27 Jun 2011


Just how much was this door mat worth? Certainly not £4,000.

Bailiffs took the front-door mat from a man's house after he refused to let them into his property.
Bailiffs were called in after the householder ran up a £4,000 bill in council tax.
Instead of going home empty-handed when he refused to let them in, they left with his door mat. - The Telegraph (20/06/2011)

And it wasn't just LOOse change either.

BUSINESSMAN FLUSHES CASH DOWN THE TOILET THINK IT IS FAKE. A businessman who flushed hundreds of pounds in 'fake' £20 notes down the lavatory discovered days later that the cash had been genuine. - Ausian Cramb, The Telegraph (20/06/2011)

A bad case of ovinophobia - that's a fear of sheep to you and me.

CI THE BORDER COLLIE'S FEAR OF SHEEP  is making it impossible for him to do his job.
The four-year-old developed his fear of sheep when owner Jane Lippington placed him in their field as a puppy.
Now instead of rounding up his flock, Ci is more likely to be seen being chased by it. - The Telegraph (23/06/2011) Click on above link to see Ci in action.

A bit cheeky .......

THIEF TURNS UP IN COURT WEARING COAT HE DENIED STEALING. A thief has been convicted after arriving at court wearing the coat he was accused of stealing.
Judith Birkett, defending, insisted her client would not have been stupid enough to turn up at court in a stolen coat. - The Sun (23/06/2011)

A coat could be the answer as .......

COUPLE ASKED TO COVER UP THEIR MICHELANGELO' DAVID STATUE.It's been around for 500 years but now the manhood on Michelangelo's David has upset the sensitivities of Leicestershire council.
When a couple put up a replica of the nude statue outside their home a killjoy council told them to move it - because it was causing offence. - The Mail (23/06/2011)

Talk about leading a dog's life!!!!!!

Massages and silver service at 'Happy Hound Hotel'. A country hotel is to provide Britain's first silver-service for dogs.
Canine guests at the Riverside Hotel, Worcestershire, have their own waiter and can order room service, choosing from a three-course dog menu. - Marie Woolf, The Times (26/06/2011)

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Misha said...

Flushing down hundreds of pounds!! That's just sad!
A thief has been convicted after arriving at court wearing the coat he was accused of stealing.

The thief doesn't sound very clever, does he? :D

Vivienne said...

Some peeps are just daft!

Monalisa said...

Flushing the pounds is something i would call funny. Poor chap the business man. [Sorry if i sound cynical]

raji said...

Hi Petty .Nice masala(spicy news)we call it masala.Such hilarious intresting happenings.Flushing down the cash was really such a repentful job !

Lilly said...

I can't believe someone would flush money down the toilet! Even if he did think it was fake.

Kelly said...

Awww... I have to feel kinda sorry for that poor pup who is afraid of sheep!

And can you imagine how sick that guy felt learning the money he'd flushed was real?? Hahaha!

R. Ramesh said...

hilarious and makes one think too:)

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

These are so funny! However, the Border Collie can easily be changed into his job. Just need some proper training (sorry, I love animals). hee hee...

NRIGirl said...

Love the way you say it...

Chatty Crone said...

I just got back in town - but I have met about ten bloggers and most of them I like, and I have talked to about 5 which I love - I think there is something to it!

Alexia561 said...

Love these posts! :)

Why would anyone flush money down the toilet, even if they thought it was fake? Poor guy!

And I love that the story about the 'Happy Hound Hotel' was reported by someone named Woolf! *L*

kavita said...

Floor mat ...lol .
Flushing the money thinking it is fake ....oops !

Nude thief :ROFL.
thanks for letting me start my day with some laughs :):)

Betty Manousos@ Cut and Dry said...

such funny news!
aw, i had a collie maybe 16 years ago, and i loved her dearly.
that one about the border collie sounds so strange...i think they should really train their lovely puppy.

big big hugs!
betty xx

A said...

As usual awesome post. Funny. Floor mat and draining real money, wearing stolen coat..haha :))))

Simply Speaking "A" Simple

awitchtrying said...

Wow. The world is even weirder than we think!