3 Oct 2012



Names! They fascinate writer Molly D. Campbell. Always curious about how a name might influence personality, Molly began a Twitter stream of names with one-sentence descriptions that soon took over her imagination. Loretta Squirrels, a moonshiner who also beats up her husband, gained notoriety on Twitter. Loretta was swiftly followed by eccentric dentists, dogs with human characteristics, cab drivers, Country and Western singers, and a movie star or two. 
..... Outer back cover.

FIRST SENTENCE (Dottie Mulcher): Her children adore her.

MEMORABLE MOMENT (Page 104): When we first moved in, I happened to glance out the window and saw a cowboy doing rope tricks in the yard a few houses down. He was wearing fancy snakeskin boots, a red neckerchief, and those chaps.

MY THOUGHTS: For those of us who like people, for those of us who consider people-watching a national past time, for those of us who enjoy a bit of harmless gossip about 'Mrs Such and Such'/'Mr So And So' down the road, this is a perfect read from the fertile mind of blogger Molly D Campbell with original drawings from the obviously talented illustrator Randy Palmer.

Highly creative and quite unlike anything I've read before Characters In Search Of A Novel isn't so much a collection of short stories as an an assembly of unforgettable characters.

Quirky, wickedly funny (I adored Amos Cargill, the 'cowboy' of my Memorable Moment) and at times surprisingly moving, these are one group of characters who capture the imagination and, very often, the heart.

An all too short read, Molly manages to perfectly capture the essence of every character in relatively few words which is no mean feat.

DISCLAIMER: Read and reviewed on behalf of the author, I was merely asked for my honest opinion, no financial compensation was asked for nor given. I should also like to point out that though we have never met in person, Molly is known to me through the bloggging community though this is no way influenced my review.


Kelly said...

This sounds different and interesting - I need to check it out more closely.

Mama Zen said...

This sounds pretty cool!

naida said...

This sounds different and entertaining!

GMR said...

Admittedly I was intrigued from the title alone...sounds rather interesting close up as well!

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

I wasn't interested too much when you said gossip, but mentioning the illustrator, I admit I perked up. Hm... might have to think about this one.

Jenners said...

Oh yes … Molly's book! I kind of got busy and misplaced my e-mail about it. Glad to hear it was good!!

The Golden Eagle said...

This sounds like a fun book. Thanks for the review!

DMS said...

This sounds so fun! I love to people watch and this book is described in a way that I cannot wait to read it! Yeah! Awesome review.

Suko said...

An assembly of unforgettable character sounds superb to me. Thanks for your wonderful review of what sounds like a truly terrific book!

P.N. Subramanian said...

Thanks for this sincere review about Molly D Campbell's book. I need to hunt for it now.

Betty Manousos said...

this sounds my kind of book!:)
definitely i am putting this on my "to read" list.
thanks for the wonderful review!

big hugs!