6 May 2012



June Han has forged an existence thousands of miles from her birthplace in Korea. Hector Brennan is the man who years before saved her life, but whom she wanted to forget. Together they must go in search of their past, bound as they are by the shocking acts they once committed in the name of love.
........ Inner Back cover.

Can one legitimately write a review even if one hasn't actually read all of the book? Probably not but I do feel entitled to at least comment on the pages I did read.

A reading group read, this was a considerable book of 469 pages and I managed to make it to page 74. Not too good I know but, after what seemed like page upon page of violent events, I came across an act of torture that left me feeling physically ill.

Not like me not to finish a book once I've committed myself to reading it as you know but enough's enough, I have far too many books on my TBR mountain to worry about a book that left me feeling as disturbed as this one did.

Which brings me to the question.........

Which was the last book you started to read and couldn't finish and why?


naida said...

The torture would turn my stomach as well Petty.
I tried reading Black House by Stephen King and Peter Straub and the violence a serial killer was committing towards children in that one made me put the book down. I was dissapointed in it.

Kate said...

I usually am able to push through the disturbing parts to a story - although I have to admit a few years ago I read "Me & Emma" and the abuse this little girl was enduring was so horrible I actually flipped to the end to see what the outcome was. If it didn't make me feel like justice was somewhat served, I probably would have put it down. (I also read it in a day and half because I just needed it to be over!)

Usually when I stop reading a book it's because it's caused me to completely lose interest and it seems like a chore to pick it up. In those cases, I feel just as you described - my TBR list is way too big to be wasting my time on a book I don't really want to read!

Kelly said...

I certainly don't think badly of you for quitting the book. Life is too short to spend it doing (or reading) something you really aren't enjoying.

I can't remember the last I started and didn't finish, but I did pass one off to my husband that I originally bought for myself. I was ready to read it and decided upon closer inspection it really wasn't for me.

Jenners said...

I think it is legitimate to tell WHY you chose not to finish a book but of course it can't be a full review. I got halfway through the Howard Zinn book and quit … and that took guts because I was hosting a readalong for it. (Shame!!!) But sometimes books just don't hit you right and it is best to walk away than to torture yourself.

Claudine G. said...

I know how it is to have to quit a book you've read half-way (or less). We have too many books we want to read and I think it's okay to move on if this one contributes no hopeful/thought-provoking values to us. (Too many books, too limited time.)

Ironically, the last book I'd quit reading was actually very good ~ Mahmoud Darwish's 'If I Were Another'. It's a book of poetry, and his lines were made of beautiful images. I liked the lines, but I had no idea what he was saying in his long poems. For more than two months, I told myself 'It's ok not to get the poems. Just enjoy the words.' So I did enjoy many lines from a couple of poems in this collection. But reading this wore me out eventually. I really wanted to move on to other books. Maybe later in this lifetime, when I feel up for it, I'll pick up this book again.