8 Oct 2012


Football - the religion of many Geordies?
John Hardisty, 64, of Benton, Newcastle, a die-hard fan of Newcastle United Football Cub (NUFC) has created an 8ft stained glass window in his garden shed after fans protested when their beloved St James' Park was renamed Sports Direct Arena last November. More

I really shouldn't laugh.
A hapless 52-year-old pedestrian had to be rescued by the emergency services after getting his head trapped in a rubbish bin.
Police, fire crews and an ambulance rushed to the scene in Aberdeen, Scotland, where crowds had gathered to watch the bizarre rescue unfold as fire crews spent 15 minutes cutting the top off the 4ft high bin with a high-powered saw normally used for cutting people out of vehicles. More

Elvis is alive and well and singing in ....... Wales?
A group of Elvis Presley impersonators   have donned their blue suede shoes to claim a new world record.
Dressed in dark sunglasses and Elvis trademark black wigs hundreds of Presley fans belted out the famous 1956 hit Hound Dog at Porthcawl, south Wales, in honour of the rhinestone wearing hip shaker. More

Hmm, imagine an inter-planet exchange between these two ......
The rural Scottish village of Glenelg has announced an unlikely link with its planet Mars namesake - situated more than 35 million miles away.
The coastal community, situated in the Highlands of western Scotland, shares the same name as a location on the Red Planet and it has now announced its intention to hold a twinning ceremony this month. More

Designed to be eaten one piece at a time? Not in this house it won't be.
Cadbury is launching a chocolate bar aimed at women in an attempt to win back lost sales among the diet-conscious.
The new bar designed with a resealable pack so it can be eaten one piece at a time comes in at 165 calories, compared with 260 for a Mars bar. The Crispello, which is similar in taste and consistency to Ferrero Rocher chocolates, has three chocolate-covered wafer shells with a soft milk chocolate filling. More

I think it safe to say that calories and diets were the last thing on these pairs mind.
Friends are barred for life from all-you-can eat restaurant ..... for eating too much. More

With breakfast being the most important meal of the day, it's pleasant to be devour it with a smile on your face.
And Pauline Whiting, from Newbury, Berks, had a particularly uplifting morning when reached into the chicken coop in her garden to find a smiley-faced shell grinning back at her. More

And talking of eggs - £60 for a soft-boiled egg and soldiers? .......
Egg lovers can enjoy a cracking start to the day by ordering the huge soft-boiled ostrich egg which comes with toast currently on sale in a restaurant in London.
Head chef Brendan Fylde created the egg, which is the equivalent of 20 normal hen eggs and costs £60, as part of a special breakfast menu created for British Egg Week. More

(Almost) Husband dearests idea of heaven?
Hot Tub Cinema does exactly what it says, allowing movie fans to soak up films whilst relaxing in an inflatable hot tub.
Rather than having to queue at a multi-screen complex, tubbers watch the films on a roof terrace against the backdrop of London’s skyline, before the evening turns into a pool party complete with DJ. More

Let's hear it for the real-life Wurzel Gummidge!
A student who graduated university with a degree in music and English is putting his skills to good use in a Norfolk field, after being employed as a human scarecrow.
Jamie Fox, 22, who recently graduated from Bangor University, will play a ukulele, accordion and cowbell in a bid to finally scare off the hardy birds, which were unperturbed by ordinary scarecrows. More


StarTraci said...

So much today... where to start?

I love the stained glass. People in the US talk about Texans and our "football" but I think the Geordies have us beat! It's actually a beautiful glass even if it's players rather than saints. :-)

I love the hot tub movies -- that is fabulous.

I want a smiley egg!

Finally, though, while I have wanted to return to England for a visit (not the least of which to meet you), I am now more inspired to do it so I may take a jaunt up to Wales to see the Elvis-brigade!

Happy week, my friend!

anilkurup said...

Time and again, I have wondered and also expressed here how you manage to compile this Monday post.
It continues to keep me wondering.
By the way I will pay the money they ask for the ostrich egg boiled and with toast.

Blond Duck said...

That poor college kid! What a way to enter the real world!

I need to know how that man got his head stuck and how those friends got kicked out the buffet. Going to investigate...

Nina said...

OMG! Head trapped in a rubbish bin? That's so sad and funny at the same time. ;)

R. Ramesh said...

head trapped in a rubbish bin!!!omg..poor guy boss...

Kelly said...

I'm all about small, individually wrapped portions for helping me keep my calories under control.... but a resealable package rarely works for me. Too easy to just keep on eating!

Alexia561 said...

The resealable Crispello candy wouldn't stop me from eating the whole thing. I need them separated entirely! And the poor man will never live down getting his head stuck in the bin! Too funny!

Lilly said...

That chocolate sounds yummy, but what does one bite at a time mean?

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

The poor guy trapped. I hope he got a laugh out of it. :)

Love the smiley face egg. That would be fun.

Suko said...

These stories are too funny, and eggsactly what I have been craving this morning! :)

fiction-books said...

Hi Tracy,

I am not really a huge football fan, I guess that even mentioning the name of my old home team Swindon, is like blasphemy .. however I do think that the scant disregard for many of the traditional names for our iconic football teams, is tantamount to heresy!

Chocolate for women doesn't really appeal to me, I'm afraid. If it is going to be Cadbury's, then it has to be proper traditional Cadbury's, calories and all. I do have to say though, that since the sellout of Cadburys to American giant Kraft, the taste has deteriorated shamefully!

Great round-up of the lighter side of the news, as always.


The Golden Eagle said...

I didn't know Glenelg was named after a Scottish village. Interesting!

DMS said...

I don't think I would like watching movies with so many other people in hot tubs. Loved the smiley egg! So many interesting stories.

GMR said...

Though perhaps a tad extreme. I must say the stained glass window was a lively way to pay homage to something you love. You had to post about the chocolate bar though...now craving one! (LOL)

Jenners said...

A resealable package would not prevent me from eating the entire chocolate bar in one sitting. They need some kind of timer or something. : )

And that stained glass window is awesome!! It is neat to see different themes done in that medium!

Betty Manousos said...

these are all so amusing and interesting stories!
loved the smiley egg, too.

i didn't get to read it until today, but you started my day off with a big smile/delight!!

big hugs~