6 Sep 2011


Being somewhat a girly type of girl and having no brothers I was never really exposed to the whole superhero comic book scene and, to be honest, apart from The Incredible Hulk, oh and maybes Batman and Robin (I loved Cat Woman), I can't even remember being particularly interested in any of the film versions.
Now an adult and still not interested (no, not even in the Hulk and I hated the 'new' Batman films, what amazes me is just how popular this genre of films still are...... not that these three unsung heroes are likely to make the big screen any time soon for great super powers do not always big box-office sales make.

Also known as:  Miles Peterson.
Power(s): Superhuman, a powerful full suit of armour ( The Full Armour Of God), a light sabre.
Costume: Purple armour consisting of the 'Waistbelt of Truth', the 'Breastplate of Righteousness', the 'Shield of Faith', the 'Shoes of Peace', the 'Helmet of Salvation', the 'Sword of the Spirit'.
Sidekick(s): Cypher, Bible Girl.
Enemies: Gossip Queen, Shadow of Doubt, Primordius Drool, Wacky Protestor.

Also known as: Alison 'Ali' Blaire; The Disco Queen.
Power(s): A human disco, highly skilled athlete, accomplished roller skater able to turn noise into a light show, can generate illumination, able to create holograms.
Costume: A silver catsuit.
Sidekick(s): Excalibur, Gladiators, X-Men.
Enemies: Various.

Also known as: Floyd Belkin/Splitter.
Power(s): Able to detach his limbs and batter people.
Costume: Vest, belt, leggings, gloves.
Sidekick(s): Not known.
Enemies: Not known.

So, what would your super hero name be, what special power would you have and what about your costume? Don't be shy, do tell.


R. Ramesh said...

girly type of girl and having no brothers? omg what a coincidence to my post today on Al Pacino:)

NRIGirl said...

Since you asked...

My Super Hero: NRIGirl.
Also known as: Girl.
Power(s): Able to connect with loads and loads of friends from all over the globe.
Costume: Smile, a wide one at that.
Sidekick(s): Everyone is a hero in this part of the world so no sidekicks.
Enemies: None.


Arti said...

Hah:) Loved your reply Nrigirl...
My favorite is spiderman, I have seen all 3 parts of the movie and loved them all!!
Have a wonderful day:)

Patti said...

I loved super heros growing up and I loved the Super Friends cartoon. My favorite was probably Wonder Woman, although I hated her outfit.

anilkurup said...

I'm not comfortable with hero worship . So no super heroes.

But in the field of comics , I'm of the old genre and love the Phantom, the Tarzan, Mandrake the magician, Flash Gordon,

Old school, sorry.

The Golden Eagle said...

I never paid much attention to superheroes--until I started blogging and coming across posts on them. :)

Betty Manousos@ Cut and Dry said...

i've never heard of them i'm afraid.

i love super heroes... intriguing stories.

my favourite super hero was/ is superman! and i wish i were lois lane!lol

big hugs
betty xx

Kelly said...

I'm pretty particular as to which superhero shows I'll watch. Loved the original, campy Batman TV series, but didn't care a bit about seeing any of the movies.

Haven't given a name or costume any thought, but I did do a pondering once on superpowers. I'd want to teleport!! Very convenient!!

naida said...

I do enjoy a good superhero movie. I'm a sucker for Spidey :P
When I was little I wanted to be Wonder Woman.
lol about Bibleman!! 'Waistbelt of Truth'<-thats classic.

Melissa (My World...in words and pages) said...

Really. :D These are so neat! Thanks!

Jenners said...

Having a son, I've learned much more than I ever knew before (or wanted to know) about superheroes!! I'd be Sleeperwoman!

John McElveen said...

I LOVE IT!!! Great stuff Petty!!!!

Big smiles going on here...I want to Play OREO BOY!! I just dunk myself in milk all the time!

I don't know what that means at all!!


Erratic Thoughts said...

Oh man!I've never heard of these super heros and you say you were too girly to know them!
Dazzler is so dazzling,I like her :)
My favorites are Heman,Cat woman and Tarzan...

Err my super hero would be...Typo-man...Typing(without mistakes) whatever I have in my mind..You see I am not a big fan of typing,just too lazy to do it!:D

A said...

No super hero for me.

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

LOL Arm fall of boy? LOVE It!

I would defy gravity. No more bras for me! :)

GMR said...

LOL! Yeah, can't see most of these catching on any time soon...I myself never really dug the super hero craze reading or TV wise. That being said, some of the movies I've seen now are much more enjoyable than I would have anticipated though....SOME, not all. Ditto on the "new" Batman...not a fan. Did enjoy THOR, GREEN LANTERN, and the XMEN films though. ^_^