25 Apr 2011


Not a 'sport' I'll be participating in any time soon ........

LATEST INSTANCE OF ......... EXTREME IRONING. Extreme Ironing hit the headlines this week after a man was spotted pressing his shirts on the closed section of the M1 motorway. - Sam Foster, The Guardian (20/04/2011)

Even more extreme?

DRUNKEN MAN TRIES TO KILL SPIDER WITH A MAKESHIFT FLAMETHROWER. A DRUNKEN man accidentally set fire to his partner's front door while trying to kill a large spider with a makeshift flamethrower, a court heard.
Tony Kendrick spotted the creature when he went downstairs to get a glass of water after going to bed feeling ill.
Wearing only boxer shorts, Kendrick, who is afraid of spiders, decided to get rid of it by spraying it with deodorant.
This had no effect, so he sprayed the deodorant through a flame from his lighter, – and set fire to the door. - Nottingham Post (20/04/2011)

I know which cheese I'd choose.

Justin Tunstall has produced two royal cheddars to mark the event, one called “Congratulations Wills and Kate”, the other christened “Sod the Wedding – It’s a Day Off”. The latter is selling eight times faster in his shop in Lyme Regis, Dorset. - The Telegraph (21/04/2011)

So ugly it's cute.

YOU'VE BEEN FRAMED! MARINE PREDATOR CAUGHT ON CAMERA. If he blinks, you'll likely miss him, but fortunately for one marine photographer this predator of the deep couldn't resist the lure of the photographer's lens.
Marine photographer Matt Oldfield was diving off the coast of the volcanic island of Sengeang in Indonesia when he spotted this Whitemargin Stargazer on the ocean floor. - Daily Mail (21/04/2011)

You remember me telling you about Larry, Downing Street's cat, and how his 'job' as resident mouse-catcher was in jeopardy? Well, good news - at least for Larry if not the mouse ......

LARRY CATCHES HIS FIRST MOUSE. He took his time but at last Larry the Downing Street cat has earned his money – and caught a mouse.
Larry was recruited to No 10 in February in an effort to deal with its rodent problem.
And while the four-year-old tabby rapidly won the affections of David and Samantha Cameron – and particularly their children – he appeared to lack the killer instinct.
Week after week went by with no sign of any dead rats, mice or indeed anything, birds included.
However, all that changed on Friday when Larry was seen climbing in through a window from the Downing Street garden with a .......... (I'll spare you the somewhat gory details, click on article link for more information) - Simon Walters, Mailonline (24/04/2011)

And finally, how could I have missed this one? Reported in the news last month, this may be familiar to our US blogger buddies, but I couldn't resist including it.

PLEASE NOTE: Wherever possible I Will endeavour to bring you the links to articles I have used in my Media Monday posts but this is not always possible.


Suko said...

The first and last items are way too funny! The middle ones aren't too bad, either. Happy, hilarious Monday!

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Wait... there is a problem in a flamethrower when it comes to spiders? ;)

Oh and the cat story... lol

Dorte H said...

Is that your famous Iron Lady?

Kelly said...

So many things about this post made me smile.... including Dorte's comment! I love the photo of the woman on the ironing board.

Alyce said...

I liked all of the stories, but that fish kind of freaked me out. :) And do I assume that your choice would be the second cheese?

budh.aaah said...

Nice funny one to make one smile PW..thanks.

Sanand said...

Found the first one really funny!

Heather said...

First of all, I doubt my ironing board is that sturdy.

My friend was chased out of the house by her cat. Her hubby had to go in wearing safety equipment to grab the cat and take it to the vet. Vet thinks it had a brain tumour that made it attach. My friend ended up with cat scratch fever from a very wicked arm scratch.

Misha said...

Thanks for sharing this hilarious post! Loved it :D

naida said...

lol...these posts always make me laugh.
And 'yikes' about that marine predator!

GMR said...

My word....extreme ironing. What will they think of next. *shakes head* Oh, wait...I hadn't read the flamethrower story before writing that....oye! That is one creepy fish (?) though.... ~shudders~

Jenners said...

Um...Im going to have to go with ugly and no cute on that photo!