4 Nov 2011


Just over 100 years ago, mobile phones would have seemed an impossible dream and transatlantic aircraft an absurd fantasy. As for an electronic library that fit into your hand - well, that would be nothing short of science fiction.
- Jenny Stocks, The Mail
(October 2011).

Can you think of one thing, just one thing, that would improve your life?

Hmm, a very small thing, tiny in the great scheme of things in fact BUT a bag that lit up when you opened it would make a difference to my life. Think of it, no more rummaging around for your door keys, mobile phone etc, etc in the dark recesses of your handbag (purse to my friends across the pond), on opening a light would automatically come on, illuminating the contents.

Another great idea of mine, any one know how you go about getting an idea patented?

Anyway, going back to Jenny Stock's article.

Funny and yet somehow kind of scary all at the same time, Jenny lists nine inventions that are heading for the High Street. Here are my favourite five.

The Pickpocket Proof Wallet. (Try saying that quickly.) A finger print activated wallet called the I-No this prototype invented by grandmother, Marion Barling (60), is a lockable wallet that can only be opened by the owner's fingerprint.
A good idea but not exactly foolproof, I can imagine thieves forcing the owner to open this and if not ...... well, I guess you could end up one finger less.

The Pillow Prompter. A post-it note on the fridge not enough to catch your other half's attention when they wake in the morning? How about a brightly coloured pillow that can be scrawled upon with the special pen provided?
An ingenious (?) idea that has already been snapped up by several websites in the US, I'm not too sure Husband dearest would notice a message written on his pillow any more that he would a post-it note stuck to the fridge door.

A Bookbrella. Designer Francisco Chaparro has come up with a cunning solution to the problem of the sun reflecting off the pages of a book and making it too bright to read. Move into the shade perhaps? NO, that's far too easy an answer - Mr Chaparro has invented the Bookbrella, a small parasol that casts a shadow over the pages, and, even more clever, it folds down to the size of a bookmark which can easily be stored in your novel when not in use.

Fluo-Can. Conjured up by someone who has stood in doogy-doo once too often, the Flou-Can, produced by a leading pet food manufacturer, makes dog food glow in the dark and then what comes out the other end is luminous too.

The Sun-Seeking Plant Pot. Designed with the laziest of gardeners in mind, the Plantomatic is a plant pot on wheels with antennae-like solar panels that detect sunlight and then power the wheels to whizz the plant across the patio into the brightest of light - no good for plants that prefer the shade then!

And the others?

  • The Freedman Chair that banishes back pain.
  • The Magic Suitcase that allows you to take your whole wardrobe on holiday.
  • The Bay-Watch, described as Fort Knox for the beach, this is a backpack that transforms into a beach anti-theft device.
  • The Diet Dish has a carefully placed mirror on one side which reflects the amount of food on your plate to look as though its double the size.
And to make it even more fun .........

All of the above are bonafide inventions apart from one, can you guess which one isn't real? I'll let you know the answer tomorrow.

PS. My apologies that I'm unable to provide a link to the full article, in order to do so one must subscribe to the Daily Mail site.


animewookie said...

Wow! A Sun-Seeking Plant Pot...amazing!!! :D

Nina said...

I could use the The Magic Suitcase for vacations! :)

anilkurup said...

Fascinating matters for patenting.

Perhaps the bag that glows inside is something necessary , considering the paraphernalia women carry around!

Kelly said...

I'm interested in knowing more about that magic suitcase. Ha! That's probably the one that isn't real.

A said...

Great list. I don't believe Magic Suitcase is real - not the way you describe it. I thought is something to with the laptop.

Suko said...

The Magic Suitcase can't be for real (or it may be an exaggeration). And I don't think we want our dogs ingesting anything that will make their poop glow in the dark!

Fun post, Petty!

The Golden Eagle said...

If I had to guess? The diet dish.

Jenners said...

I think YOUR idea is genius … and I can't imagine it isn't out there. I actually FINALLY learned to get a bag with a light lining inside so stuff is easier to find.

Indian Bazaars said...

It's my first time visit to your blog. Loved the lines in your header! and, also the bit about the "mutual weirdness" called blogging...

Arti said...

Some list that!! I would love that suitcase while going on my journeys:)
Also the pickpocket proof wallet, thats amazing...
Have a nice day:)

Monalisa said...

Sun seeking magic pot.. hmm well, could be possible, but only if one would wish one's garden given a stroke by someone like Dennis the Menace (hope he's familiar). Would pots be expected to move about on their own?

And the pick pocket proof wallet.. ah, that makes a nice name.

The one that amazed me was the Bookbrella. That's a pretty cool idea.

Alexia561 said...

I think someone has already invented the handbag light, but can't remember where I've seen it. As for which invention isn't real, I'll guess the magic suitcase! But wouldn't it be wonderful? ;)