19 Apr 2011


The road to happiness?

ACTION FOR HAPPINESS LAUNCHES WITH FREE HUGS. As drivers angrily beeped their horns and cyclists weaved impatiently through London's traffic, Amandeep Hothi stood cheerily on the pavement holding aloft a sign offering, in pink letters, "Free Hugs".
Hothi is part of a new group called Action for Happiness, whose members aim to boost the net amount of joy in the world by being kind to others and countering "an epidemic of loneliness and isolation".
The movement was launched yesterday at Jerwood Hall in the City of London, where the movement's co-founder told attendees – who wore badges with slogans such as "Love more!" and "I'm up for more happiness!" - Alexandra Toping, The Guardian (12/04/2011) But what action can we take towards greater happiness? Click HERE for the 10 secrets to a happy life.

I know they say children are committing crimes at an earlier age but this is just ridiculous.

UNBORN BABY GETS ASBO. Charlotte Childs was stunned to receive a letter from police threatening an ASBO – for her unborn child. 
Charlotte, who is 36 weeks’ pregnant, said: “The letter said there had been an incident of anti-social behaviour and our child was identified.
“I would love to know how a 36-week-old foetus has managed to go to the park and cause trouble without me noticing. - The Mirror (13/04/2011)

Who said romance was dead?

SWANS LOVE AFFIAIR WITH A TRACTOR. They say that opposites attract. But can a bird ever find love with a piece of agricultural machinery? Ja, says a German hotelier, who claims that a swan is besotted with his tractor.
The eight-year-old mute swan, known as Schwani (Swanny), has allegedly become so obsessed with the 39hp vehicle that every time the engine starts up, he waddles over to say hello. - Helen Pidd, The Guardian (13/04/2011)

There's destitute and then there's not so destitute.

TYCOON GIVES £200,000 TO FRIEND'S ESTRANGED DESTITUTE WIFE. Tycoon Sir Philip Green gave £200,000 to Michelle Young who is at the centre of a multi-million-pound divorce battle because she was ‘destitute’, a court heard yesterday.
The Topshop boss’s payment to Michelle Young was part of £1.1million given to her by wealthy friends of her estranged husband, Scot Young, to help ‘get her back on her feet,’ it was alleged. - Tom Kelly, The Mail (13/04/2011)


POSTER FOR THE WALKING DEAD PLACED ON FUNERAL PARLOUR WALL. An advertising firm has apologised for placing a billboard for a TV show called The Walking Dead on the side of a funeral parlour.
The unintended, "unfortunate juxtaposition" caused raised eyebrows in Consett, County Durham.
The roadside advert for the Channel 5 post-apocalyptic drama has since been removed from the exterior wall of the Co-operative Funeralcare premises. - BBC News (13/04/2011)

If only I'd read this before.

NIGHT BRA THAT PREVENTS WRINKLES.  TV and radio presenter Mariella Frostrup recently told that the secret to maintaining her enviable figure was wearing a bra while she slept.
Now a bra has been specifically designed to be worn at night, to keep breasts lifted and separated while the wearer sleeps.
Called LA DECOLLETTE (pictured above), the bra's inventor said it worked for her by preventing wrinkles developing and her breasts from sagging. - The Telegraph (16/04/2011)

In need of a break, I don't want to stay in a hotel, I don't want to hire a chocolate-box-lid cottage. No, I want to hire a country. That's right .........

LIECHTENSTEIN FOR HIRE AT £43,000 PER NIGHT. Take corporate hospitality to a new level by hiring an entire country, albeit a small one.
The principality of Liechtenstein has decided to make itself  available to private clients, from £43,000 ($70,000) a night, complete with customised street signs and temporary currency.


MARRIED COUPLES TAKE TURNS ....... (to wash up/put the bins out) to win arguments while unmarried coupes do not, research has found.
Rather than always battling it out, married couples tend to back down after they have won the previous argument. Stephen Adams, The Telegraph (18/04/2011)

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Misha said...

Thanks for all the hilarious articles! :)
I love reading these posts.

Karen said...

LOL - I love these stories! I think those huggers are probably having the reverse effect - annoying people instead, but it's a noble cause :-)
I just saw a commercial for the Night Bra and all I can say is whaaaa?

chitra said...

Thanks you for the snippets. Interesting to note that an unborn baby was charged with anti-social behavior.

Nina said...

OMG hilarious. UNBORN BABY GETS ASBO!! What!!

R. Ramesh said...

hahaha..good ones...

Darlyn said...

LOL! You just made my day!

Lilly said...

Hahaha! The unborn ASBO child was hilarious! I really liked the poster at the funeral parlor as well, I probably wouldn't have been able to stop laughing if had had actually seen it!
Thee free hugs sounds nice, but I wonder if there are any people that will actually go over to the people holding the signs for a hug?

Kelly said...

An interesting assortment of articles!

I'm glad you provided the photo of the bra. I saw that story on my home page, but never clicked the link to find out more. You satisfied my curiosity!

A said...

As always good ones. Really good one is about unborn child. Thanks for constantly brining these posts. Really enjoy these.

Suko said...

I absolutely love these snippets! You always find the perfect "news" to report, Petty. Thank you!!

Chatty Crone said...

That was so interesting - I love it - where did you find all you snippets? Great blog. sandie

naida said...

lol about the bra!!
and about the married couples taking turns on winning arguements...now I'm wondering...lol.

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Bwa ha ha! Yes... my fetus... shall we call it fergus?... left without permission. We are so happy that he was admitted very early to Hogwarts Academy!

GMR said...

That was quite the mix! Like the free hugs bit but it could be creepy too... O_O. As for the rest...too funny...and odd. Thanks for the smile.

purplume said...

my husband and I both let the other one win as much as we can. Not out of nobility or anything but because then the one who loses wins if that makes any sense.

Alexia561 said...

Love these posts, as you always manage to find the best articles!