30 Apr 2012


What a great idea .........

SatNav for the elderly which steers drivers away from dual carriageways and avoids right turns is being developed by researchers at Newcastle University.
Professor Phil Blythe and his team are investigating in-vehicle technology to help older drivers continue using their cars into later life.These include bespoke navigation tools, night vision systems and intelligent speed adaptations. More

Doh!!!! Another case of less than bright criminals.
Three teenagers who robbed a petrol station were caught after taking pictures of themselves with the money.
When police raided their homes, they found pictures on mobile phones and one that was being used as a screensaver that showed the youths with the stolen goods. More

Dull AND Boring.

The British village of Dull is to forge links with a US town called Boring.
The partnership came about after a Scottish cyclist, who knew of Dull, in Perthshire, pedalled through Boring in the American town of Oregon. More

They say an Englishman's home is his castle pirate-themed hideaway.

Retired manager Keith Brown, of Selsdon in Surrey, has found a novel way of escaping family tension by building a four-storey pirate-themed cave in his garden which includes a bar, dance floor, electric drawbridge, crow's nest and working cannons. More

And he's not the only one ........

Royal Mail enthusiast Steve Knight , who spent £15,000 transforming his garden shed into a fully functional 1950's Post Office , has been nominated in the annual Shed Of The Year contest.

Jelly the perfect party food?

Graphic designer Lydia Leith has come up with an idea to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee which is making royal enthusiasts all aquiver.
Creative Lydia has designed a foot-long jelly mould of the Queen's head.
She came up with the cheeky memento to mark the regal occasion after eating the wobbly stuff at a 
friend’s house - combining the kids’ party treat with royal memorabilia.
Lydia has also gone one step further and designed temporary tattoos of the Queen, her corgis, her crown and her carriage in the royal range. More

I generally don't do newspapers from abroad as generally speaking us Brits are mad eccentric enough BUT after last weeks Media Monday post which featured not one but three hamster stories I had to include this hamster in today's post.

First there was Kung Fu Panda, and now locals in Hradok, Slovakia, are living in fear of Kung Fu Hamster.
The pint-sized ninja terrified dog walker Marta Domotorova when it attacked her Hungarian pointer dogs during a stroll on heathland near her home.
With a series of spinning kicks and leaps the fearless rodent saw off both the hapless hounds as they tried to play with it. More

How could I forget to mention? The British Hedgehog Preservation Society celebrates its 30th birthday today. 

NB As always I will endeavour to bring you the links to articles I have used in my Media Monday posts but this is not always possible. 


Blond Duck said...

I love jelly. I could eat a jar of it...

....Petty Witter said...

I think we may be at cross purposes here Blond Duck as I think you are talking about what we call jam whereas I'm talking about what I'm informed the Americans call Jell-O, a gelatin based product.

anilkurup said...

Fascinating as usual. But I wonder if I'd do the same if I had 15000 pounds.

Kelly said...

I enjoyed ALL of these, Tracy! I can see kids enjoying the temporary tatts and the jello head of the Queen, but maybe not most adults. ;)

Happy Birthday to the Hedgehog Preservation Society!

naida said...

Fun stories! That hamster is too cute.

Melanie said...

I love the idea of Dull and Boring getting together. Maybe they'll make something interesting? :D

Suko said...

Not at all dull and boring! Hilarious names for "sister towns"!

That hamster is quite the ninja. Thanks for the entertainment break. Happy Monday!

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Great stories, but I think I love the hamster one the best. Too cute!

Alexia561 said...

All of your stories are funny, but my favorite is the kung fu hamster! Cheers!

Jenners said...

These are always so amusing .. I love that little shed!!! And the kung fu hamster!

Dizzy C said...

AJ, aged 4, would love that post office in the garden. He is mad about playing postman.

The man with the 4 storey pirate themed house obviously has gone back to his childhood :)


Betty Manousos said...

these are all fun stories, tracy, but i think my favourite is the hamster one.