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3 Dec 2012


Normally proud of my home city, this is udder Madness ......
Lads pour milk over their heads in a new student craze that is sweeping the internet.
In the clip, students drench themselves with two litres of semi-skimmed milk all over Newcastle Upon Tyne. More

Christmas dinner in a bun? ...... 
The Bearwood Fish Bar, in Smethwick, near Birmingham, have created a deep-friend Christmas dinner served in a bun. 
Andrew Doughty and Chris Christoforou are offering a fast-food version of the traditional feast - complete with battered sprouts, roast potatoes and carrots followed by battered sweet-mince pie and Christmas pudding. More

Much more healthy .... the Cabbages and Condoms diner.
After a nice meal out you might get the added bonus of a mint or a chocolate when your bill arrives at the end of the night but health conscious eatery Cabbages and Condoms is set to become the first in the UK to issue leaflets on protective sex when your meal ends. More

Ice-cream wars: Mr Yummy V Mr Whippy ......
An ice cream vendor called Mr Yummy is facing jail after he was caught on camera attacking his rival Mr Whippy for encroaching on his 'turf' in a small residential area in Blackburn.
The arch rivals had a massive row in the street when one pulled up behind the other’s ice cream van and undercut the price of his competitor's 99s (an ice-cream in a wafer cone with a cadburys flake stuck in it) by 10p. More

Not much of a breakfast!
Bed and Breakfast owner Paul Rae has claimed to have found the world's smallest hen's egg in his chicken coup in Humshaugh, Northumberland.
The egg, which is the size of a 20p coin, was discovered sitting alongside three normal eggs at Mr Rae's establishment at two century old Walwick Farm. More

OMC (Oh my Cod)!
A chip shop worker has won a Guinness World Record title for being the fastest at wrapping chips.
Speedy Steph Celik, a mother of seven from Maltby, south Yorkshire packed five 350g bags - with added salt and vinegar - in just 58 seconds at the Blue Whale chip shop where she has worked for 17 years. More

The Turnip Prize?
That's right, forget about the pretentious goings on at the Tate Gallery in London, with their fancy televised announcements, the real deal is happening at the New Inn in Wedmore, Somerset where at 6:30pm, organisers will be announcing the winner of this year's Turnip Prize.
Now in its 14th year, The Turnip Prize celebrates 'crap art' which has been thrown together with the least amount of thought possible. More

A foot long chocolate bar?

Just in time for Christmas, Selfridges are selling a foot-long Snickers bar as a 2,000-calorie treat. The super-sized bar is eight times heavier than normal, and costs £20.The department store is also selling a giant gummy bear that weighs 2kg, the equivalent of 1,400 regular-sized bears, and a gummy cola bottle that is 90 times regular size. More

And finally ..... the news from abroad ...
Men could soon wake up to the smell of bacon from the .... kitchen (no Husband dearest there won't be any breakfast in bed. PW)  ....... bathroom after an American company released a bacon-scented shaving cream priced at £9 ($14.99). More


Dizzy C said...

Giant cola bottle sweet :)

Thanks for the weird and wonderful news today, Tracy

Shared on twitter

carol x

anilkurup said...

The Ice cream vendors are my pick.
Urrr bacon scented shaving cream!!! no me.

Suko said...

Bacon and eggs (and more) this morning! That tiny egg is very precious. I'd treasure it as well. As far as toiletries go, I have a hard time believing that bacon-scented shaving cream would smell as nice as Old Spice.

Glad to see your virtual Advent calendar return!

StarTraci said...

First, I love your Advent calendar! It's cute and fun.

Second, the milking has made our news, as well. Pretty crazy...

The ice cream battle is pretty funny. I think (sadly) there is a reality show there.

Happy Monday.

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Milk? Expensive prank...

That egg is too cute. There are so much bacon scented things now... Hm....

R. Ramesh said...

fastest at wrapping chips...hehe..u do manage to get interesting ones tracy...hey thanks for passing by wishes always:) tracy yday i remembered u as an indian friend's daughter is marrying a canadian and settling in london..they will move there soon..also , my colleague asma quit job and moved to london..she is a german national and a wondrful person...just sharing this with say about "global village." wishes

Kelly said...

That tiny little egg is so cute! It almost looks like a rogue songbird egg that somehow found its way into the nest.

Patti said...

I guess 'milking' is suppose to be the next planking. I won't be showing my boys this. Crazy people.

naida said...

Fun articles as usual. I think bacon-scented shaving cream sounds pretty gross.

fiction-books said...

Hi Tracy,

I don't which of us is more shame faced about the folks who live on our own doorstep and who feature in your news round-up this week.

Is it more cringeworthy to be pouring milk over yourself in Newcastle, or comparing the size of your turnips in Somerset?!

Have a great week,


NRIGirl said...

Did you really have to mention about the foot long snickers Tracey? Now I have to add it to my Christmas list!

Lawrence said...

footlong chocolate bar? before you finish eating it all, sure nextis a sorethroat. lo

DMS said...

Bacon scented shaving cream? I hope no one eats it! Fascinating news- as always! I love Snickers- but that does seem like a lot. :)

GMR said...

Wait, what? Drench themselves in milk? *-* The deep fried dinner sounds nauseating though I can see it for those on the run I suppose....*blech*. OMG on the ice cream wars....and the super-sized snackage? NOt a surprise actually. Our bk store (yes, bk store) sells the "world's largest gummy...." bear, worm, snake....yeah. Can't say the 5lb critters on anywhere on my wish list though.

Jenners said...

When I was a kid, there was a foot-long chocolate bar called a Marathon bar (caramel in chocolate -- woven in braids) and there was a ruler on the back. I loved it!! I wish they still made it. I always look for it but it has never been found again.

Alexia561 said...

Don't understand why anyone would douse themselves in milk, as that's just nasty. But have to admit that the giant chocolate bar sounds good!