12 Nov 2012


An agoraphobic owl?
Gandalf, the agoraphobic owl, who is afraid of flying outside has been given his own red brick house where he now spends his time watching the world go by out of his window. More

 ... A cat with an ASBO ..
Oscar, the cat behind a crimewave that has terrorised the village where he lives for years has been slapped with the feline equivalent of an ASBO.
Oscar's bad boy antics include being reported to the police for fighting dogs, stealing neighbours' food and injuring a man so badly that the 77 year old was in hospital for a week.
Dubbed the ‘Lion Cat of Wingrave’ in the Buckinghamshire village where they live, Oscar will be kept indoors and given flower essences to help him stay calm. More

... A squirrel behind bars ..
This greedy squirrel broke into a rodent-proof bird feeder in search of nuts and ended up getting stuck.
Caught red-handed, it wriggled its way through the bars and gorged itself on the food inside before realising it was wedged in. More

... A ferret with a taste for blood: One of those articles I couldn't help but see the funny side of ..
A granny was left in agony after a crazed ferret attacked her on her mobility scooter.
Florence Taylor, 80, was on her way to the shops when the animal hopped aboard. 
She tried to shoo it away but it sunk its teeth into her left leg and would not let go.
The OAP had to hit it with her walking stick before it finally fled. More

Free spray tans for jobseekers!
In previous times of economic hardship, the unemployed were urged to get on their bikes and look for work, now jobseekers in one Welsh town are being told to claim a free spray tan.
Under the scheme in Aberdare, Job Centre staff are sending candidates for tans and makeovers at the town’s Well-being and Training Academy in order to give them extra confidence and the incentive to find work. More

Accents: One - Software technology: Nil ...... 
Callers to Birmingham City Council have been hanging up in frustration because the authority's recently installed £11 million computerised phone system cannot understand the 'Brummie' accent.
Exasperated locals have been left with long waits and repeatedly been transferred to the wrong department because the strong accent has baffled the software, it has been claimed. More

Like something out of a cartoon ....
Spectators at a community fireworks display in Oxgangs, Scotland were sent running for cover when boxes of pyrotechnics went off all at once. 
The accidental discharge occurred when a banger apparently bounced off a climbing frame near the Pentland Community Centre in Edinburgh landing in a box of unexploded rockets. More


naida said...

oh my gosh, that agoraphobic owl is sooo cute and sad!

Betty Manousos said...

good morning tracy dear.

i second naida. oh, poor little thing...it just breaks my heart to see this.

interesting installments as usual.

have a great week ahead~

Karen said...

"MAINLY MAMMALS MEDIA MONDAY" say that five times fast! lol

I'm dying laughing! Great post.

Kelly said...

Haha! Served that squirrel right!!

That poor owl does seem sad.

Heather said...

and who was the fool that continued to stand in front of the exploding fireworks. Thanks for sharing these stories.

Nikki-ann said...

Blimey, I thought having an agoraphobic was funny... but an agoraphobic owl? Hilarious! :D

Trac~ said...

I always look forward to stopping by to see what the latest is on your blog and you never disappoint! :). Thanks for stopping by to say hello this morning. Have a great day! :)

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Love the animal stories, but after the US election I can't help but see spray tan and cringe... LOL

fiction-books said...

Hi Tracy,

You must spend ages tracking down all these random news items and collating them.

I had heard about a couple of your articles and the one that had me most incensed was the one about the job centre, with the trapped squirrel making me laugh the most.

With our bungalow backing onto a lane, we have many squirrels living in the trees and bushes and we also have a bird feeder identical to the one in the article. I shall never be able to look at it out of the kitchen window in quite the same way ever again, for fear of not seeing the myriad garden birds enjoying a feed, but an overweight squirrel stuffing nuts into his mouth!!!

Great post and I love your sense of humour.


Suko said...

Petty! You've outdone yourself this week--these "mostly mammals" stories are too much. Not sure which is my favorite...but I do think that Gandalf is not only wise, but unusual!

DMS said...

What crazy articles! The owl got me thinking. It reminded me of a book I read Owls in the Family. One of the owls is afraid to fly. Thanks for sharing!

NRIGirl said...

Hate to be the last one to comment here; but better late than never - right?

Interesting tidbits as always.

Thank you!

Jenners said...

I just wonder what is going on in that owl's head! And how does he get food?