17 Sep 2011


Generally when I bring you dictionary related articles it's a post about words that have been added to/taken out of the Oxford English Dictionary.

Not this time.

This time it's about the influence the internet has had on the Chambers Dictionary with ........

"Nearly a quarter of the words added to the new edition coming from internet culture, the recession and climate change also make a mark with quantitative easing, double-dip, and carbon offsetting among the 200 new words and phrases added.
The 12th edition of the single volume edition of Chambers Dictionary, which was first published in 1901, contains 620,000 words and definitions.
The new words "herald a wave of geek chic, a more strident green agenda, and the way in which the recession has shaped how we speak today," says the publisher.

And some of the other words to have made it?
  • National treasure
  • Neet
  • Man flu
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Paywall
  • Staycation
And ............
  • Some abbreviations made popular by social networking sites, including OMG (Oh my God) and, BFF (Best friend forever).
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anilkurup said...

English bashing use the derogatory term "Bastard Language" for English.
The allegation is that English has more borrowed words and usages from multiple languages.

My contention is - so what. The interaction and imbibing different language senses enriches the language itself. And hence English is a rich language. If the term is taken as it means then all languages are in a way fatherless. Has not Sanskrit given much to the many European languages.

Kelly said...

Not a dictionary I'm familiar with. Thanks, Tracy...I will check it out more closely.

Btw... the copies of the little books I ordered (wives/husbands) arrived and they are everything I expected and more! Thanks again for helping me with some of my Christmas shopping!

naida said...

I've never heard of this dictionary before.
Isn't it amazing how social networking has become part of daily life for most?

John McElveen said...

Good stuff--I Love this and will enjoy following up on some of it!!!!