the little man! I've always loved his precious little photo in your sidebar. :)

Alexia561 said...

Happy Birthday to Little Plum! Hope he had a great day! And how cute that you're going to be pen pals with a six year old! They're adorable at that age! Hope you have a great correspondence!

Karen said...

I've met so many people of different ages through blogging. It's great and keeps young lol

Happy BIrthday to Plum!

Betty Manousos said...

aww! how did i miss this post!

happy belated birthday to him!!!


GMR said...

Wonderful sentiments and whole-heartedly agree....books, blogs, even friendship in general can bridge the miles and the age gap.