5 Sep 2011


You remember me telling you about Happy Feet, the young Emperor Penguin found washed up on a New Zealand beach? Good news ......

HAPPY FEET RETURNS HOME. Hundreds of people have visited Wellington Zoo to bid farewell to an emperor penguin who was due to set sail for his home in Antarctica last Monday (the 29th). - BBC News (28/08/2011)

And another animal story that brings 'MOO'sic to my ears.

YVONNE THE COW RETURNS HOME. A cow called Yvonne, who escaped from a Bavarian farm after apparently sensing she was about to be slaughtered, has been tracked down after three months on the run.
Having been fattened up for slaughter, the six-year-old brown dairy cow escaped from her field in the village of Zangberg, 50 miles north-east of Munich, on 24 May. She managed to breach the electric fence surrounding her farm before seeking sanctuary in nearby forests.
Yvonne can now look forward to spending the rest of her days in a paddock at The Gut Aiderbichl animal sanctuary with grass to graze on. - David Batty, The Guardian (01.09/2011)

Whoops!!!!!!!!!!!! x 2.

SECURITY FIRM TAGS FALSE LEG. Private security firm G4S has sacked two members of staff who tagged a man's false leg allowing him to remove it and break a court-imposed curfew.
The pair were fooled by Christopher Lowcock, 29, who wrapped the prosthetic limb in a bandage when G4S set up the system at his Rochdale home.
He was then able to remove the limb and break a curfew imposed for offences involving drugs, driving and a weapon. - BBC News(29/08/2011)

An elderly couple returned home to find a gardener in their back garden cutting down trees ..... by mistake.
Margaret and Alan Atkinson said their back garden had been ruined after 4 15ft (4.5m) high conifers were felled by a workman who went to the wrong address. - The Telegraph (03/09/2011)

Familiar with 'WHERE'S WALLY?' the series of books in which readers are encouraged to find a character named Wally in group? I can only presume John Mosley must he a hugggggggeeee fan to have had this done.

MAN HAS WHERE'S WALLY TATTOO DONE. Norwich resident John Mosley had the elusive wearer of bespoke stripy shirts applied to his skin last week, in a mammoth backscratching operation that lasted more than 24 hours. Wally appears hidden among 150 other characters – including Darth Vader, a beached shark, and a humanoid horse – but his precise location remains a mystery for Mosley. "I still have not seen the finished result so I don't know where Wally is on my back," he says. Can you find him? - Patrick Kingsley, The Guardian (29/08/2011)

Personally I'd prefer to be wrestling in chocolate.

5TH ANNUAL GRAVY WRESTLING CHAMPIONSHIP. It's usually poured over meat and two veg - but it was all gravy for these wrestlers as they grappled for the top prize.
Slippery competitors went head to head at the World Gravy Wrestling Championships in an array of costumes. - Laura Caroe, The Sun (30/08/2011)

An unusual form of getaway transport, don't you think?

CROOKS ESCAPE IN A CANOE. Norwich police are hunting two suspected burglars who used a getaway canoe to escape from a property after being disturbed by the homeowner.
People living in homes backing on to the River Wensum have spoken of their surprise after hearing how the suspects fled in the boat. - Peter Walsh, EDP24 (31/08/2011) 

Hmm, I wonder who was really upset, the father or his son? I'm guessing it was the father.

The Early Learning Centre (a chain of shops selling toys, many of them educational, for young children)has admitted that its dinosaur toys are not 'anatomically correct' after a father complained that his son's Tyrannosaurus rex had the wrong markings.
"When we spotted the difference in books my son" (aged 3)"was upset about it. He likes to be able to tell the different dinosaurs apart and he started saying ' t he T rex isn't right.'" - The Telegraph (03/09/2011)

PLEASE NOTE : Wherever possible I will endeavour to bring you the links to articles I have used in my Media Monday posts but this is not always possible.


Nina said...

Wow, that tattoo is awesome! ;) lol. And yay that Happy Feet is returning home. ;)

kavita said...

Happy for Happy feet and Yvonne .Ouch at finding Wally !I love your Monday posts -- always fun .

Arti said...

Read about the Happy Feet in todays newspapers!!
And good that the cow can now spend its life in peace:)
Have a wonderful day Tracy:)

naida said...

oh my gosh...lol...Something about that Wheres Wally tattoo bothers me.
and lol about the canoe getaway.

Kelly said...

I saw the story about "happy feet" on our news last night!! Glad he's on his way home.

The prosthetic leg story was pretty funny.

I'm a fan of tattoos, but I'm not sure about the one pictured here. Seems like you'd have to have a steady audience of folks looking at your back for the first time. Otherwise, once you've found it- you've found it! What's the fun in that?

susan s. said...

Well, I see at least 3 stripey shirts in the Wally tattoo, but I'm sure two are decoys.

As to the 3 year old boy and whether it's his dad or him that's so upset, speaking as the mother of a former 3 year old, they do really know their dinosaurs at that age if that's their passion, so yes, he could be more upset than his dad!

Glad Happy Feet is going home.

anilkurup said...

I'm amazed at the many News papers you may be accessing through/

The story about the Emperor Penguin setting sail for home - I wonder if animals reject their own if an alien body odour is found. I think there was this story of an Elephant calf or a chimp sometime back who was rejected by the herd or the clan.

The guy who showed his prosthetic leg for radio collaring is unique for ingenuity.

The best I love. And the bovine finally ensuring she is out of the abattoir. great.

joan said...

very funny yes i wouldn't mind having a wrestle in chocolate then you could lick your opponent to win

Lilly said...

As wrong as that tattoo is: I found Wally! Haha. I' usually rubbish at it but this time he was the first place I looked. I agree with Kelly though, as once you've found it, you've found it, but I guess the fun is in trying to get other people to find it on your back....

Loads of great news as usual.

I especially liked the one about the emperor penguin, and the false leg was funny. The gravy wrestling was just, eugh! They'll get a nice brown fake tan though.

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

YaY for the penguin! I also love the cow!!! Great stories!

Jenners said...

Yay for Yvonne!

Melissa (My World...in words and pages) said...

Aww poor cow. These are to neat to read. And I have to say that WHere's Wally tattoo is just to neat, although it definitely is not one I would do, but does look cool. ;D Thanks!

Betty Manousos@ Cut and Dry said...

yay for the penguin!
nice installments.

i particularly find the last one quite interesting, or exaggerated...i cannot tell.

big big hugs!
betty xx

Dorte H said...

Haha, at least that tattoo is fun.

And in that Tyrannosaurus rex story I have spotted at least one autist :)

Erratic Thoughts said...

That tattoo was amazing..Good for the animals to come home were they really want to be :)
Gravy wrestling? and I thought I had heard it all,lol...

A said...

As usual great collection. Funny.

Sorry I am late. Monday was a holiday here and did not get chance to access blogs.

Dizzy C said...

Oh dear not so early learning from the early learning centre if the dinos are not marked right :(
and boys are very good at spotting these things.

An unusual getaway in a canoe!