5 Nov 2012



Harper Blaine is a small-time private investigator trying to earn a living when a low-life savagely assaults her, leaving her for dead. For two minutes, to be precise.

When Harper comes to in the hospital, she begins to feel a bit .... strange. She sees things that can only be described as weird ..... shapes emerging from a foggy grey mist, snarling teeth, creatures roaring.

But Harper's not crazy. Her 'death' has made her a Greywalker - able to move between our world and the mysterious, cross-over zone where things that go bump in the night exist. And her new gift (of course) is about to drag her into that world of vampires and ghosts, magic and witches, necromancers and sinister artifacts. whether she likes it or not.
...... Outer back cover.

FIRST SENTENCE (Chapter 1): I'd been surprised when the guy belted me.

MEMORABLE MOMENT (Page 56): "What was I supposed to say? 'Hi Mom. Sorry I can't make the birthday party, I'm a vampire and I wouldn't want to upset you by biting the guests?"

MY THOUGHTS?: The first book in the Harper Blaine series (yes I know, I promised no more series BUT in my defence I've had this on my TBR mountain for a while now, way before I decided on my no series rule, AND it was only 10p) this is a perfect blend of crime fiction and, with witches, vampires, ghosts and necromancers, the supernatural.

Starting with what can only be described as a bit of a bang (a gruesome and rather graphic one at that) the novel then seemed to find its pace, the author spending some time developing both plot and characters as well as explaining (perhaps a little too deeply) 'the grey' in which Harper occasionally finds herself slipping after being left for dead for two minutes.

With plenty of fresh ideas and lacking many of the cliches that pop-up with alarming regularity in this genre (I was most impressed by the inclusion of some less than physically attractive vampires) I did think this was a novel that had something slightly different to offer. It's just that I wasn't altogether convinced by the, dare I say it, 'girl-next-door' like Harper as our somewhat reluctant heroine but then again this could simply be because I'm used to being fed a diet of urban fantasy in which the heroine is super smart, uber sexy and not afraid of using all of the weapons (including her body) at her disposal.

A great start to a series that has great potential, I'm severely tempted to break my policy of not buying any more books that form a series.

KEEP IT OR NOT?: Ex-library stock, I'm tempted to keep this but feel I should pass it onto a friend who I know will enjoy it.

PS. Apologies that there is no Media Monday post today, with Husband dearest having been in hospital and my having picked up some flu-type virus I have had neither the time nor energy to do any research. Thanks for all your best wishes, I hope to be back in action tomorrow.


chitra said...

That is a really scary story.. I get easily frightened by these kind of things.

Arti said...

Seems like a very good book! The plot is so different and refreshing!
Wish you and your husband good health, my prayers with you both.

Kelly said...

Glad to know you're feeling well enough to join us again soon!

Suko said...

This book sounds funny and charming! Glad you're feeling better, Petty!

Mary (Bookfan) said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it. I think it's a sign of a good book when you want to pass it along to a friend!

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

I enjoyed this one. I have read the first 3? (I think) in the series and she does seem to get smarter as it goes. I really need to continue the series. Glad you enjoyed it too!

naida said...

The premise sounds interesting, glad you enjoyed it and that you're feeling better.

Betty Manousos said...

glad you're feeling well, tracy.
i was thinking of you lately..

big hugs.