22 May 2012



What do you do if you've been married to a man for half your life and out of nowhere he leaves your bed - permanently?

When this happens to Jeanie, she's furious and hurt, and determined to confront George, her husband of thirty years.

Is he in love with someone else? What did she do wrong? He won't tell her.

The brightest day of her week is Thursday, the day Jeanie takes her granddaughter to the park. There, one day, she meets Ray and his grandson. Ray is kind, easy to talk to, and gorgeous - everything George isn't. She starts to live for Thursdays.

But does she have the courage, in the teeth of opposition from all sides, to turn her life upside down for another shot at love?
....... Outer back cover.

FIRST SENTENCE (Chapter 1): 'You shouldn't drink so much.'

MEMORABLE MOMENT (Page 40): 'Oh, there is no playground etiquette,' she assured him with a laugh. 'Except always making sure that whatever happens it isn't your child's fault!'

MY THOUGHTS:One of those books that I found myself liking despite myself. Difficult, if not impossible, to discuss why without the possibility of including a fairly big spoiler, lets just say that whilst I didn't like the actions of some of the characters, I did quite like them as individuals.

Funny, moving and with a few twists and turns added for good measure, Thursdays In The Park is a love story in which (hurrah) the 'Romeo and Juliet' of the piece are not beautiful young things but ........ (gasp) grandparents in their 60's.

Very well observed, the author tells a truly modern story of family life (certain aspects of which I'm sure will seem all too familiar to many grandparents), friendship and love.

My only criticism? Once again without giving too much away, the reason why George leaves the marital bed when eventually revealed though unexpected just didn't ring completely true and I felt that given the nature of the reason the author didn't really explore that aspect of the novel as much as I would have liked ...... though then again, to do so would have completely changed the tone of the book so perhaps she was right to have made that decision.

KEEP IT OR NOT?: A readers group read, I won't be purchasing a copy.


Dizzy C said...

Sounds like an interesting read.

Always on the look out for womens fiction for the over 40s or hen lit as we nicknamed it.

carol x

....Petty Witter said...

Hen Lit, what a great term.

Kelly said...

It's a good review, but I just don't think it sounds like a book that would interest me.

I do like that term, "hen lit", though! ;)

R. Ramesh said...

good review as usual boss

Patti said...

interesting review. I always find it amazing when authors make you like characters that don't necessarily do the most moral thing.

Suko said...

Petty, this sounds like a book I'd enjoy. And I enjoyed your review, as usual.

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

I think this is the kind of book I would pass up. I've done that before on contemp reads and then had an opportunity to read it. I was also surprised how much I enjoyed it. So glad this one is that way for you. I may have to pick it up just to find out his secret!

Fairday Morrow said...

I think this book sounds interesting and I like that you liked characters- even though you didn't like all of their actions. I am curious about why her husband left her bed- and I am glad you didn't give anything away.


Blond Duck said...

Then I won't buy it!

GMR said...

How curious. The characters were that endearing? Might have to consider this one as a future read....thanks for sharing!

Betty Manousos said...

i'm not sure if i'd enjoy reading this book. i really like that term "hen lit" though.