21 Mar 2011



Wallace (pictured right), of Wallace and Gromit fame, must be pleased to learn that ........

EATING CHEESE CAN HELP YOUR TEETH. It might sound unlikely, but one of the best and easiest ways to combat acid erosion in your teeth is to eat a piece of cheese after every meal.
Cheddar is best, because it contains the highest levels of alkali - soft cheese like brie or feta won't have as much of an effect. - Laura Barnett (15/03/2011)

A few Media Monday's ago we had the video footage of the police dog who wanted to have a game of football ..... today, it's the turn of a rugby playing fox.

FOX MAKES A TWICKENHAM DEBUT. After darting towards the 22-metre line, the star turn on the pitch at Twickenham spoiled a promising debut by panting with exertion and skulking behind the pre-match band. The fox that enlivened the Six Nations rugby match between England and Scotland last Sunday (the 13th) was the latest animal to, ahem, dog a great sporting occasion. - Patrick Barkham (15/03/2011)

Sticking with animals (sort of) and sporting events .....

Well, THE EQUESTRIAN LOOK IS ALWAYS A WINNER.  Proving the point that you can never overestimate the bad taste of rich people, the stupidity of people who gamble on horses, or posh people's preference for animals, a beting company by the name of Betfair has decided that the best way to mark the beginning of  the CHELTENHAM FESTIVAL is to commission and sell  pairs of 'equine' shoes (pictured above left) for charity - the horse hair is real, incidentally. The hoof, thankfully, is not. -Hedley Freeman (16/03/2011)


Fit for a king? Well, maybes a prince.

WILLS AND KATE SCULPTED INTO A CAKE.  Cake maker Michelle Wibowo spent more than 80 hours creating her own masterpiece (pictured below) in honour of next month's royal wedding, featuring likenesses of Prince William and Kate Middleton.
The result is a traditional English fruit cake, carved into 3D busts with an armature inside, covered with apricot jam, 10kg marzipan and 10kg icing sugar.
The icing was sculpted with details then airbrushed with colours to make it look more realistic. - (14/03/2011)  (For video footage click HERE)

WHOOPS!!!!!!!  Keeping with the royal wedding ........ A mug celebrating the wedding of Will and Kate has a slight problem - a picture of Prince Harry and not William. - Sunday Sun (20/03/2011)

Some kind of record?

WOMAN FAILS DRIVING THEORY TEST 90 TIMES having spent £2,790 and that's before she has even sat the actual, practical test. - Martin Newman (17/03/2011)


Ouch!!!!!! Perhaps not one to be read by any of my male followers.

WOMAN CHARGED WITH BITING MAN'S TESTICLES OFF. (Here's me telling you all what a wonderful place my home city is and then this news ........)  A WOMAN has appeared in court accused of biting off her boyfriend’s testicles.
Martin Douglas, 45, needed emergency surgery to reattach his genitals after Maria Topp allegedly bit them off in an early-morning drunken attack.
The badly-injured victim has since recovered in hospital following the incident last month.
Topp, a mother-of-four from Waterloo Street, Newcastle, has been charged with grievous bodily harm and will appear before Newcastle Crown Court, next month. - (18/03/2011)


chitra said...

I love cheese , should try this new technique after every meal.
The fox appears very much scared.
Enjoyed snippets.

Misha said...

Thanks for the entertaining post! :) The Prince Wiliam and Kate cake looks yummy!

GMR said...

Oh I can Wallace doing a happy dance about the cheese news now. LOL. ^_^ The shoes though....horrible! Oye on the cake...will there be no end to the memerobilia? (Wait...silly question.) Thanks for sharing the smiles!

Lilly said...

Thank you for the entertaining posts :)
I can't believe someone would actually wear those shoes, just coming up with it is awful!
The mugs with Prince Harry on them instead of William made me laugh. :)

Arti said...

Wills and Kate for breakfast! Yummy!!! Also eating cheese after each meal is good, wow thats good news for cheese lovers!

I had loved your post on Holi, Tracy.. And I am so glad you liked mine too:-)
A link, that would be such an honour and a pleasure too!
Thanks a lot:-)

MOLLYC said...

I love cheese and foxes, so how could your blog miss? I do have one thing to observe: How did Prince (I can't think of his name, Harry's older brother, I am old)__ lose his hair so fast? One day he was young and dashing, and now he looks 40. sigh Love to you, molly

Oddyoddyo13 said...

I believe the horse shoes were my favorite-what are the odds you'll see someone actually wearing them?

Suko said...

Your humor-full post has me baring my teeth. :D
I knew about the benefits of cheddar, teethwise, but many of your snippets were news to me. Ahem.

Kelly said...

I'd heard that about cheese before and it's certainly an idea I could live with. (I LOVE cheese!!)

The horse shoes are horrendous! I can't imagine anyone wearing them.

As for that last article. *shudder* Poor guy!

dr.antony said...

And what do we take after cheese?

Wow..Scary woman,quite a bite!Was she taking the cheese too to keep her teeth healthy?

Dorte H said...

Say Cheddarrr!

Nikki-ann said...

I hope nobody ever where's those 'equine' shoes! Urgh!

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Oh dear... those shoes are horrid!! *shivers*

Dizzy C said...

Bad taste boots

awful cake

horrendous foreplay

as always great snippets

Jenners said...

I love Wallace and Gromit! And those are the most disturbing and awful shoes I've ever seen. I shall await a photo showing Lady Gaga wearing them.

Alexia561 said...

Those shoes are downright scary! And I love the souvenir mug with the wrong Prince on it. Too funny!

Thanks for the giggles! :)

NRIGirl said...

As much as I hate those shoes, I have a weird feeling that wants to try it on too.

naida said...

ewwww...about the horse shoes!!! they are just wrong...lol.
I think I'd actually scream if I saw someone wearing those.