10 Oct 2011


Surely not!

PENSIONER 'SPEEDING' AT 10mph. A pensioner who led police on a 27 mile low-speed chase at 10mph finally stopped after an officer tapped on her window while running alongside the car.
Caroline Turner, 76, ignored blue flashing lights, but eventually stopped when an officer ran alongside her on a dual carriageway and tapped on her window.
He asked her to stop and she said: "Why, what have I done?" a court heard.
The officer explained that her driving was unacceptable. She replied: "There is nothing to discuss, I'm going home." - The Telegraph (06/10/2011)

With Halloween only weeks away what a great article.

GHOST APPEARS IN COFFEE CUP. Coffee shop worker Mary Sullivan really got the jitters when the latte she was making turned into a Casper-cino.
She had just poured frothy milk into the cup when the apparition formed in the foam.
'It was very scary, I was petrified,' said the 51-year-old. 'It made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. It was one of a kind - I don’t think it'll ever happen again." - The Metro (06/10/2011)

Terrified of birds, this is the stuff of my nightmares.

AND THEY CALL IT PUPPY PARROT LOVE. A bird lover is so attached to his pair of prized parrots that he rarely goes anywhere without them, even to the shower.
Stuart Romain can often be seen walking through town with the birds on his shoulders as he makes his way to work or to the shops.
And when the 39-year-old car salesman takes a shower, Coco, a cockatoo, and Taz, an Eclectas parrot, flutter in with him. - Ross McGuinness, The Metro (06/10/2011)

What a good idea.

I'M ALIVE, BUT HERE'S MY MEMORIAL BENCH. A pensioner has placed his own 'memorial bench' at a bus stop so he can use it before he dies.
James Campbell, 78, originally planned to have the four-seater bench placed in his favourite bus stop in Alnmouth, Northumberland, once he had passed away.
But after talking the matter through with his partner, Sally Miller, he decided he could get some use out of it himself – not least because he suffers from arthritis. - Nigel Bunyan, The Telegraph (09/10/2011)

And lastly, two stories not from the 6th of October but the 8th, both from The Telegraph.

The fire engines in need of a, err, fire engine.

A  fire service spent almost £3million on four engines with the latest technology - only for them to keep catching alight.
Crews manning the vehicles, which are filled with high-reach ladders, have had to call out standard engines to deal with the blazes.
(Not the only problem though) The vehicles were originally too heavy to be used on British roads and needed modifications costing £700,000.

  No place like gnhome.

The vendor of a bungalow is being sued for £160 by the new owner to cover the cost of removing a family of gnomes that were left in the garden. (I read about it The Telegraph, for full story click HERE to visit Estate Agent Today).

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Nina said...


GMR said...

Ha! Casper-chino...too cute. Not a big bird fan myself....cute to look at but we had little budgies at one point and they were a bit more trouble than fun. Great post as usual...thanks for the smiles!

Dizzy C said...

Question - why did the police wait 27 miles before stopping the pensioner?

I like the story of the guy who has a memorial bench to enjoy before he dies.
I went to a funeral on Friday and it is sad how we talk of the achievements and what these folks mean to us at memorials.

Seeing the tributes to Steve Jobs, he would have been proud to see and hear those whilst he was alive.


Kelly said...

I love the first story and can just picture the "action"!

StarTraci said...

I love Wacky stories. Personally, I think the ghost cappucino is very cool. But by far my favorite is the pensioner driver. I love that the officer could catch up with her on foot and knock. I love that!


Suko said...

If that ghost "magically" appeared and was not drawn by a barrista-artista, then I'd be scared, too!

I know mothers bring their babies in the shower with them, but parrots?

I like the idea of the "living memorial" bench. Better to try it out before it's too late. :)

Fun Monday "roundup" of odd Monday news bit, as always!

Marinela said...

Great post as usual Petty...thanks for sharing!

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

See... even the coffee is team ghost!! ;D LOL Love that! He looks like a friendly and yummy ghostie to me!! :)

A said...

Nice dose as always :))))

Sridharan said...

Interesting..! I just looked hard into my morning cup of coffee..!

Jenners said...

I love the ghost in the coffee!! And the low speed car chase … and her reaction when "caught." : )

Melissa (My World...in words and pages) said...

Oh I do love the ghost in the coffee! I want one! :D Thank you for the great stories.

Monalisa said...

Good to read ..

anilkurup said...

Interesting pieces you have again.I wonder if I must have coffee today!