23 Dec 2010


Thanks to Molly for inspiring me with her post that is the CURSE OF HOLIDAY SHOPPING. Having mentioned a certain kind of toy made with adults (and older adults at that) in mind (need I say more?) I felt I had to post about some of the unusual presents I had discovered.


Uh oh, baby needs a tinkle! From the Hamleys Sweet Peas range, this adorable Tinkle Thyme doll drinks and wets like a real baby. Little girls will love to play mummy to this cute baby doll. Feed her the bottle and then she can tinkle in the potty and you can change her nappy! Tinkle Thyme is dressed in a pretty pink outfit with flowery design and a matching hat. This fully jointed doll comes with a removable outfit, potty, bottle and nappy. Tinkle Thyme encourages imaginative play and develops nurturing and role-play skills.

And if that wasn't enough ........ how about this to persuade the little girl in your life that her role is to be a wife and mother? Traditional I know but still!

Realistic role play fun and learning for children. Kids will love to help clean up with this fun 3 piece sweeping play set that includes a broom, dustpan and brush!

Having changed Sweet Pea's nappy and swept the floor, now it's time to walk the dog remembering that when it poops you scoop.

With the Barbie Poop and Scoop Doll set, Barbie can feed her pet dog biscuits. But be careful, too many biscuits and Tanner will need to go to the bathroom. Barbie can clean up with her special magnetic scooper and bin. Comes complete with Barbie doll, Tanner the dog doll, pooper scooper and bin
Perfect for any dog lover.

Apparently this year's most sought-after toy .... for boys - though why is any one's guess as it looks rather boring to me but then I'm not a two year old boy.


And for bigger 'boys'? How about this for the man who has it all?

It costs £1,500 and weighs 2kg! It is covered in over 7,800 crystallized Swarovski elements and is also in a 1:18 scale. It is the Christmas gift dreams are made of as it comes in a stylish black leatherette box and the car sits on top of a black wooden stand. A certificate of authenticity completes this stunning use of Swarovski crystals.

 It may encourage saving but this scares the life out of me.

The Facebank (which also comes in blue and pink) is a hungry wall with a face that loves to eat your coins. Luckily, the coins can be easily removed again so you can use the Facebank as a money box for your loose change. This brick Facebank is a special limited edition which is very rare and not just popular with brick layers.
Using sensors in its eyes, the Face Bank knows when you're about to feed it a delicious coin and starts to chew expectantly. Just wedge the coin in Facebank's mouth and it will chew and swallow it up. Don't try to feed it your finger or Turkish Delight, it's only interested in keeping your coins safe.

And lastly ......  here's one for all the doggies out there.


Misha1989 said...

LOL Poop and Scoop Barbie?!
I don't think I would mind the Face Bank Money Box so much.....

GMR said...

LOL! *wipes tears* Too funny. Every generation, no every year there is a toy to end all toys. Something every girl or boy has on their wish list. I can honestly say a 3 piece sweeping set was never on mine at any point, though I'm pretty sure a play kitchen was and I did have a LOST AND FOUND kitten/doll that cried real tears (because of course that's endearing to see an animal cry, right?)...oh what we see as adults that we didn't as kids. *shakes head* Thanks for the smile...and possibly for adding to my dog's wish list...that last one is right up their alley. ^_^

David L Macaulay said...

cool post. Having a real peeing baby, I think I'll forego the doll thing; off to find that Face Bank Money Box...

The Golden Eagle said...

Those are some wacky presents. LOL. Although the Facebank doesn't sound too bad . . .

Suko said...

Hahaha! I love the face bank. :) But I think I'm done--finally!! Have a very merry Christmas.

Betty Manousos @ CUT AND DRY said...

I really enjoyed the videos especially the last one. Oh my gosh what a mess!

Those presents are each nice.
I absolutely enjoyed this post and I heart your blog...just wanted you to know.

Here's to a great Christmas!
Hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas and a greater than ever 2011.

PLUS: Thank you so much for your encouraging and kind comments on my blog, Tracy. You made me smile inside my heart, and that's the best kind of smiling.

Lots and lots of love and hugs!
Betty XX

Kelly said...

I had no idea there was a poop-scooping Barbie!! How funny!

That last video....what a mess!

I kinda like that wall bank. Neat!

subu.ps said...

Wonderful gift ideas!!
Facebank !! wow great and innovative concept.
Merry XMAS and a happy new year tooo

Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

I am in shock over the Barbie doll, I wonder if they have a litter box Barbie for us cat owners. Happy Christmas, dear Petty Witter.

Su said...

When I was growing up, peeing dolls were not allowed in the house... my mum said we already had too many peeing people.

Poop and scoop Barbie is bizarre.

dr.antony said...

looks funny to me.
Poop and scoop and then they can also make pee and mop, and what not>

naida said...

lol who comes up with this stuff?