3 Feb 2011



Forty years ago a genetically engineered virus killed half of the world's human population and exposed creatures of dreams and nightmares that had, until then, lived in secret alongside humanity.

Rachel Morgan is a runner with the Inderland Runner Services, apprehending criminals through out modern-day Cincinnati. She is also a witch.

Used to confronting criminal vampires, dark witches and homicidal werewolves, Rachel's latest assignments - apprehending cable-stealing magic students and tax-evading leprechauns - have prompted her to break her thirty-year contract with the I.S. and start her own runner agency.

But no one quits the I.S.

Marked for death, Rachel is a dead witch walking unless she can appease her former employers and pay off her contract by exposing the city's most prominent citizen as a drug lord. But making an enemy of the ambiguous Trent Kalamack proves even more deadly than leaving the I.S.
...... From the outer back cover.

FIRST SENTENCE: I stood in the shadows of a deserted shop front across from The Blood and Brew Pub, trying not to be obvious as I tugged my black leather pants back up where they belonged.

MEMORABLE MOMENT: They were afraid, and probably for good reason. It's not easy waking up to find your neighbours are vampires and your fourth-grade teacher really was a witch.

Despite the fact that I'm beginning to wonder if the paranormal book (urban fantasy as I'm told this is classified as) has had its day, I really, really enjoyed this the first in the Rachel Morgan series.

Rachel is a witch (a not altogether competent one I hasten to add) who on leaving the Inderland Runner Services (I.S.) goes into partnership with Ivy, a (now that would be telling) and Jenks - once again I won't go into too much detail except to say that this is the first book that I have read that features this type of being as a major character.

Though the story is good with just enough action and no romance (though sexual tensions sometimes run high), it is the ironic humour, the relationship between Rachel and Ivy, and the quirky characters that really make this story a wonderful read.

Would I recommend Dead Witch Walking? Yes but with the warning that, though not laugh out loud funny, this is not a book that takes itself altogether seriously.

Sent by a friend this is ..........

The 8th book read for my 100+ Reading Challenge.
The 2nd book read for my What's In A Name Reading Challenge
(Book with movement/travel in the title category)


Vivienne said...

Glad to hear you loved it too. Keep meaning to read the rest of the series.

Misha said...

I have not read many urban fantasy books. So I really want to read this.Kim Harrison, from what I've heard, is a great author.

Boonie S said...

Thanks for the review.
Paranormal stuff is a bit lost on me. I always see it as unbelievable nonsense. It’s a bit like politicians’ promises don’t you think….?

All the best, Boonie

A said...

Very good review.

GMR said...

How odd? The cover is SO very different than the US one...I mean REALLY different. A bit off putting for me visually. Despite my lack of cover affection, I have heard marvelous things about this particular series and from the sound of it, you enjoyed it for the most part. It's only suppose to get better from what I understand. Happy reading...and congrats on the reading challenge progress!

budh.aaah said...

I would so love to get my hands on this one-seems to have all the right kinda ingredients for me-witches and vampires :) should be fun.

Suko said...

I can tell this one is full of humor--the title sets the tone. Terrific, concise review, Petty!

Dorte H said...

This one sounds interesting. I´ll have to think about it.

The Golden Eagle said...

It sounds intriguing--but for some reason the cover repels me. I know I shouldn't judge a book by the cover, but I can't help but feel a little reluctant about it.

Kelly said...

There seems to be more of this kind of literature out there than I ever realized. This one sounds quite fun!

purplume said...

I love that you give the opening line. They tell so much. Thanks.
Yes when you win my giveaway we can discuss it over FB. Best luck to you.
I didn't remember, but your blog is where I got the line about the house coming with a kitchen. Is it ok to use it? It's a good one and it fits.

Lynda Young said...

Dead Witch Walking sounds intersting and fun. I like a book that doesn't take itself too seriously :)

Heather said...

I have the first 3 books in this series waiting to be read.

I just finished reading a book by Barbara Erskine. Thanks so much for the recommendation. Will post a review in the next few days.

Su said...

Hmmm. Not my usual genre, but you make it sound interesting... I'll add it to the list & give it a shot!

Alexia561 said...

Glad you enjoyed it, as I think this is a great series! And I seriously LOVE Jenks! ;)

Nikki-ann said...

Sounds good! I've not yet read any of her books, but really think I should!

naida said...

sounds good, glad you liked it.