19 Nov 2012


In a galaxy far, far away (well, London to be exact) ......
Londoner Martin Hunt, 32, is a master of 'Starwarigami' who, mixing his skills with the ancient Japanese art of origami, spends hours folding and twisting paper squares into characters and spaceships, including the naboo starfighter pictured left), from the Star Wars films. More

I know I said don't mention the 'C' word but ......
Fashion conscious Brits will have something to spruce up the house this festive period with the arrival of a Christmas tree shaped like a dress.
Designed on a UK size 8 and featuring a collar, long arms and 15 inch wide skirt, the artificial decoration complete with red baubles and 150 LED fairylights is certainly a far cry from the more traditional tree that usually adorns living rooms across the country. More

Illuminated by only 15,000 Christmas lights?
Every year the staff and regulars at The Marine pub in Eastbourne hang thousands of bulbs - normally 22,000 of them - to celebrate the festive season in a tradition that stretches back 29 years.
Sadly though the display this year will only be half as bright  as usual after landlord Phil Saunders decided to cut back because of his electricity bill which usually goes up by £500 a month over the Christmas period. More

Well, that's the tree and lights sorted, how about Christmas lunch?

Marks and Spencer have created a three-course Christmas dinner sandwich to satisfy cravings from now until the New Year.
At 785 calories, the first 'course' is smoked salmon with cucumber and dill; the second is turkey with pork and chestnut stuffing and smoked bacon; and to finish there is a sandwich filled with brie, grapes and chutney. More

After the man with a huge collection of My Little Ponies, today I bring you .......
Jacc Batch, 26, a dance teacher from Northants, who not only collects every toy and accessory, but also the identical figures from America, japan and Europe which have slightly different packaging, has the UK's largest collection of Sylvanian Family toys.
Obsessed Jacc saved up his pocket money to buy his first toy as a child and now has nearly 5,000 characters and other memorabilia estimated at £40,000. More

Noodles in debt?
A homeowner in Leicester was bemused with a letter from Natwest bank demanding that 'Noodles the dog' repay an outstanding debt of £6.84.
When Rupert Chapman moved into a house in Woodhouse Eaves, Leicestershire, he received a letter addressed to Noodles the dog, informing the canine that he had gone into his overdraft. 
Not knowing a dog - or indeed, previous tenant - by that name, Mr Chapman replied with a letter from his own dog, Charley, expressing his surprise. More

Sorry, was I boring you? Only its time for .... my favourite article of the week.
Hundreds of tickets for Boring 2012, a meeting in east London dedicated to the mundane (toast, heights of celebrities, self-service checkouts, shop fronts, refrigerators,  etc) has sold out leaving organisers bemused. More

All for a good cause!
A man has taken MOVEMBER to new extremes by growing a moustache on the BACK of his head.
David Hawley, 39, of West Yorkshire, was coerced by friends into adding a handlebar tache design to a skull design on his bounce (head) - as he joins thousands of Brits raising awareness of prostate cancer. More

Also involved .....
Several of the world's leading airlines have joined forces with men who are taking part in Movember. 
Bosses at British Airways, Qantas, Virgin and WestJet have decided to add quirky styles to the noses of their jets to make it seem as though they have moustaches. More


Claudine G. said...

Boring 2012 reminds me of a scene in The West Wing where the Chief of Staff assigned his people to mundane tasks or much-less-important meetings and named it 'Big Block of Cheese Day.' The Deputy COS called it 'Total Crackpot Day.' Thanks for the updates from around the world, Petty. Christmas approaches so quickly. Yikes!

Jenners said...

The day I get a bill for Romeo or Juliet is the day they leave the house. Ha ha. Fun collection of stories as always.

Suko said...

The moustache stories are my favorites this week, although I also found the shapely tree quite original and pretty darn wonderful.

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

No C word stuff... ;)

Oh and I love the stashe on the head and the planes. Too cool!

Kelly said...

An especially fun group of stories today!

While I do like tattoos, I think the one on the back of the head with the moustache is a bit bizarre for my taste.

Origami fascinates me and that first photo is great!

Arti said...

No wonder the landlord decided to cut down on the lights, that light bill is too hefty!! And loved the moustache tales!!
Have a happy week Tracy :)

anilkurup said...

The Xmas lights going less bright may be good for an environmentally sustainable Xmas. Though the mustache story is my pick too.

Stephanie@Fairday's Blog said...

Look at all those Christmas lights! I can't even imagine the electric bill- but I would love to see the lights aglow.:)