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21 May 2012


Hoping to put smile on rail users faces .............

Rail bosses have come up with a cunning plan to to cheer commuters - actor Tony Robinson has coached staff to deliver a string of witty announcements.
Among them is: “I’d like to welcome passengers boarding this 7.33am service. If you’ve just bumped into someone you barely know, you now have one hour thirty minutes of awkward small talk. Good luck!”
Another says: “We will shortly be racing the Underground trains. Do please feel free to cheer for our driver.” More

From railway staff to a 130-year-old railway carriage, is this Britain's strangest home?

Retired transport manager, Jim Higgins, 60, has one of the most unique houses in Britain ...... because it is built around a real railway carriage.
The property in Ashton, Cornwall, is a fully functional house but bizarrely has the fully restored 130-year-old Great Western Railway car within its walls. More

How much??????? I think Husband dearest is in the wrong job.

An animal registrar has revealed how some clients spend up to £20,000 marrying their pets (to other pets I should add).
For a £150 fee any small mammal can get wed in Ann Clark's back garden in Desborough.
But she says some besotted owners go to extreme lengths, hiring outside caterers, professional photographers, and even chauffeur driven limousines for their pampered companions. More

Any old excuse! Just some of the daft excuses motorists used when stopped by Dorset police.
  • I'm on my way to an eyesight test and didn't see the speed limit sign - A driver travelling at 50mph in a 40mph zone.
  • "Well I wouldn't have used my mobile if I knew there were policemen in an unmarked car behind me." -  a driver caught using his mobile phone whilst driving.
  • A biker apprehended for speeding thought it was unfair the police positioned themselves at the bottom of a hill because his bike goes faster downhill. More
And staying with the police ....... 

A pair of police officers came a cropper after being caught out by a set of automated bollards.
The elite armed officers smashed their £30,000 patrol car when the electronically operated bollards rose up underneath it.
And the embarrassed cops — both sporting body armour and holstered guns — had to wait for two hours for a tow truck while laughing onlookers took photos with their mobile phones. More

Can't afford the car you've always wanted?

After Chris Smart realised he could not afford the £15million car of his dreams he did what any art student would do and go out his brushes.
The 32-year-old customer support worker spent two weeks sketching and painting the rare Ferrari 250 GTO with weather resistant paint.
And so convincing is the illusion that drivers even slam on their brakes to take a closer look. More

Do the names Applejack, Blossom and Cotton Candy mean anything to you? No? Me neither but ........

They certainly have an effect on Sarah Butler, 29, who has all three in her vast My Little Pony collection that is worth £20,000.
Miss Butler, 29, from Barnsley, South Yorkshire, proudly displays more than 1,000 ponies in her spare bedroom or 'The Pony Room' as she refers to it.
Her most expensive purchase, called Reverse Gusty, nicknamed ‘Rusty’, cost her £980, as it is only one of three known in the world to have red hair with a green stripe - as opposed to the normal Gusty which has green hair with a red stripe. More

Surely the most bizarre article of the week: £8 to 'see' the modern art which isn't there ........

A leading gallery is to push the boundaries of visual art with an exhibition of works which cannot be seen.
London's Hayward Gallery will gather 50 'invisible' works by leading figures such as Andy Warhol, Yves Klein and Yoko Ono for its display of works you cannot actually see.
Gallery bosses say the £8 a head exhibition demonstrates how art is about 'firing the imagination' rather than simply viewing objects. More


Vivienne said...

I love these posts Tracey. I definitely want to live in the carriage!
And it would be lovely to hear a sense of humour on the trains.

anilkurup said...

I would go with the motorists who all were quite candid and novel in their arguments.

Melanie said...

I didn't know there were laws for biking speeds!

And I definitely want to ride on a train where the conductor makes pithy comments. It would make my day.

animewookie said...

Invisible Amazing ;)

Kelly said...

I'm not big on weddings of the human variety (we eloped) much less the idea of spending money on a pet wedding!!

I'm in amazement at that "My Little Pony" collection! Wow! My girls had a few of those.

naida said...

Lol! I'd never marry off my Diego, no dog is good enough for him :) and I envy the pony collection.

Short poems said...

I love your beautiful posts Tracey :)

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

I want to do the car thing! HOW FUN!! Hm... wonder if I could paint a Charger? :)

NRIGirl said...

I have to agree with the biker - how he could have possibly slowed down riding down hill?!

The Golden Eagle said...

Now I wish I could ride the train just to hear the announcements! Nothing like humor. :)

That is an amazing paint job on the car.

Suko said...

These Monday tidbits are all great, but I never thought that pets get married to other pets! Really?! And I do have to admire the sincerity of the speeding motorists....

Sridharan said...

Love these posts..!

Heather said...

I'm all in for a railway carriage turned into a library.

Lawrence said...

errr, on those married pets, who will take them home? I mean, where will they live after they were married, assuming that the groom and the bride has different owners?

Amrit said...

So funny.....married pet 20K Pounds. Oh my god. I did not spend that much on my wedding.

Veens said...

Hi Tracey! This is such an awesome post. I think everyone in the train would have an amazing time :) I would love to travel in that one :)

Blond Duck said...

She's got My Little Pony collection beat!

GMR said...

LOVE the cheery announcements, how fun! Oh dear...don't let my Yorkie's hear about the wedding planner... *-*.

Betty Manousos said...

i'd love to travel in that train!

such an awesome post, tracy!


p.s. i'm on a blog break...just wanted to drop by and hi!

Fairday Morrow said...

I can't believe people spend so much on pet weddings. Crazy! I also had no idea that My Little Pony figures were worth so much money. Amazing!