30 Jul 2012


Not what it seems?
Fake baker, Steph Parker of Birmingham, has caused a stir with her giant burgers and bulti currie - because they are constructed out of sponge.
Spending up to five days at a time making them, the sandwiches even come in their own packaging, Miss Parker has become so good that many of her creations have moving parts and motors. More

Finished .... only to find one piece is missing.
Gretha Glasel, 56, of Norfolk, worked on a 32,000 piece jigsaw measuring 17ft x 6ft for hundreds of hours over six months only to find one piece was missing.
The puzzle – Double Retrospect, by American artist Keith Haring – comprises 32 different images, weighs 3st and comes with its own trolley for transport. More

That's not my oven, that's my van!
Ben Forrer had gone to a recycling plant to do the environmentally responsible thing and maybe get a little cash in return for his efforts but would soon rue the moment he turned up at the depot with a friend's old cooker in the back of his van.
The 33-year-old fireman unloaded the unwanted oven before going to talk to the manager in his office only to come out three minutes later to find his £5,000 van was not where he had parked it but dangling from a crane above a huge crushing machine.
Staff – who had mistaken the van for scrap – immediately lowered it to the ground, but it was already a write-off, the roof crushed in and the windows smashed from the mechanical grabber. More

Worshippers offered a place to say amen in 65 languages.
Instead of paying £5 for a set of four passport snaps, people can now use a converted booth in Manchester to listen to up 300 pre-recorded prayers and incantations in 65 different languages. As well as the Lords Prayer, there are Buddhist and Islamic benedictions; Aborigine devotional songs,Voodoo blessings and solemn chanting of an orthodox Jewish congregation. More

I don't believe it!
With 151 147 days till Christmas Father Christmas was in London on Thursday - dressed in his usual red robes, though with sunglasses on - to open Harrods Christmas department.
It is the earliest ever launch of the store's 8,000 square foot department Christmas World which it hopes will be a big hit with tourists coming to the capital for the Olympics. More

Oh the joys of live television ......

The culture and sport secretary, Jeremy Hunt, was left red-faced when a hand bell he was attempting to ring became unhinged and flew off, narrowly avoiding hitting a woman standing behind him. Hunt had earlier told reporters that the Games could not go off completely without a hitch. - The Guardian (27th July 2012)

How ironic!
The country's first 'Green' major was forced to pay £70* for a taxi after his brand new council-leased electric car ran out of power during an engagement. 
More (* Enough to fully charge the electric car 28 times.)


naida said...

Fun post as usual tracy! I love Santa Claus in that cool car ;)

Suko said...

Great stories, Petty! That fake baker is very talented! For your sake, I will not mention the 'C' word here (that doesn't count)!

Kelly said...

How frustrating about that missing puzzle piece!!

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

The puzzle thing would have happened to me. LOL

We saw the clanger incident even here in the states. :)

The Golden Eagle said...

That must have been infuriating, to find the puzzle piece missing!

Wow, that's an early opening for a Christmas department.

DMS said...

Fun news! I can't get over those cakes. WOW! I would be so mad if I spent all that time on the puzzle and a piece was missing. Not to mention how I would feel dropping off that oven only to have my van demolished. YIKES!


Blond Duck said...

Santa's shopping early!

GMR said...

Not sure I get the whole sponge thing....but that puzzle piece missing would TOTALLY irk me. Imagine the time...wasted?

Melanie said...

I've never quite understood the point of making fake food. I guess with the time spent making the fake stuff, I'd rather be eating the actual.

Blond Duck said...

Happy Wednesday!

dr.antony said...

After so long. thanks for visiting while I was not there!
I am just looking at the older posts!