5 Jun 2012


Neither pro nor anti royalty - to be honest I'm one of those people who will happily sit on the fence when it comes down to discussions on whether or not our royal family is a good thing or not.

However, given that the 2nd of May through to today is a specially extended bank holiday weekend to celebrate Wor Betty's (that's her majesty Queen Elizabeth to you) Diamond Jubilee, I thought that I'd better at least mark the occasion ........... just in case she's considering me for a knighthood for my services to the blogging world.

Anyway, having had such fun looking at some of the merchandise available for last years royal wedding (click HERE for a quick reminder) I thought I'd do the same to commemorate this event.

How about we raise a glass cup and toast her maj with a nice brew though at £25 we might have to share it.

Yes, harvested from a bush planted in Sri Lanka by Prince Philip as the royal couple embarked on their first world tour in 1954, The East India Company's Jubilee Tea Blend costs just £75 for 60g.

Surely the most exclusive cup of tea in the world, there is only a limited supply of 500 handcrafted, silver plated caddies available, each one coming with its own silver spoon.

Don't drink tea? 

Hmm, I know how about celebrating in style with some .........

Diamond Jubilee Underwear?

inspired by the 1950's, this Marks and Spencer's collection features a 'stunning, regal purple' bra and knicker set alongside a conical bra and retro teddy to emulate the glamour of the era.

Very pretty but perhaps not for everyone.

Soooo, how about some of the other arguably less expensive tat merchandise that is available?

Jubilee Garden Gnomes.

Solar Powered Waving Queen.
(£17.00 each)

Wind-up Racing Royals.
(£6.94 per pair)

Queen Elizabeth Stress-Release Toy.

Life Size Cardboard Cutout.

Limited edition Candle Snuffer

Ice-cream Scoop
 Dog Collar
(From £70.00)

And it's not just these companies making money from the Jubilee, Prince Charles has jumped on the bandwagon and launched his own 'Highgrove' memorabilia which include items such as this Jubilee Corgi costing £60.00.

Don't like any of these?

No, me neither. Much more to my taste is this commemorative short film from Wallace And Gromit creator, Nick Park. Entitled Jubilee Bunt-a-thon, the one minute animation features the duo preparing to mark the royal celebrations.


anilkurup said...

Yes I agree with you. It is silly to choose between Royals and plebeian rule. Aristocracy , we know the regal ways. The Plebeians who come to power by suffrage are more pompous and extravagant that Royals can imagine. maybe exceptions are there. And Of course David Cameroon is one such ordinary clean person, I guess.

By the way it is harvesting time now for commercial ideas isn't it?

naida said...

Fun post! The gnomes are cute :)

GMR said...

Wow really? What they WON'T make to commemerate the event. *shakes head* Wait a minute...that waving Queen...I think we sell that in our store over here!

Suko said...

Fun and fabulous post, Petty! You have a wonderful sense of humor (pardon my American spelling).

Blond Duck said...

I showed Ben the hamster! He was so tickled!

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

I liked the undies, but I have to say that I would be tempted to get those gnomes. LOL

Short poems said...

Fun and beautiful post, Petty! Love it :) :)

Kelly said...

Ha! Those garden gnomes are great!!

Something about the icecream scoop is a little creepy.

Sridharan said...

hahaha..I too admire the sense of humor ...! Enjoyed this fun post much Petty..!

Deepali said...

TV showed a couple of homemade hats in the crowd that had the solar powered Queen doll on the hat!

Oh, I agree with Kelly's comment on the general creepiness of taking the Queen's head off her handle-body.

NRIGirl said...

I so liked the dog collar; I so want a dog for that.

Did I miss you tell us which one you are getting?!

....Petty Witter said...

My favourites would have to be the solar powered waving queen and the wind-up racing royals.

Betty Manousos said...

fun post,tracy!
those garden gnomes are really great!


Jenners said...

Give me 10 of the solar powered waving queens please!

carol said...

I actually kind of like the gnomes.

And I always love Wallace And Gromit.