12 Dec 2011


It obviously doesn't take much .......

COWS SPOOKED BY PINK ROAD. A herd of cows were spooked by a new pink-coloured road and suddenly turned tail, rushed into a garden leaving one trapped in a ditch.
The cow belonged to farmer Robert Wells who was herding the cows down when it became spooked and rushed into the front garden of a house next to the post office. He said he believed it was because the road had been resurfaced pink and this confused the cows. - The Telegraph (05/12/2011)

Sticking with animals .......

Last week we had the woman who had spent thousands of pounds on her pet dog but it still isn't Britain's happiest dog, that honour goes to .......

ALFIE THE COCKAPOO. Alfie the cockapoo is one dog that never looks ruff – and he’s certainly got something to smile about after he was named Britain's happiest dog.
The nine-month-old pup beat dozens of others to be named top dog in the competition, organised by Penguin Books.
It was a close call but Alfie, who lives in Bristol, won the judges over with his big grin and furiously wagging tale.
His owner Dan Salt said: ‘Alfie is a cross between a cocker spaniel and a poodle and he is a very happy dog. - Tariq Tahir, The Metro (07/12/2011)

And now, thanks to husband dearest, its ........

RABBITS WITH £10,000 HI-TECH HUTCH. Norfolk pet owner and hutch builder Jason Batterbee has created a luxury hi-tech home for his two pet rabbits Hunnie and Runnie.More down hill skiing than an ice rink.
Decked out in in pinewood and stainless steel, the well-appointed rabbit residence has its own security cameras, mood lighting and even artwork on the walls. - Mike Liggins, BBC News (08/12/2011) You simply have to see the video to appreciate just how spoilt these bunnies are. - BBC News. You simply have to watch the video (link above) to appreciate just how spoilt these critters are.

More like down-hill skiing than an ice rink.

ICE RINK BUILT ON A SLOPE. Dozens of excitable children were left distraught when their winter ice rink was shut down – because contractors had built it on a slope.
The youngsters had been waiting with baited breath for the temporary attraction to open but council inspectors were forced to pull the plug, without a single skate cutting the ice. - Ann Lee, The Metro (06/12/2011)

Mine and Madge's (Madge being my electric wheelchair) favourite two articles .......

SUPERCHARGED MOBILITY SCOOTER SEIZED. A supercharged mobility scooter has been seized by Doncaster council officers after being driven at speeds of up to 60mph, scaring wild deer and annoying residents in the area.
Converted to be driven by a supercharged 140cc petrol engine, the mobility scooter was described as a 'feat of engineering' by Cynthia Ransome, Doncaster council's communities officer.
As well as the engine, it had been 'pimped' with go-kart wheels and a large exhaust. - Joanne McCabe, The Metro (07/12/2011)

Going way back to June this year, how did I miss this one?

GREAT-GRANDFATHER CONVERTS MOBILITY SCOOTER INTO BATMOBILE. Brian Vann spent weeks transforming his electric scooter into the superhero’s car.
He can be spotted riding the Batmobile, which has a top speed of 8mph, around the ‘Batcave’ – the sheltered housing complex where he lives in Evesham, Worcestershire. - The Metro (26/06/2011)

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anilkurup said...

Tell me how was the selection done for the happiest dog? Must be a ingenious idea.
And now you tell us that every rabbit has its day!

As usual good pieces.

NRIGirl said...

Alfie does look happy!

Only about the rabbit residence I am not too convinced as there are no pictures, even in the provided link.

Dizzy C said...

Alfie is sooooo cute!

Why did they paint the road pink, is what I wanna know?!

Have a good week and take care!


Kelly said...

Why on earth would a road be resurfaced in pink!? (can you tell I'm not a "pink person"?)

That would have been an interesting ice rink to sit next to and watch the skaters. ;)

Healthier And Wealthier said...

I'm with Kelly. Why a pink road? And why do bunnies need "all that". There are some strange people in this world!

Patti said...

A skating rink on a slope could be a little fun, as long as they had crash mats at the bottom.

Betty Manousos@ Cut and Dry said...

alfie is so cute!

that one about the pink road is really strange.

hope you have a great week ahead.

big hugs!

John McElveen said...

Bulls hate Red!

Cows hate pink!

Great post,


Jenners said...

We went to puppy training with a cockapoo and he always look happy too!

naida said...

Alfie is very cute. And lol about the batmobile.