17 Sep 2012


After several complaints that last week's Media Monday post wasn't long enough I hope you enjoy today's bumper collection. PW

Remember the article involving the art exhibition in which a real-life 'sleeping beauty' signed a contract agreeing to marry the person who woke her with a kiss? Well .......

Participant Yana Gurzhiy's prince turned out to be a princess after she decided to open her eyes when she was kissed on the forehead.
'I was astonished when I opened my eyes and saw a girl,' explained the 24-year-old translator.
Ukraine does not allow gay marriage however, making it impossible for the pair, who have signed a contract, to tie the knot. More 
(Hmm, as I suspected, obviously a publicity stunt - I mean who in their right mind was going to sign a contract agreeing to marry a complete stranger who happened to 'awake them with a kiss'? How convenient that this young woman happened to be awoken by another young woman and as gay marriage isn't allowed  there never was any danger of anyone 'having' to get married PW)

And what about last weeks Media Monday post and the article about Mars bars? Now it's the turn of McDonald's who claim one of its fizzy drinks is healthy.
A small 250ml serving, which costs 89p, has 100 calories and 25g of sugar (around 6 teaspoonfuls) and yet this children's fizzy drink has won the right to be labelled as one of the recommended five-a-day portions of fruit and vegetables putting it in the same category as eating an apple. More

I'm sure they'll laugh about it ..... one day.
It is the stuff of sitcoms and nightmares: the best man loosing the ring in the middle of a weeding ceremony.
For one couple, the scenario was all too real. Elizabeth Gray and Lewis Aubrey were in the middle of their vows when Lewis’s brother, Matt, dropped the ring.
Flower displays were pulled apart, carpets lifted and floor grates removed, all to no avail. The mortified best man even let guests rummage inside his sporran, but the ring was nowhere to be found. More

From the Petty Witter Times ......
Thankfully no such disaster befell my blogger buddy Dizzy C who on the 8th of September became Mrs Wright. My congratulations to the beautiful bride and her groom.

And staying with weddings ........
A pair of newly weds are celebrating after becoming the first couple in Scotland to get married .... in a shopping centre.
Craig Anderson and Emma Murphy tied the knot as hundreds of surprised shoppers looked on at Greenock Oak Mall in Greenock, Inverclyde. More

Way to go Mr Beale .......
Being kept awake at night by noisy neighbours is a familiar annoyance among city dwellers.
But instead of burying his head under his pillow, one resident decided to give his over exuberant neighbours an X Factor-style appraisal when they disturbed his sleep with a raucous karaoke session.
Oli Beale pinned his written verdict on his neighbours’ unwelcome Saturday night performance to the communal notice board at the block of converted warehouse-style flats where he lives in Hackney, east London. More

Could this be the most cheerful car park in the country?
A car park has been hailed the 'most cheerful in Britain' for cheering up commuters on their way to work as the managers of Westgate car park in Leeds, West Yorkshire, decorate its stairwells with posters displaying jokes for commuters to enjoy as they make their way to the office.
The car park also offers the chance to win prizes with regular competitions for free car parking - and the cheerful ticket-man hands out lollipops to parkers. More

So embarrassing!!!!
Firefighters had to be called out to a play park after a red-faced uncle got completely stuck when he tried to take his baby niece on a swing designed for children. More

How romantic ......
Amateur gardener Mark MacDonald was blooming astonished when he discovered this romantic sunflower in his back garden.
Mr MacDonald, from Hackney, had never attempted to grow the towering plants before and was pleased when his first efforts reached 6ft. 
But his delight turned to amazement when he discovered the heart shape at the centre of one bloom. More

But not as romantic as this ........ 
Love was quite literally a rollercoaster for this thrillseeker whose boyfriend proposed to her on a log flume ride at Thorpe Park theme park in Surrey.
Sophie Stock (20) had no idea her partner of five years Lawrence Key (19) had popped the question until they climbed off the ride and collected their souvenir photo. More

 Well said!!
Elderly couple, George and Mary Truell of Lympstone, Devon, erected a fake road sign (shown left) warning drivers to slow down. More

And talking of pensioners, my favourite news story of the week ......
Pensioners, Seb Craig and Patricia Kane, with a combined age of 158 have become Britain's oldest stunt riders .... on 80mph mobility scooters.
Seb (75) and Patricia (83) feature in the hilarious new advert for bingo website Jackpotjoy which shows them speeding down a runway on specially modified mobility scooters. More

And last but not least, it's goodbye from me and cheerio from Tarbu....... 
The African Grey parrot Tarbu, believed to be one of the world's oldest domestic parrots, uttered his final cheerio to Nina Morgan, 89, as she made her way to bed. 
Tarbu who, having lived an eventful life having been rescued from an animal trader in Tanzania in 1957 and once being taken into police custody after going missing, was known for being vocal and would shout "Cheerio, bye, see you soon" to Mrs Morgan every time she left the house as well as  squawking  "woof, woof" at dogs, and "miaow, miaow" at cats that passed his window. More


Nina said...

Lol. That guy that rated his neighbours is so cool! I should remember that! ;)

Kelly said...

Hahahha!! What possessed that man to get in that tiny swing!! His niece seems rather young to be trying to impress.

Trac~ said...

I loved the montage and the stories that went along with it! :). Have a great day my friend! :))

GMR said...

Ah ha! So THAT was the gimmick. Though I wonder what would have happened had it been a gentleman caller...

Congrats to your friend! LOL at the attempt to quiet the noisy neighbors....and wow, that IS pretty cheerful. Must make Monday's easier to swallow. ^_^

naida said...

Great post! awww about the sunflower. And lol about that guy stuck in the kiddie swing.
congrats to your friend!

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

I actually saw the one about the neighbor complaint. Very creative. I also thought the parrot one was sad.

Alexia561 said...

Thanks for another great collection to brighten up our Monday! :)

Love the neighbor who rated the late night karaoke! And too funny about the uncle getting stuck in the kiddie swing! Silly uncle will probably never live that one down!

Thanks again PW! Your posts are a favorite part of my Mondays!

joan said...

how dare somebody moan that your posts are too short tut tut, tell me who they are and i'll beat them up lol, love the sunflowers, our next door neighbour has a few not with hearts in tho

Jenners said...

I love love love the Mr. Beale story!! Kudos to him. A great way to make your neighbors aware of their rudeness.

And the marriage proposal story is creative and fun and wonderful. I hope she said yes!

Suko said...

Thank you for making me look forward to Mondays! You have many "good" stories here! Congrats to the newlyweds.:)

DMS said...

I have been wondering about the Sleeping Beauty thing! I love the sunflower with the heart. So romantic and a nice surprise. :)