6 Aug 2012


Now I've herd it all ...... 
You might think a nice patch of grass and a regular milking is enough to keep a cow happy – but it turns out the humble heifer needs her friends just as much as we do.
Happy bovines make more milk, helping to satisfy a British thirst for the white stuff that runs into billions of gallons a year. 

In an effort to understand how to best manage the ‘social network’ of the herd, scientists at Exeter University are fitting cows with electronic ‘proximity trackers’ which  will enable them to figure out which of the herd are the social butterflies, and which prefer to keep their own cow’nsel. More

Ewe can't take that on here, sheep baa-rred from public transport ..... 
Shocked commuters couldn't believe their eyes when a man tried to board a rush-hour train with his pet sheep in tow.
But the mystery traveller was stopped from riding when a guard reminded him that livestock can not travel on public transport.
The man then tried to pull the wool over the eyes of a bus driver by trying to catch a ride. 
Again he was booted off and was heard bleating: ‘I’ll have to walk home.’ More

Doggy brolly for when it paws down.
Most of us Brits have been spending this summer under a brolly. Rather more unusually, so has six-month-old puppy Jarvis.
His owner Charlotte Smith, 18, said he never used to leave the house in the rain, but he’s happy protected by his mini umbrella which also acts as a lead. More

Cows! Sheep! Dogs! Now it's the turn of the tortoise ..... 
A quick-thinking doctor saved the life of his pet tortoise after it nearly drowned - by giving it mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.
Eight-year-old reptile, Atlas, appeared to have drowned in his water bowl at Ben Waterfall's home in Swimbridge, Devon and so the determined 34 year old doctor spent six minutes giving his pet mouth-to-mouth until the tortoise started breathing again. More

That's another fine mess Boris has got himself into!
Boris Johnson, major of London, was left hanging when he got stuck half way down a zip wire as part of the London Olympic 2012 celebrations.
Attempting to sail down, instead, he ground steadily to a halt on the wire about 20m from the end as the wire sagged, and was left dangling inelegantly in front of a watching crowd where he spent around five minutes hanging from the drooping line as spectators took video footage and photographs of his misfortune. More 

Not that I'm particularly good at maths but even I can see this just doesn't add up.
A baffled customer couldn't believe her eyes when she saw a bottle of water on sale at 25p each - or two for 70p. More

The latest threat to your 'elf and safety'?
The future of the humble metal paper clip is under threat after being banned by NHS health and safety officials for being 'too dangerous'.
In a memo to staff, it was warned that the use of metal fasteners was 'prohibited' and the offending clips must be 'carefully disposed of immediately'. More

David Beckham welcomes you to England ....... in his underwear.
The White Cliffs of Dover featured a familiar face* when images of footballer David Beckham in his briefs were projected onto them.
Beckham, who was involved in the London 2012 opening ceremony when he ferried the Olympic torch along the Thames last week, took part in the PR stunt to launch a new body wear range. More

* Cynical of me maybe but were the manufacturers really wanting us to look at Beckham's face? Me thinks not.

Another gold for Team GB?
Just days before Team GB grabbed cycling and and rowing gold at the Olympics, Scottish thumb master Graeme Cunningham was named the world's best thumb wrestler.
The 32-year-old, nicknamed Flash by his fellow thumb warriors, beat 29 other competitors to the coveted title at a pub in Lowestoft, Suffolk. More


anilkurup said...

The poor Mayor's peril was on TV and though it gave much visual to laugh, one feels sympathy for the poor fellow for whom things went wrong.
As usual your collections are good

Nina said...

LOL. Doggy brolly? Hilarious and so cool! If I had a dog, I would def buy one. :)

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

might have to get that doggy brolly for my dog. Thunder, lightening... no probs. Rain? RUN! LOL

I also have to say that the Beckham thing is appalling. First on a cliff, I'd rather see without commercials. Second hard to see his bod with the texture and third (and the most appalling...) writing on the chest with further obscures the image. For shame. LOL :D

Suko said...

Fun Monday post as usual, Petty! I've been out of town but am back now. I need to read more about paper clips....

naida said...

that doggie umbrella is too cute!
and *sigh* David Beckham :)

NRIGirl said...

Great to be back reading your posts Tracy! As always it was a fun mix!

Bonnie said...

I always love to read your collection of news stories. I think I liked the dog brolly the best followed by David Beckham and then the video of the unfortunate Mr. Johnson!

How are you? I am back blogging and hope to keep it up!

xo, Bonnie

GMR said...

Wait wait wait....cows with trackers? So they're what, looking to create a social network site now? LOL. Oh that mini umbrella is too cute...and something my dogs would probably use. OMG on the "range" display...yeah, I have to agree with your observation...

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.