5 Mar 2012


What a bountiful supply of weird and wacky news stories from the Telegraph, the first 3 stories all coming from here.

Now we know what first-class passengers are paying for ......

CABIN CREW TAUGHT TO WHISPER. Virgin Atlantic has appointed a 'whispering coach' to ensure cabin crew do not disturb the highest-paying passengers on flights.
Crew will learn how to whisper to Upper Class passengers at a volume of between twenty and thirty decibels on a special, day-long training course. (27/02/2012)

And talking of flying ........ have you heard the one about the

FLYING WHEELCHAIRA hospital is facing a £20,000 bill to repair damage caused by a wheelchair which was flung across a room by powerful magnets in an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) machine. (27/02/2012)

The latest advice to our BRAve police women?

UNDER-WIRED BRAS COULD BE DANGEROUS. Women police officers have been instructed not to wear under-wired bras - because the metal could cause extra harm if they are shot.
Essex Police have written to all their female officers urging them to buy sensible underwear instead.
The letter reads: "Although there is no such thing as a bullet-proof bra, a good comfortable fitted non-wired bra from a retailer like Marks & Spencer would help prevent ballistic damage. (28/02/2012)

And staying with clothing, whatever next .......

STILETTOS MADE FROM NUTS? While the fashion pack are hitting the catwalks  at Paris Fashion Week , students at London's Kingston University have taken up the challenge of trying to lower the industry's carbon footprint by using biodegradable materials to produce luxury clothes, shoes and accessories for home and car interiors.
InCrops, an initiative based at the University of East Anglia, sponsored the Kingston fashion project, asking students to create designs that show renewable raw materials derived from crops can be used to create low or zero carbon fashion.
Apart from stilettos made from pistachio shells and coffee beans, designs include a wood-chip corset by British designer Stefanie Nieuwenhuyse and a bodice made from orange peel by Hoyan Ip. - Yahoo News (01/03/2012)

Suffering from this myself I have every sympathy for .........

CRUNCHIE, THE HORSE WITH HAYFEVER. After a long day roaming in the fields, a pile of soft hay is most horses' idea of heaven - but Crunchie the pony must settle for shredded paper after coming down with a severs case of hayfever.
Bosses at Clough Farm Animal Sanctuary in Cheshire took the drastic action of removing the problematic hay after the gentle pony suffered a severe reaction to the dried grass. 
Jayne Murray and Ronnie Price had no idea about 18-year-old Crunchie's rare condition until they called in a vet following a near fatal asthma attack. 
A local document-shredding company provides the sanctuary with bags of unwanted waste and even drops it off for Crunchie every week free of charge. - Mark Molloy, The Metro (29/02/2012)

Another example of a world gone mad?

 GRANDMOTHER IS FINED £75 FOR LITTERING. Valerie George, 71 (pictured left with the offending rubbish), was fined for littering - after a cotton thread fell off one of her gloves in a shopping street. - Richard Smith, the Mirror (02/03/2012)

Perhaps she needed this to clean it up ......

WORLD'S OLDEST VACUUM CLEANER STILL SUCKING UP DUST 108 YEARS LATER. Still sucking up 108 years later, Harry Cox, 53 (pictured right), of Greater Manchester, owns the oldest known vacuum cleaner, 1904 American ­Sturtevant No.4,  which he rescued, along with its accessories, from a skip. - Steve White, The Mirror (02/03/2012)

Gone with the (G)ALE force wind!

MAN TO BE BANNED BECAUSE OF HIS FLATULENCE. Working Men's club bosses are kicking up a 'stink' and threatening to ban one of their members over his 'ale force' wind.
Silent but deadly Dave Marriott’s gas has left fellow drinkers gagging and now, fed up with his foul flatulence, they have given him a final warning that if he doesn’t hold it in, they’ll throw him out.
But despite being officially reprimanded for his vile vapours the rather ashamed factory worker is seeing the funny side of his toxic trumps. “I’m not a scruffy man, I’m just afflicted with wind,” Dave, 49, from Grange Villa in County Durham, said. “I only drink two days a week, on a Saturday and Sunday. But if I drink too much on an afternoon then I’m flatulent on an evening and it can be really bad." - Michael Brown, The Sunday Sun (04/03/2012)

PS. As always I will endeavour to bring you the links (marked in bold capitals) to articles I have used in my Media Monday posts but this is not always possible.


Kelly said...

Oh my gosh! I can't get the image of a wheelchair flying across the room out of my mind!! Funny, but not if you're in its path!

Also tickled by the underwire and flatulence stories. :)

Suko said...

Petty, these are all too funny but the last one is my favorite, as long as I only have to read about it!! Perhaps it's time for Dave to forsake drinking.

Jenners said...

I hope to someday be able to afford to fly in a whispering cabin. But if the passengers have to be quiet too, I suspect my son won't make the cut!

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

I remember a story where a woman was saved by her underwire bra from a projectile. Hm... maybe they ought to rethink that one.

Poor Crunchie...

NRIGirl said...

Loved your selection as always!

naida said...

Lol! And poor Scrunchie!

Alexia561 said...

Love the ban on underwire bras! And that poor horse! Thanks for once again brightening my Monday! :)

chitra said...

I am back PW after a bout of viral attack and intermittent power cuts which is plaguing us these days. I want to be back to my normal schedule soon. Hope for the better...always..

dr.antony said...

Well,that was a lot interesting read after so long!

....Petty Witter said...

Good to hear all your comments. I hope you are soon feeling better Chitra. Good to have you back Dr.