15 Nov 2011



A seventeen-year-old London girl flies to Los Angeles for the funeral of her mother Lily, from whom she was separated in her childhood. After stealing a suitcase of letters, clothes and photographs from her mum's bedroom at the top of a hotel on Venice Beach, the girl spends her summer travelling around Los Angeles in a bid to track down the men who knew her mother. As she discovers more about Lily's past and tries to re-enact her life, she comes to question the foundations of her own personality.
....... Outer back cover.

FIRST SENTENCE (Chapter 1): Her bedroom reeked of cigarette ash and stale perfume.

MEMORABLE MOMENT (Page 148): He was aware that we lived neat Thai town, but only because of the speed with which greasy chili-and-coconut polystyrene would arrive at his front door.

KEEP IT OR NOT?: I'm afraid this isn't a book I'll be keeping.

An ARC (Advance Reading Copy)I'm not too sure just how much, if at all, the eventual published copy will differ.

The cover I like, quite 1950ish, don't you think? The story I found so-so, nothing to get too excited about but readable enough and I was surprised that it being an ARC that there weren't any truly awful spelling mistakes etc.

On the whole not quite what I was expecting, the blurb on the back I felt slightly misleading in that I didn't get any real sense of, of, of - do you know I don't think we ever got to know Lily's daughters name, though this being an ARC perhaps the author hadn't decided herself - the seventeen-year-old London girl in question trying to re-enact her dead mother's life.

A family (albeit a dysfunctional one)saga come mystery come romance, I found the characters, if not exactly riveting, interesting - Lily's daughter I found particularly realistic, obviously an adolescent on the brink of adulthood, I loved her world-wise yet quite innocent out-look on life. If only the male characters had come out of it so well, bullying and controlling at best, abusive at worst, I couldn't warm to a single one of them.

The 88th book read in my 100+ reading Challenge, The Pink Hotel is the second novel of a very young author, I believe she was only 18 when she wrote her first,Isabel and Rocco, I shall certainly keep an eye out for any future books.


Arti said...

Another book which seemed to have potential with what I could gather from the back cover, but it fizzled out... You do a great job with the reviews, they are the best.
Have a beautiful day Tracy:)

Vivienne said...

I got this book as an ARC and so far I have avoided it. I don't think I will be reading it now.

Dizzy C said...

That's a shame.
The cover does look inviting


Mary (Bookfan) said...

Sorry to hear the story didn't deliver when the cover is so attractive. Better luck with your next book!

Kelly said...

I do like that cover, but the rest of the story didn't really grab me. Maybe if I didn't have plenty of other stuff lined up.

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Sorry this one didn't really grab you. Don't think it is for me, but I appreciate you honest review!

Jenners said...

I don't think an ARC will differ from the final book in any really major way so I guess your disappointment with the plot will remain.

anilkurup said...

I think at the end of your run in this 100 challenge, you must sit back and pick the books that stood out, also read and disasters in read.

Monalisa said...

Oh! Congratulations on your 88th book !! 100+ would mean you won't stop at 100? I know you can't -:) Best wishes

Betty Manousos@ Cut and Dry said...

i find the cover to be appealing, but the rest of the story didn't captivate me at all.

congrats on 88th book! that's amazing!

always love your reviews. nice work!

betty xx

naida said...

The cover is nice but too bad it dissapointed.

Suko said...

I also like the cover of this one. You're really going to town with your 100+ reading challenge!