29 Aug 2011


A bit of a non-story really but hey its Wednesday as I sit typing this post and its the only article to make me chuckle so far.

You don't watch Children's TV? Me neither though I might very well have to start.

MR BLOOM, THE SEX GOD OF CBEEBIES? Mothers on the internet discussion board have this week been declaring their bodily yearning for Mr Bloom (pictured above) from the CBeebies (a tv channel dedicated to pre-school aged children)gardening show Mr Bloom's Nursery.
"He can bed me down for the night anytime," said one. "How many of you ladies would be willing to cuddle his courgette?" enthused another. - Julia Raeside, The Guardian (24/08/2011)

'Travelling' onto two articles about pensioners and their mobility scooters.
Pensioners' mobility scooters could be fitted with satnav systems so relations can find them if they go missing.
Family members would be able to pinpoint their elderly relations on the internet thanks to data from the satellite trackers. - The Telegraph (25/08/2011)

A pensioner brought traffic to a halt when he carried out a go-slow protest on his mobility scooter.
John Teasdale, 80, of Earls Colne, Essex, took the action after he was not allowed on to his bus home because the driver said there was no room for his scooter. - The Telegraph (27/08/2011)

And now for Husband dearest's choice ..... I only hope he wasn't thinking of me as he read this.

WOMEN ATTACKS CASH MACHINE WITH SHOE. Forgotten PINs, cards swallowed, unexpected charges and mystery transactions on your on-screen mini-statement — there are plenty of reasons to feel frustrated when at a cash machine.
However, unlike one woman in Wiltshire, most of us don't respond by hitting it almost 50 times with our shoes. - James Andrews, Yahoo (25/08/2011)Please be sure to click on the article heading to view video footage.

And so onto this next article first seen on the post entitled DARWIN AWARD NOMINEE  on the blog of MadPriest @ Of Course, I Could Be Wrong.

BREAST IMPLANT EXPLODES DURING GAME OF PAINTBALL. A London woman is recovering after her breast implant was ruptured during a game of paintball - the first time such an injury is believed to have occurred in Britain. 
The woman's bizarre injury, suffered last weekend, caused UK Paintball - which operates more than 50 facilities throughout the UK - to insist that women with breast enhancements now wear extra chest protection, the Croydon Guardian reported. - Herald Sun (25/08/2011)

My favourite two articles of the week .......
(OR is that the woman attacking the cash machine?)

A burglar on crutches 'hobbled off' leaving his loot behind, after he was confronted by home owners a court heard.
Anthony Pollard, 31, denies burgling a house in January. He had a leg in plaster and was using crutches when he was arrested two days later. - The Telegraph (26/08/2011)

BUDGIE THIEF TO BE ELECTRONICALLY TAGGED. A convicted budgie thief is to be tagged after a court heard he had a "fixation with small creatures".
Dean Wells, 19, admitted stealing three budgerigars from his uncle's house in Elgin, north east Scotland.
He also stole two more from a nearby aviary, where he was caught with the birds in his pockets.
(And here's what made me laugh) His solicitor said: "I have told him that no matter how much he loves these little creatures, he simply can't take other people's." - The Telegraph (27/08/2011)

And lastly ........

My animal picture of the week.

A disused gravel quarry became a playground for a young fun loving fox.
(Picture: Solent)

PLEASE NOTE : Wherever possible I will endeavour to bring you the links to articles I have used in my Media Monday posts but this is not always possible.


Nikki-ann said...

Loving the fox picture! :)

A said...

I like the hitting 50 times with shoe the best.

NRIGirl said...

You typed it Wednesday and posted it only today?!

I wish everyday was Monday...

The Golden Eagle said...

I love the fox picture! :)

Kelly said...

You know, I think the GPS locater on the mobility scooter idea isn't really that bad. Particularly when you think about how often Alzheimers patients wander off. Also, it could help retrieve it in the case of theft.

*ouch* on the paintball story!!

Suko said...

Great "news" this week! Too funny-- and what a cute pic of the little fox.

Petty, I'm taking a break from blogging for the next week or so. . . .

anilkurup said...

My Pick,

"Breast Implant explodes", a suicide bomber?

And the fun loving fox. Thanks