3 Nov 2011


Better late than never, this is the fourth book read especially for Halloween. Normal book reviews will begin again soon with My Sister's Keeper (number 83 in my 100+ Reading Challenge) by Jodi Picoult


Something strange is happening to Joey. Something he can't explain. It suddenly feels icy cold in the classroom and he has the creepy feeling he is being watched. Then objects start flying out of his hands. Someone is haunting Joey, and they're not going to leave him alone.....
..... Outer back cover.

FIRST SENTENCE (Chapter 1): Dear ZOO, We think one of your wild animals has eksaped.

MEMORABLE MOMENT (Page 7):It was all down to a case of him being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Being in the staffroom just as Daffodil, the hippo from Marvale Zoo, was being winched overhead, to be precise.

KEEP IT OR NOT?: This one I shall be sending to a charity shop in the hope that it will be bought and enjoyed by some 8 to 10 year old.

One of the books in the TREMORS series aimed at readers aged 8 to 10 years, at only 46 pages long this was a very, very quick read but seemed to fit in perfectly with the other four children's books I read especially for Halloween.

My first thought? Thank goodness that the author did not choose to continue using the childhood spelling mistakes as seen in the first sentence. This would really have annoyed me.

A fun read, I even laughed out loud at one point, with an ending that wasn't altogether surprising - though that said I'm sure it would be to many 8 to 10 year olds. Nicely scary but not enough (I wouldn't have thought)to give young readers nightmares, I think this would make a great cartoon/short animated film.

A Book Exchange read, this was the 84th read for my 100+ Reading Challenge.


Kelly said...

I love to read books that can make me laugh out loud!

anilkurup said...

I just can't recollect- when di you begin your 100 reading challenge?

Vivienne said...

Don't read Patrick Ness's The Knife of Never Letting Go as the spelling is like that all the way through.

Monalisa said...

Sometimes i too read children's horror stories, they're lot fun. My mother reads them all the time saying they're good sedatives. But really, some of them give me a dash.

Arti said...

Just 40 odd pages and full of fun. Thats great. And so kind of you to donate the book in charity.
Have a nice day Tracy:)

animewookie said...

Ahhh, a fun little read :D

Jenners said...

I'm always looking for scary but not nighmare scary books for my son. It is a fine line!

naida said...

the spelling mistakes would have annoyed me too. This does sound like a cute one for kids.